3 yoga exercises for the stomach

Yoga not only helps against stress and tired limbs. With these three exercises you can actively relieve pain and cramps in the abdomen and abdomen.

This article offers you:

  • Yoga exercises to open and stretch the core of the body
  • Compression exercises to loosen up the abdominal area
  • Relaxing breathing techniques against stress and stomach cramps
  • > Simple instructions for performing the exercises

Time to roll out the yoga mat! Because: As a study shows, yoga can help with pain and cramps in the abdomen and abdomen . Exercises that open and stretch the abdomen and the lower core of the body are particularly beneficial here.

Exercises that put gentle pressure on the center – so-called compression exercises – can also help. We’ll show you three exercises with which you can find your Zen when your stomach cramps again .

Lying closed angular position

Start lying on your back and bend your legs as if you were sitting cross-legged. Put your hands on your stomach and deliberately send a few breaths towards your core . With each inhalation you arch your stomach towards the ceiling and with each exhalation you gently pull it inwards.

This exercise opens the abdomen and has a relaxing and antispasmodic effect . 

Tense the side of the body

Now we are pulling the sides of the body . Lie down and pull your right foot to the right as far as possible. Then place your right foot on your left thigh. Pull your left arm up over your head and grab your left arm with your right hand so that the pull increases.

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With each inhalation you pull a little more on your arm and with each exhalation you push your left knee with your right foot a little further towards the floor. Breathe in and out calmly and deeply into your stomach . Repeat four breaths and then for the other side.

Child attitude

Get in the heel seat. Pull your thighs together. Then bend forward and place one arm between the thigh and the abdominal wall – this builds up what is known as compression for the core of the body.

Take your second hand forward and rest your forehead on it. Now consciously breathe in and out into your stomach. Then slowly loosen it again. Extend your arms forward and lengthen your upper body to relax .

Yoga with Amiena Zylla

Would you like to see more exercises? No problem – there’s a whole yoga flow with Amiena on YouTube . Take a look, join in and relax! 

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