5 yoga exercises for stomach cramps

Do you often get stomach cramps in all kinds of stress? These five exercises will help you relax yourself and your stomach effectively.

In this article you will learn:

  • Which exercises can help you with stomach cramps
  • How to find inner peace under stress
  • Which exercise you should always start and end with

Yoga for the stomach: goodbye stomach cramps!

Long to-do lists, too short a recovery period and interpersonal difficulties – all of these mean stress for many people . It is not uncommon for the core of the body to respond with abdominal pain and cramps. What can help then – even if it is difficult – is gentle movement. With these yoga exercises you support your body in relaxing and finding inner peace in hectic everyday life .

1. The basic position: just let go

Lay down on your back. Raise your hips a little and move your tailbone down so your lower back is straight . The feet are hip-width apart and slide outwards in a relaxed manner. The arms lie relaxed next to the body at a 30 to 45 degree angle. Make sure that the chin pulls a little towards your chest and that the body is relaxed overall. Now: breathe calmly and let the mind calm down. Hold for five minutes and feel inside yourself.

With the basic position you get your body and mind in the mood for a relaxed yoga session.

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2. Feel in the stomach

Now bend your legs from the basic position, put your feet together, then slowly tilt your knees outwards and put them down. The hands on the belly place and breathe deeply into the abdomen. The body remains relaxed. Feel into your stomach with every breath and let it relax consciously. Hold for three minutes.

To get rid of stomach cramps, you should first feel into your stomach.

3. Stretch and strengthen

This exercise strengthens the core of the body, stimulates digestion and has a positive effect on stress. And this is how it works: Assume the quadruped position – the knees are parallel to each other at hip width, the arms as well. The next time you inhale , pull in your navel and tilt your pelvis so that you get into the “cat’s back” . The head bends down. As a countermovement, pull in your stomach, straighten your head up and bend your spine in the opposite direction. Keep your elbows straight. Repeat five times.

4. Relax the mind

Lie on your back again, bend your legs, feet hip-width apart. The hands lie relaxed next to the body. Now slowly raise the pelvis. The thighs are in line with the upper body. Tense your thighs, knees, calves and buttocks while keeping your abdominal muscles relaxed. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds, then slowly lower your hips to the floor. Repeat three times. This exercise calms the mind, nerves, and body.

5. Breathe consciously with the child’s posture

Sit on your heels. Now bend your upper body forward until your stomach rests on your thighs and your forehead touches the floor. Stretch your arms forward, place your palms on the floor. Just focus on your breathing, close your eyes, and hold for a minute. That brings the stressful day to an end!

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Tip: Start with the basic position (Savasana) and finish the yoga session with it! This exercise is used to scan the body and mind for tension and to calm down.

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