8 weeks of pregnancy is now the moment when you can see your baby, even if it is very small, on ultrasound. You may also experience many symptoms during this process. You can find more information below.

8 weeks pregnant: the main information

You are at 8 weeks pregnant and will be examined once a month from now on. Only in the last two months of your pregnancy will you be examined more often until your delivery. During your initial examination, your gynecologist will determine, among other things, whether you have a high-risk pregnancy and therefore additional appointments are necessary.

For example, a high maternal age (from 35 years of age) is considered a risk, but past illnesses or complications during a previous pregnancy may also lead to a assessment as a high-risk pregnancy.

The most exciting moment of the examination will probably be the ultrasound . The thought of carrying a small baby in itself is probably quite interesting, as your belly probably won’t be too big to see the baby clearly at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Ultrasound makes it visible and confirms your pregnancy once again. It also provides information about whether there is a multiple pregnancy. The length of the embryo can also be measured and the exact age determined. This results in knowing your date of birth. During your pregnancy, an ultrasound scan is usually done every three months.

When you have a major exam for the first time at 8 weeks pregnant, your doctor will likely also draw blood from you. In addition, the following is carried out at the first examination:

  • blood group determination
  • Antibody search test (blood type intolerance test between you and your child)
  • Determination of immunity to rubella (unless you have proof of this on your vaccination card)
  • HIV tests
  • Toxoplasmosis control (optional)
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During the monthly checks, the following are checked regularly:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body weight
  • Pee
  • Position of the uterus and position of the child (by palpation or ultrasound)
  • child’s heart sounds

All examinations and results are reported to the mother and noted.

8 weeks pregnant: your body

Relaxation is very important to you as a mother because throughout pregnancy there are many frustrating and physical changes in your body that can frighten or disturb you. Abdominal pain and nausea, noticed as a pulling in the abdomen , are still normal in the first trimester of pregnancy and are not a cause for concern.

Some women complain that their clothes are a little tight during the 8th week of pregnancy as they suffer from a bloated stomach due to digestive issues. However, you may also be one of those women who gain weight later, or who often gain a little weight. Whichever you are, these are normal as long as you’re not gaining or losing excess weight.

In general, weight gain at 8 weeks gestation is not yet severe, but slowly becomes noticeable. In addition to abdominal pains, back pain, nausea and mild stomach pain are also typical pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks of pregnancy. Also, the blood volume increases to provide the growing baby with the necessary oxygen . In addition, the breasts enlarge and the nipple may turn darker.

As your hormonal balance changes , you may experience serious emotional fluctuations in the 8th week of pregnancy and especially in the first months of pregnancy . While these occasional mood swings aren’t always pleasant or bothersome, you should try to acknowledge these typical pregnancy signs.

8 weeks pregnant: Your baby

From top to bottom, your baby is now between 1.5 and 2 cm and is therefore the same size as a raspberry. The growing amniotic sac is adequately supplied by the placenta. Your baby’s body will also become a little flatter, with the head still remaining disproportionately large but will straighten out later on.

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This week, the first beginnings of the lungs as well as the esophagus are formed. In addition, the eyes slowly move to the right place on the face, and wrinkles of the eyelids begin to appear. The ears and nose are already in the right place and they just have to grow slowly now. Small fingers and toes, arms and legs are also already recognizable.

8 weeks pregnant: Ultrasound

During this time, you may have your first prenatal checkup and have a look at your 8-week fetus on ultrasound. You may be surprised to find that the baby’s arms and legs are moving like crazy there. You can’t feel it yet, maybe you can’t see it, but it’s really happening!

At your first prenatal appointment, you’ll likely give blood so your doctor can test. Your doctor will want to know your blood type and whether you are Rh positive or negative (because if it is negative and your baby is positive, you will need medication to prevent complications).

Your hormone levels and red and white blood cell levels will also be checked to make sure they are normal. Your blood will also be screened for Hepatitis B, STDs, HIV and certain immunizations.

You may also have extra tests to check for infections and abnormalities. Be prepared to provide a urine sample because at this appointment, and possibly every other appointment, you will need to provide a urine sample to check for signs of a urinary tract infection and to watch for protein in your urine if you are at risk.

8 weeks pregnant: Symptoms

At 8 weeks pregnant, you will be more and more short of breath as your metabolism increases by 10-25% and your body is performing extremely well . This transitional phase will take a few weeks, but you will get used to it and you can eliminate the problem on a regular basis.

You may also experience morning sickness this week . During 8 weeks of pregnancy, nausea can be strong. In this case, do not dehydrate your body and consume your food at intervals by choosing healthy things.

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Due to many hormones, your mood can still be very mixed. You will experience all the ups and downs of pregnancy , from feeling awful to thinking about death . Of course, fears and insecurities are not uncommon, but they get easier week after week.

If you ‘re 8 weeks pregnant with twins , you may feel extra tired and nauseous as the pregnancy hormones needed to create two babies have a higher level .

8th week of pregnancy low risk

You should pay more attention to hygiene issues to counter miscarriages and premature births, to prevent lower abdomen infections. The increased propensity for vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections is problematic for many women due to physical and hormonal changes. That’s why you should try to use cotton underwear and breathable panty liners.

8th week of pregnancy nutrition

What you eat at 8 weeks pregnant is now especially important to support the baby’s development in the womb. For this, you should pay attention to your increased need for vitamins and minerals and avoid cakes and sweets so as not to increase blood sugar unnecessarily. In addition, your daily protein requirement is now increasing from 50-70 g to 60-80 g per day.

Also, zinc plays an important role during your pregnancy. Try to include the following foods in your diet to supplement your intake:

  • Cereals fortified with zinc
  • Whole wheat bread and cereals
  • Red meat, such as beef and lamb
  • Hazelnut
  • poultry, especially turkey
  • Milk, cheese and eggs

8th week of pregnancy health

Drinking a little more water than usual and exercising in the fresh air is especially important for breathing difficulties and circulatory problems. If your body craves a lot of sleep and relaxation, let yourself go and enjoy every quiet moment. Your body is currently working at full speed and therefore also reports to you when a break is needed.

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