Against stomach pain: Instructions for the perfect stomach massage

Sometimes there is a simple solution to pain and cramps in the abdomen. With these gentle massage techniques, your stomach will relax in no time. Experience it for yourself!

In this article you will learn:

  • How you can really relax your stomach with a self-massage
  • How you can easily make a relaxation oil yourself

Sometimes our stomach seems to have a life of its own and makes itself felt with pain and cramps . Often it is not even very clear what exactly is bothering him. One thing is certain, however: He likes being caressed!

A gentle massage calms him down in no time – whether as a preventive measure or in the case of acute complaints . Try it!

Instructions: Abdominal massage against abdominal pain

  1. Lie on your back. Place your hands gently on your stomach and take a deep breath. Attention: It is important for all subsequent movements that the right hand always starts counterclockwise – the left hand, on the other hand, moves clockwise. Now place your hands loosely on the abdominal wall with your thumbs on both sides of the navel. The other fingers point with the tips towards the pubic bone .
  2. Now let your right hand run over your stomach in minimal circles for about two minutes , completely without pressure. The left hand remains still.
  3. Then the left hand draws small circles for the same length. The right one rests quietly.
  4. Now let  both hands gently circle over your stomach . Another two minutes.
  5. Use the thumb of your right hand to touch the navel and , if possible, the pubic bone with your right little finger. The whole hand makes circular movements in this position. Meanwhile, stroke slowly with your left hand in a circular motion from the navel to the upper abdomen . Repeat ten times. Then the hands change roles and repeat the sequence of movements ten times.
  6. Finally, let your hands wander to the left or right edge of the abdomen – and there you can still feel a little bit of the pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation.
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Do it yourself: Relax oil for a relaxed stomach

Relaxation oil for abdominal massage very easily homemade: Put 50 ml jojoba oil in a dark, well-sealable bottle (e.g. from the pharmacy). Add two drops of rose essential oil as well as six drops of lavender oil.

Shake the mix before each use, take a small amount and warm it in the palms of the hands.

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