Almond oil: 6 uses & 2 tips for buying

The valuable almond oil has many uses. So it is suitable for consumption but especially for body care. We will explain the numerous areas of application and effects of the high-quality oil to you and give you tips on how to buy it.

A wide variety of products are made from almonds . Among other things, you can purchase ground almonds and almond flour and also buy products such as almond butter and almond oil. While the former products are mainly suitable for consumption, almond oil is very versatile and can also be used for skin and hair care.

Worth knowing about almond oil

Almond oil is made from sweet almonds, which can also be eaten raw. Almond essential oil , on the other hand, is derived from bitter almonds, which you shouldn’t eat. They contain amygdalin, which can produce toxic hydrocyanic acid. While the essential oil is rarely used in everyday life, sweet almond oil is very popular. It is particularly suitable for salad dressings and as a skin and hair oil. In addition to coconut and argan oil , it is now one of the most popular care oils.

In body care it is also known by its name Prunus Amygdalus dulcis oil . Here it is used both pure and as a basis for all kinds of active ingredients. The oil offers many valuable ingredients that can have a positive effect on the body.

The oil can also offer a lot in terms of taste. It tastes slightly nutty but mild. The smell can be slightly reminiscent of vanilla. It is yellowish in color, but in some cases it can be colorless.

Almond Oil Ingredients

Almond oil contains some valuable ingredients with great effects on the body. It can affect the body both internally and externally.

  • Unsaturated Fatty Acids : Almond oil consists almost entirely of unsaturated fatty acids. These are also found in the cell membrane and ensure permeability there. Ingested through food, they can lower cholesterol levels and thus protect against cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks.
  • Linoleic Acid : This fatty acid is found at 20 to 30 percent in almond oil. It is doubly unsaturated and must be supplied to the body through food. On the skin, it promotes a resilient skin barrier and can have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Palmitic acid : Although almond oil consists mainly of unsaturated fatty acids, it contains small amounts of saturated fatty acids. This includes palmitic acid. It has a number of important effects on the skin and body and is found, for example, in the protective acid mantle of the skin. It also ensures that the body can better absorb minerals such as magnesium and calcium .
  • Oleic acid : Oleic acid is also an unsaturated fatty acid and, at up to 86 percent, represents the highest proportion of fatty acids. It can penetrate deep into the skin and protect it.
  • Tocopherol : Almond oil has a high proportion of tocopherol or the “cell protection” vitamin E. There are particularly many alpha-tocopherols present, which have an antioxidant effect and thus protect against cell damage. It can prevent premature skin aging and pigment spots.
  • Vitamin K : Almond oil also contains small amounts of vitamin K. This can support wound healing through its coagulation-promoting effects. It also plays a role in cell growth and supports them in their natural functions.
  • Ceramides : Ceramides perform important functions in the skin. Almond oil mainly contains ceramide 1 [EOS], ceramide 4 [EOH] and ceramide 9 [EOP]. These take on important functions in moisturizing the skin and keeping it healthy. As we age, the body produces less and less ceramides, causing the skin to lose elasticity. In skin care, they are therefore mainly used as anti-aging agents.
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Areas of application of almond oil

Due to its high-quality ingredients, almond oil is used in a variety of ways, both internally and externally . Especially in skin care, it can have great effects. It is particularly mild and is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin types . We present the individual applications of nut oil.

As skin oil

Almond oil is particularly popular for body care. It nourishes the skin and makes it silky and soft. It can thus prevent dryness lines and scaly patches of skin . The “cell protection” vitamin E in particular has numerous advantages for skin care. But the various fatty acids are also essential for skin care. They protect the skin from moisture loss and make it supple.

Almond oil can be used pure or in combination with other oils as skin oil. The oil is particularly suitable for dry body skin , as it provides a lot of moisture and protects the cells. It is best to apply it directly after showering, when the skin is still damp. This allows the oil to penetrate the skin better and faster. You also need less product for this application than if you use a conventional body lotion.

effects on the skin

Almond oil has great effects on the skin and is even suitable for use on sensitive facial skin . It does not irritate and gives off a pleasantly subtle odour. It can even contribute to general relaxation .

Protects against premature skin aging

Due to its alpha-tocopherol content, the oil has an antioxidant effect and can thus protect against cell damage. These are usually noticeable on the skin in the form of unsightly pigment spots and wrinkles. In severe cases, skin cancer can also develop.

Cell damage on the skin is mostly caused by light , i.e. it is caused by UV radiation. However, it is difficult to protect oneself from this, especially on the face, since, unlike the skin on the body, it is not protected by clothing. Only a good sunscreen and sometimes a sun hat can protect the facial skin from UV radiation.

Almond oil can prevent skin damage caused by light because the vitamin E it contains neutralizes cell-damaging free radicals that can form as a result of excessive UV radiation.

Provides a lot of moisture

With its numerous fatty acids, almond oil provides a lot of moisture. Oleic acid is the main component and can penetrate particularly deeply into the skin. In this way, even the deep layers of the skin can be supplied with moisture. Other active ingredients can be transported deep into the skin with the help of oleic acid and unfold their effect there. Palmitic acid is also found in the valuable oil. This can support the acid mantle that protects the skin from external influences and moisture loss.

Ensures firmer connective tissue

Almond oil penetrates deep into the skin. It can act on the skin from the inside and plump it up. The connective tissue appears tighter and stronger. Regular use of almond oil can improve skin elasticity . In addition, a massage with valuable oils can permanently strengthen the connective tissue and prevent cellulite . After showering, use an oil to apply cream and massage it well into the skin.

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For stressed skin

Almond oil can soothe stressed skin. The oil can optimally support the skin and help to restore the protective acid mantle. In addition, the oil provides important ceramides , which are essential for healthy skin. However, over time, fewer and fewer of them are formed. The skin loses its resilience and is more susceptible to irritation and stress. In addition, the oil can have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus also help with skin impurities.


Almond oil contains numerous antioxidants that protect your skin and protect it from skin damage. These work both when you use the oil internally and externally. When used internally, your whole body benefits from the antioxidant effect . It can protect against numerous diseases such as cancer. Applied externally, it concentrates primarily on the skin, where it can develop its full effect and protect against harmful skin changes.

Non comedogenic

Almond oil is also non-comedogenic. This is particularly important when it comes to skin care, because comedogenic substances can promote skin impurities. They clog the pores so that the sebum cannot drain properly. Sebum is important to keep the skin supple. However, if it doesn’t drain properly, it can build up in pores and promote acne. You should therefore urgently avoid comedogenic care products. Opt for non-comedogenic products like almond oil.

As a hair care product

Almond oil is also very suitable as a hair care product. It can be used on its own or in combination with other oils and active ingredients. It is particularly suitable for dry hair types and brittle hair. It can increase hair’s durability and also be effective for dry scalp and dandruff. It is particularly suitable as a hair mask before washing your hair. To do this, leave it on for about 30 to 60 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. For a particularly effective treatment, massage the oil well into your scalp.

Almond oil is also suitable as a care product after washing your hair. Massage it into the ends of your damp hair. This ensures shiny, supple hair and can prevent split ends and hair breakage . However, you should be careful not to use too much oil or your hair may appear greasy. Alternatively or in addition, you can also use olive, coconut and argan oil for hair care.

In lip care products

The oil is also suitable for lip care. If you have dry lips, you can spread a few drops of the valuable oil on your lips. The oil can be absorbed particularly well if you use it in the evening and leave it on overnight. You can also combine it with other care products. It is suitable, for example, for combining with Manuka honey . You can also use the oil as a lip scrub. To do this, simply mix a little bit of brown sugar into the oil and rub it onto your lips. After washing off, your lips will feel very soft.

For facial care

Like almost all oils, almond oil is very good for removing make-up . However, while other oils can have a comedogenic effect and thus promote skin impurities, almond oil even has a calming effect . Nevertheless, you should also be careful when using it on the eyes, as sensitivity can quickly develop here. Almond oil is also ideal as an ingredient for face masks and face scrubs.

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For daily use, add a few drops of the oil to your moisturizer. For a dose of extra moisture, simply apply the oil after your regular moisturizer. Sometimes oil can simply replace your moisturizer. With ceramides and vitamin E, almond oil already contains a large number of active ingredients and can optimally support your skin.

For the care of baby skin

Almond oil is also often used to care for baby skin due to its skin-soothing effect and very good tolerability . It is particularly mild and can moisturize sensitive baby skin. It is also suitable for dry and scaly baby skin. However, the compatibility should first be tested on a skin area before you apply it over a large area. You should also make sure that the oil is of good quality. Almond oil in pharmacy quality is best suited.

As cooking oil

Many dishes can be prepared with almond oil. It gives a nutty note to salads and other cold dishes in particular . You can add it to salad dressings or drizzle your dishes with the valuable cooking oil just before serving. It is also suitable for frying. However, since many of the high-quality ingredients are lost in the process, you should rather use cheaper alternatives such as olive oil.

Buy almond oil

Almond oil is a rather rare oil and therefore not available in every supermarket. You can usually still find it in organic shops and large branches. Look not only at the other cooking oils, but also at the skin care products. Many vendors sell almond oil specifically for skin care. Use as an edible oil takes a back seat.

There are also numerous ways to purchase valuable almond oil online . Here you have the opportunity to compare numerous products with each other and decide on the best price-performance ratio.

There are many versions of almond oil. The quality of the products can vary greatly. This is also reflected in the prices. Almond oil is already available at a price of five euros. Sometimes this can be up to 25 euros. Conventional products are cheaper than organic products. These are nevertheless recommended in order to avoid possible contamination.

Organic Almond Oil

For a particularly gentle and sustainable production , you should use organic almond oil. Numerous suppliers have the oil in organic quality on offer. This way you can do without harmful pesticides in the product and only apply the valuable ingredients of the oil to your skin.
In general, you should make sure that you use cold-pressed oil . Oils with almonds from European cultivation save long transport routes. However, since the majority of the almonds sold here come from California, these oils are rare.

Almond oil from the pharmacy

Pharmacy quality almond oil is also very suitable for external use. Special attention is paid to the high quality of the product, so that the oils can also be used on sensitive baby skin. The oils here usually cost around 10 euros.

Properly store almond oil

After opening the oil, it should be stored in a cool, dry place. Light, heat, and oxygen can damage almond oil, causing it to spoil more quickly. Close the lid well and keep it in the fridge. It can last a few months like this.

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