Anti-wrinkle cream: The 4 best products + 3 tips against wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet or laugh lines: With age, more and more fine and deep lines run through the face. Unfortunately, the aging of the skin cannot yet be stopped. In the following you will find out which active ingredients and anti-wrinkle creams make your skin look younger in the long term.

Around the mid-20s, the first smaller furrows start to appear on the face. With increasing age, the initially small wrinkles become deeper and more noticeable. Many women and men wish to be able to stop this process or at least limit it. Aging is a completely natural process that is accompanied by a loss of elasticity. However, there are definitely ways and means of smoothing out wrinkles and even delaying the formation of wrinkles.

At a young age, the body produces a lot of collagen and elastin . Both substances ensure that the skin remains elastic . As we get older, production gradually decreases, our cells divide more slowly and the skin loses its elasticity. Although wrinkle formation is a natural process and affects all of us sooner or later, there are some factors that accelerate skin aging.

It’s nothing new that smoking, alcohol consumption and poor diet contribute to skin aging. But many other factors also play an important role: Poor sleep, stress , illnesses, hormones and even air pollution contribute to the loss of elasticity.

Perhaps it will surprise you too, that it is exposure to the sun that is most responsible for premature aging of the skin. UV rays penetrate the connective tissue and damage the cells involved in the formation of collagen. In addition to using suitable creams, you should also avoid tanning salons, eat healthily and avoid nicotine and alcohol.

For whom anti-wrinkle creams are suitable

The elasticity of the skin only decreases in the mid-20s to early 30s. The misconception of starting to fight wrinkles as early as possible persists. But it’s not a good idea to start using anti-aging products in your early 20s. On the contrary: At this age, the body still produces enough elastin and collagen. In addition, the cells renew themselves very quickly. Instead of preventing wrinkles, they can even be provoked instead. This is because the ingredients found in the creams make the skin thinner and therefore more susceptible to damage from sun exposure .

Anti-wrinkle creams are only worthwhile for women around the age of 30 . The older the skin is, the richer the care product should be. Men produce significantly more collagen. It is therefore advisable for them not to use anti-aging creams until they are in their mid-30s .

What makes a good anti-wrinkle cream

There is still no scientific evidence that the additives contained in anti-wrinkle creams actually have an effect. The primary substances in the creams, on the other hand, have already been well researched. Accordingly, a handful of ingredients stand out that can actually beautify the complexion. The most important of these substances are: Vitamins B, C , E and A; Hyaluronic acid, the co-enzyme Q10, as well as urea, zinc and panthenol . All of these substances either provide the skin with moisture or serve as antioxidants. So-called antioxidants protect the cells from oxidative stress, which is largely responsible for cell damage.

A really good anti-wrinkle cream should always be accompanied by a sun protection factor. With at least SPF 20 , the products have enough protection to protect the skin from cell damage caused by solar radiation. Of course, this only applies to day care products, night creams do not need this factor.

To really make a difference, anti-aging creams should have nourishing, moisturizing and cell-renewing properties .

Effective ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams

If you carefully read the ingredients of different anti-wrinkle creams, you will notice that the manufacturers often use the same active ingredients. The creams often differ mainly in the production, the additives and the distribution of the active ingredients. In addition to the ingredients listed below, olive oil, aloe vera, avocado and coconut oil are also often found in the creams. They all contribute to a beautiful complexion in a natural way.

urea, zinc and panthenol

These substances primarily provide the skin with moisture and can thus fill out smaller wrinkles. In addition, urea, zinc and panthenol have anti-inflammatory effects and protect the skin from itching and acne .

hyaluronic acid

One of the most popular anti-aging ingredients is definitely hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that occurs naturally in our connective tissue. What makes this substance so special: Just one gram of hyaluronic acid can bind up to six liters of water. It provides elasticity and resilience . Since the substance is a natural part of our body, it is particularly well tolerated and has virtually no side effects. In cosmetics you will find the active ingredient under the name sodium hyaluronate .

Vitamin A

Also known as retinol, vitamin A stimulates collagen formation in the body. The vitamin can therefore curb the premature breakdown of collagen and can smooth wrinkles in this way. Ideally, retinol should be combined with a sun protection factor in anti-wrinkle creams. Because UV rays are able to inhibit the effect of the vitamin.


Antioxidants are particularly important when it comes to protecting our cells. Cells are destroyed by oxidative stress, which is caused, for example, by smoking, exposure to the sun and poor nutrition. The reason for this are free radicals, which attack healthy cells and cause lasting damage. Antioxidants inhibit free radicals before they can damage our cells. The most effective antioxidants in cosmetics are the co-enzyme Q10 , vitamin C and vitamin E. Incidentally, these substances also support the formation of collagen and elastin and in turn prevent their degradation. In addition, they are great moisturizers for dry skin.

Risks and harmful ingredients of anti-wrinkle creams

There is now an unmanageable range of anti-wrinkle creams on the market. While some creams actually show effects, there are some that do nothing or are even harmful . It is worth taking a look at the list of ingredients again.

In order to keep the products for a long time and to prevent germs from multiplying, many manufacturers add preservatives and stabilizers to their creams. There are also isolated oil-based artificial fats in the products.

You should absolutely avoid an anti-wrinkle cream with parabens and silicones . Parabens are often used as preservatives, but they have a similar structure to estrogen and can thus influence hormone balance. Silicones are also still frequently found in cosmetics. It has long been known that sweat can accumulate under an applied layer of silicone. This causes the skin to swell and become brittle. In general, this synthetic substance does not provide any care at all, it only makes the skin more supple for a short time and your wrinkles are apparently smoothed out. However, if you wash the cream off your face, it looks exactly the same as before and also feels more dried out than smooth.

PEG and too high a proportion of alcohol in the creams are also harmful . Fragrances and dyes are also often found in anti-aging creams. Since these substances can cause allergies, you should wash off the cream immediately if you notice any suspicious signs.

The best anti aging creams

Not every anti-aging cream that is expensive has to be good. In general, the creams should be composed of ingredients that are as natural as possible. For young, wrinkle-free skin, normal moisturizing creams with sun protection are sufficient. But also make sure that the anti-wrinkle cream is very moisturizing. You can see this, for example, from the high proportion of hyaluronic acid .

Novoskin antiaging day care

Novoskin’s anti-aging day care is suitable for all skin types. Especially dry and sensitive skin benefits from the cream.

Benefits of the Cream : This cream is paraben free as well as silicone and PEG free. Instead, the anti-aging day care convinces with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vitamins A and E. Many valuable ingredients are combined in the cream that can help smooth the face. In addition, the anti-aging cream from Novoskin is quickly absorbed without leaving any residue on the skin. Since the cream is very rich, a small amount of the product is sufficient for one application.

Rose Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka

The rose day cream from Dr. Hauschka is aimed in particular at dry and sensitive skin. However, the manufacturer guarantees that a normal skin type will also benefit from the cream. The cream, which actually smells of roses, works against wrinkles as well as against redness and pustules.

Benefits of the cream : The rose day cream stands out for its natural and valuable ingredients. The cream, which has been awarded the Nature certificate, contains, among other things, rose extracts, rose oil, avocado extract, rose blossom wax, peanut oil and shea butter. This is precisely why the cream is extremely skin-friendly and leaves almost only satisfied users. In addition, the day cream from Dr. Hauschka is completely free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils and aluminium. As the name promises, the cream smells pleasantly of roses and provides the skin with sufficient moisture.

Disadvantages of the cream: The anti-aging cream does not contain harmful preservatives and convinces with its naturalness. However, this means that the cream can leave a light greasy film on the skin and is therefore less suitable for people with combination skin. In addition, the day cream has no sun protection factor.

Logona Vitamincreme Bio-Avocado

There are also many natural ingredients in these natural cosmetics. With aloe vera, olive and coconut oil and many other essential oils, the Logona vitamin cream is a very gentle product for the face.

Benefits of the cream : Not only is Logona’s anti-wrinkle cream vegan and natural, it’s also suitable for pretty much every skin type. The cream provides dry skin with sufficient moisture, sensitive types benefit from the gentle ingredients. In addition, the vitamin cream is very rich, which is why even the small 30 ml packs last quite a long time. The anti-wrinkle cream is said to be particularly effective against small wrinkles under the eyes and keeps thin skin supple.

Disadvantages of the cream : As with most anti-wrinkle creams, this one is only partially suitable for people with strong combination skin. Due to its richness, the vitamin cream leaves a light greasy film, especially in the T-zone. In addition, the absorption of the cream takes some time.

Martina Gebhardt Rose Cream

The Rose Cream by Martina Gebhardt is also beneficial and nourishing for the skin because of its natural ingredients. With avocado and rose oil, vitamin E and shea butter, the cream counteracts redness, irritation, wrinkles and generally provides moisture.

Advantages of the cream : The Rose Cream is primarily a cream for dry and sensitive skin, as it gently supplies it with plenty of moisture. According to the manufacturer, its ingredients also have a smoothing and calming effect. The anti-wrinkle cream leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and reduces eczema and redness. The cream also recommends that it uses little plastic, is not tested on animals and is suitable for day and night care.

Tips against wrinkles

To get the most out of your anti-wrinkle cream, all you have to do is use it correctly, store it and pay attention to a few other things. Unfortunately, not everything is done simply by applying the cream to the face.

Proper storage of your anti-aging cream

To prevent bacteria and germs from forming in your cream, you should always store it in a cool and dry place . You should protect your anti-aging products from direct sunlight in particular – this also applies to creams with plenty of preservatives. Products from natural cosmetics usually do not last as long as very artificial creams. In order to keep your cream fresh for as long as possible, you should only apply the cream to your face, which is also clean , with clean fingers or a small spatula .

Avoid mistakes when applying

During the day you should only wear an anti-wrinkle cream with a sun protection factor, in the evening before going to bed this is of course superfluous. In general, creams can be absorbed most effectively overnight because they do not have to be washed off and the face does not come into contact with dirt. The neck and décolleté are often left out, although these parts of the body are also affected by wrinkling and dryness. Therefore, always apply cream to your entire head area and always protect it from direct sunlight. It is particularly effective to massage the cream into the skin with circular movements. This also stimulates the blood circulation and the care products can move in better.

Maintain healthy lifestyle

Keeping your face hydrated and nourished is a good start. Nevertheless, you should also support your body in a natural way so that it can regenerate itself into old age. This includes avoiding alcohol, nicotine and stress, as well as getting enough sleep, eating healthy and natural foods and protecting the skin from direct sunlight. Only a healthy lifestyle can delay wrinkles for a few years.

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