Back massage: Instructions and tips for relaxing your back muscles

A soothing back massage relaxes you after a hard day’s work or a embarrassed night. We’ll show you simple instructions for a back massage.

Room temperature, ambience, surface, position and many a little helper make the relaxing back massage in your own four walls an incomparable wellness experience.

  • Ensure comfortable temperatures

The room temperature should be between 22 and 25 degrees so that the back massage can take place in a relaxed manner. The massage recipient will usually be shirtless during the massage, which can cause him or her to get cold quickly. So it’s always better to be a little too warm than too cold. A window is finally quickly opened.

  • use a warmed massage oil

In addition to room temperature, a well-tempered (warm up in your hands) body oil is also important for a smooth back massage. It warms and relaxes the body and muscles, cares for the skin and makes it easier for you to carry out the massage. Almond or jojoba oil is particularly suitable for massages .

There are now also scented candles whose wax can be used as massage oil. The advantage: candles create a cozy ambience, the candles smell nice and you always have preheated body oil at hand. But be careful: Always make sure that the oil does not get too hot.

  • Create the right atmosphere

Dimmed light and candlelight are of course highlights of every massage. In addition to candles, you can also work with floor lamps, cloths and fairy lights. Ceiling light is usually a bit glaring for a back massage. We want cosy, warm light.

  • Sounds & Scents
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With a back massage, many people like to relax to pleasant sounds or a good scent (scent lamp, incense sticks, …). Pleasant music can easily be found on YouTube or other platforms. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to create a cozy atmosphere.

  • location and substrate

Most people prefer a soothing massage in a lying position , but the massage is also possible in a sitting position. Since as a layperson you rarely have a massage table at home, you can simply use the bed, sofa or a good sports mat as a base for the back massage. It is important that the pad is not too soft .

In addition, the person giving the back massage should be able to find a comfortable position. After all, one shouldn’t be deeply relaxed and the other then urgently need a massage.

We have now mentioned all the important points for preparing for a back massage, but what are the absolute no-gos for a back and neck massage?

Back massage for beginners: That’s taboo!

A pleasant back massage can also be carried out by amateurs without any problems, provided they know where their own limits lie.

Under these circumstances you should not do the back massage yourself:

In severe pain
For general back problems
For sprains
In the event of signs of paralysis
If the pain radiates to the extremities
With fever
During pregnancy
With known cardiovascular diseases
With a tendency to thrombosis

Here a specialist must be consulted and the massage should be carried out professionally so as not to make the problem even worse.

Back massage: techniques and instructions

After all the preparations have been made, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing back massage. All it takes is a little knowledge of suitable techniques and the right process for a good, effective massage.

Back massage for amateurs: appropriate techniques

In the classic massage, five different techniques are used, which can now also be used for your back massage:

1. Effleurage

Carefully stroke the parts of the body to be massaged. This is how you establish physical contact and locate tense areas. You can use the effleurage to gently apply the massage oil and orientate yourself on the body of the person to be massaged.

2. Friction

You use fingertips and/or palms for small, rubbing movements. With a back massage, you have a positive effect on muscles and relieve tension.

3. Petrissage

Now things are getting more intense. Tense muscle parts are firmly kneaded here (between the fingers or with the help of the palms of the hands). This promotes blood circulation and relieves tension in the neck, shoulders and back particularly effectively. It is very important to mention here that you should never massage the bone. As a rule, this causes pain anyway and the person being massaged should report automatically.

4. Tapping

With light tapping movements you gently relax hardened muscles and literally tap them soft.

5. Vibration

With the fingertips or the entire palm of your hand, you can make muscles tremble during the back massage by quickly moving them back and forth. This has a particularly deep effect and relieves tension in the back area.

Carry out a back massage yourself: procedure

With the classic back massage, you always work on the shoulders and upper back (shoulder girdle) as well as the areas to the left and right of the spine down to the coccyx. If necessary, you can also devote yourself to the neck when massaging.

After applying the massage oil as part of the effleurage, gently stroke the shoulder girdle. Gradually you can use the different massage techniques, depending on what your counterpart likes. The shoulder girdle/shoulder (and possibly the neck) are massaged in this way.

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In the second step of the back massage, you dedicate yourself to the area next to the spine. From there, you work your way down the back with the described massage techniques to the left and right of the vertebrae.

Please make sure that there is an appropriate distance to the spine itself. This must never be worked on directly. In the kidney area, too, you should only apply light pressure when massaging. If you are unsure, please leave them out.

At the end of the back massage, a moderate tapping of the lower back and hips is perceived as pleasant. And a gentle stroking with flowing movements rounds off the massage.

Other benefits of back massage

It is already known that a back massage is good for the back muscles and can relieve tension.

In a study , US researchers were able to determine another effect of a massage. Subjects who were being massaged had their blood drawn during and after the massage. Researchers found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol decreased during massage . In addition, increased levels of white blood cells were found after the massage. White blood cells are responsible, among other things, for the defenses of our immune system. Massages not only relieve tension, they generally have a relaxing effect on us and can strengthen our immune system.

If you regularly suffer from back pain

If you are constantly suffering from back pain, unfortunately just a massage is not enough. Researchers collated the results of 12 studies and found that back pain is best counteracted with regular back massages and targeted exercises.

Strengthening the back, shoulder and neck muscles can also help to put an end to back pain in the long term.

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