Base fasting: 8 tips for fasting + recipes

Base fasting is a very popular detox cure that aims to bring the body back into balance. A lot of stress, poor nutrition and little exercise can put a strain on the body and promote the development of numerous diseases. Base fasting is intended to counteract this. Introducing the detox cure.

What is base fasting

Like any detox cure, alkaline fasting should also rid the body of waste products, toxins and pollutants . The body should become more efficient , fitter and more vital . He is freed from old burdens and put back to the original state, so to speak. There are different methods for this process. While some swear by juice cures and detox yoga, others are convinced of base fasting.

With base fasting, the main source of food is fruit and vegetables , because almost all types of fruit and vegetables are alkaline. On the other hand, animal foods and white flour products are acid-forming and can put a strain on the body. It should therefore be avoided with an alkaline diet and alkaline fasting.

Base fasting is based on the theory that a balanced acid-base balance keeps the body healthy. An imbalance and above all acidification can put a strain on the body and be the cause of many diseases such as gout, osteoporosis, cellulite and obesity. During base fasting, the body is supposed to be freed from excess acids so that the acid-base balance is normalized again.

The best-known method of alkaline fasting goes back to Sabine Wacker, who developed alkaline fasting after studying medicine and training as a pharmacy assistant and pharmaceutical-technical assistant. Today there are numerous books on the subject and a variety of health resorts where fasting is professionally supervised.

So far there have been no clinical studies on humans for the effectiveness of alkaline fasting . Although many people report an increased sense of well-being, this has not yet been scientifically confirmed. Nevertheless, alkaline fasting is generally considered harmless.

Instructions for base fasting

Alkaline fasting is based on alkaline nutrition, in which mainly only alkaline foods are consumed. These are mainly fruits and vegetables. Sometimes whole grain products can also be consumed. While with an alkaline diet, which is used at best for months or even years, a small proportion of acid-forming foods can be integrated into the diet plan, with alkaline fasting you should only consume alkaline foods .

Since fasting should always be limited in time, base fasting is only carried out for a few days or weeks. The cure usually lasts ten days . However, overweight people can take the cure for up to two weeks . To reduce stress , the cure can be completed every six months. Alkaline fasting is not recommended for underweight people and people with eating disorders. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also refrain from this cure.

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plan meals

With alkaline fasting, it is important to plan the individual meals. The meals are structured in the same way every day. There is only fruit in the morning, a salad at lunchtime and a vegetable dish in the evening . Sometimes two courses can be consumed. In the evening, for example, a vegetable broth can be served before the main course. Even at lunchtime, it can be a cooked dish after the salad.

If you work, it is best to pre-cook your meals. A salad can be prepared quickly and is very suitable to take away . In the evening, a potato dish is suitable. These can – kept in a little water – also be peeled the day before. Stress should be reduced during alkaline fasting. The preparation of meals should also be stress-free.

Avoid acidifiers

Acid-forming foods should be avoided at all costs during base fasting. These include primarily animal foods, ready meals, lemonades and white flour products , but some nuts, peas and asparagus can also have an acid-forming effect in the body. While the former foods should be avoided at all costs, the latter can be enjoyed in moderation. Nuts in particular are important sources of protein for alkaline fasting and are therefore even recommended. Almonds and walnuts are particularly good for this.

respect time intervals

Not only the type of food is important for base fasting, the intervals between meals should also be strictly observed in order to achieve a good effect. For example, no raw food should be eaten after 2 p.m. Fruit should therefore be used primarily for breakfast. The last meal should ideally be eaten before 6 p.m. It is important that only small portions are consumed so as not to overload the stomach.

There should be an interval of four hours between meals . After this time, the previous meal is digested, after which the body calls for new food. During this process, the pH value in the body increases slightly. Since this process is disturbed in diabetics, they need snacks between meals. However, healthy people should keep this distance and avoid snacking.

Listen to your own body

With alkaline fasting, it is particularly important to develop a feeling for your own body and to take its needs seriously. So you should definitely listen to your own feeling of hunger during alkaline fasting . Since you should basically only eat as little food as possible during the fast, it is advisable to pay attention to your feeling of satiety. Those who eat consciously and slowly are better able to judge when they are full. The feeling of satiety only occurs after a few minutes. You should plan at least 20 minutes for each meal.

You should also listen to your appetite. In general, you should only eat the fruits and vegetables that you really want to eat. However, you should make sure that you do not combine too many types of fruit and vegetables. Two to three types of fruit or vegetables per meal are usually sufficient. You should also chew your meals well. Try to chew raw food at least 30 times before swallowing. If you have a sensitive stomach, you should avoid large amounts of raw food. In this case, you can also use cooked food in the morning.

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Sufficient fluid intake

So that the food can be digested well, you should drink enough liquid . It also keeps you full for longer and eliminates the need for snacks between meals. During alkaline fasting, a daily fluid intake of 2.5 to 3 liters is recommended. This should only be done with herbal teas or pure spring water. Alcohol, caffeine and lemonades are avoided during alkaline fasting. Green tea and black tea can also have an acid-forming effect.

Preparation of the cure

Before the treatment you should make some preparations. So you should have enough fruit, vegetables and herbs in stock and get spring water. You should slowly prepare your body for the change before fasting. You should avoid harmful substances such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine at least two days before starting alkaline fasting . You should also eliminate animal products from your diet.

People who drink coffee regularly can experience side effects such as headaches and migraines when they withdraw from caffeine. Anyone who does without caffeine a few days before the start of the fasting cure has probably already overcome these side effects at the beginning of the cure and can now concentrate entirely on base fasting.

Base fasting in special hotels

If base fasting at home is too much effort for you, you can go to a special spa hotel that specializes in base fasting. This is where the special meals are cooked and prepared for you. You will also receive sufficient spring water and herbal teas to cover your fluid needs. Your fasting cure will be accompanied professionally, so that you have a direct contact person in case of possible complications. Additional services such as alkaline baths and massages are often included. Base fasting thus becomes a wellness experience to deal with stress and relieve your body.

Ensure relaxation

During alkaline fasting, body and mind should relax. Since the fasting cure is intended to help reduce stress, stress factors should be reduced as much as possible during the cure. Special relaxation techniques such as autogenic training , meditation and breathing exercises can help. The body should be moved moderately every day. Sports such as yoga and Pilates are particularly suitable . Daily walks in nature are also recommended.

During base fasting, it is also a good idea to pamper your body a little. Massage can help flush toxins out of the body . Alkaline baths with sea salt and minerals are beneficial for external use . Sauna sessions and steam baths can also contribute to relaxation and help to rid the body of toxins and waste products.

Recipes & foods for alkaline fasting

Anyone who is doing base fasting for the first time is probably faced with the question of which foods and dishes they can eat during the cure. Although a diet with only fruit and vegetables may sound like a no-go, there are numerous dishes and meals that can be prepared with alkaline foods.

In general, food can be classified into four categories. There are alkaline foods, neutral foods, good acidifiers and bad acidifiers:

  • Basic : Almost all types of vegetables and salads, potatoes, sweet potatoes, herbs, mushrooms and seedlings, all types of fruit and unsulphured dried fruit, almonds and nuts such as macadamia, cedar nuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, walnuts
  • Neutral : Cold-pressed oils such as linseed oil and olive oil
  • Good acidifiers : whole grain products such as whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, whole grain rice, legumes such as lentils, peas, chickpeas, lupins and soybeans
  • Bad Acidifiers : Animal products like fish, meat, dairy, eggs and cheese, alcohol, coffee, sodas, white flour products, and candy
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While on an alkaline diet not only alkaline foods are eaten, but also neutral oils and good acidifiers, alkaline fasting should mainly consist of alkaline foods , i.e. fruit, vegetables and nuts. With these ingredients you can already prepare a variety of dishes. We present some recipe ideas.

Morning: smoothies for breakfast

A smoothie for breakfast is particularly useful for base fasting. Smoothies are versatile and can be prepared individually. They are full of important vitamins and minerals and can therefore optimally support the body. They are also great to take away. There are countless variations. So you can try a new combination every morning. Since only two to three types of fruit and vegetables should be combined during alkaline fasting, your smoothie should only consist of two to three types of fruit.

Strawberry smoothie

A strawberry smoothie is especially good in summer because you can make it with fresh berries at this time of year. You can prepare the smoothie very quickly with just three ingredients. You only need bananas, strawberries and water. Put the bananas in the blender with a good amount of strawberries and a little spring water. On a low level, let the mixer work until you get a liquid consistency. You can also use blueberries , raspberries and blackberries instead of strawberries.

green smoothie

A green smoothie is also great for breakfast. Here you can combine fruit with raw green vegetables and start your day healthy and basic. For a green smoothie, add bananas or your choice of mango to the blender along with some leafy greens like spinach or arugula. Alternatively, algae such as chlorella and spirulina can also be used. For a liquid consistency, add some spring water.

Lunch: salads & dressing

During base fasting, a salad should be eaten every lunchtime. There are numerous options here. You can prepare lamb’s lettuce, wild herbs, baby spinach, rocket and potato salad and cut all kinds of raw vegetables into the salad.

The preparation of the salad does not prove to be difficult during alkaline fasting. However, what might be a bit more difficult for some is preparing the dressing. Since dairy products and vinegar are not used in base fasting, these ingredients are not used to prepare the dressing. Instead, you can use cold-pressed oil. Lemon juice can also be used instead of vinegar. You can season the mixture with some herb salt and pepper.

In the evening: Delicious vegetable dishes

In the evening, a cooked vegetable dish is served during base fasting. Again, only two or three types of vegetables should be combined. For example, you can combine potatoes with zucchini and conjure up a delicious salad with a salad dressing. Alternatively, you could make a vegetable curry using potatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes. You can also quickly make zoodles, noodles made from raw zucchini, and combine them with a delicious, homemade basil pesto.

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