Can I drink Green Tea for Gastritis?

Greetings dear reader, today I will address an issue that has caused many questions and that has a lot to do with green tea and gastritis. One of them is, can I have green tea if I have acute or chronic gastritis?

Commonly, in many cases it is not recommended to consume tea when suffering from chronic gastritis, because it contains caffeine and can irritate the stomach more, however, there are varieties of tea that can develop different levels of caffeine.

It is known that the teas come from a plant called camellia sinensis and its flavor depends a lot on the place where it is harvested, as well as its production process. In countries such as Japan, Vietnam and China, its consumption is very popular and traditional due to the excellent benefits it brings to the body.

When the tea is harvested, in its production process, the level of oxidation that is achieved plays an important role, because the more oxidized it is, the more caffeine it contains and based on that, a different tea is produced. Next, we will see what green tea and gastritis have to do with it. 

Why might green tea be good for your gastritis?

Green tea is a type of tea that has not been oxidized, this means that it does not have much caffeine and that it contains is very low compared to the other varieties. Also, it contains antioxidants that provide nutritional qualities for our body.

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Existing research that has been carried out in China, establishes that green tea is a great protective agent against chronic gastritis and other similar ailments, even stomach cancer itself.

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In addition, another study carried out at the University of Maryland (United States) indicates that the antioxidants contained in green tea (EGGG and flavonoids) could play an important role in the prevention and treatment of gastritis as well as ulcers, especially those caused by the H.pylori bacteria, by inhibiting it.

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I have Gastritis, could it be bad to drink it?

Fundamentally, there is one point to consider and that is that green tea also contains caffeine , but in less quantity than other types of tea such as red or black tea and much lower compared to a cup of coffee.

Therefore, there are studies such as those mentioned above, which ensure that green tea is good against gastritis , due to its protective effect and the ability to inhibit the H.pylori bacteria, which cause this pathology and others such as ulcers. .

However, those who may be harmed are those patients who suffer from stomach irritability due to caffeine consumption, those who are hypertensive or those who have some other digestive problem.

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If your gastritis is very advanced and it is difficult for you to tolerate green tea or you dislike it, first of all I recommend that you put it aside and continue with your medical treatment, on the other hand if your gastritis is not advanced, you can consume green tea without problems. as long as you do not abuse this drink.

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How to prepare green tea?

Tea can be purchased in any establishment where natural things are distributed or in herbalists, to get it 100% natural and enjoy all its properties.

I suggest you look for the tea leaves and avoid the capsules that you can find, it is better to prepare the infusion in the old fashioned way and look for those varieties of tea where the leaves have been steamed.


The tea leaves are introduced into a pot containing hot water and we leave them for about half an hour. When the infusion is ready, we pour it into a container or deep cup, so that it cools down little by little, and then ingest it.

This process is a bit lengthy compared to other types of infusion, but the results obtained are gratifying, remember that this is a highly recommended remedy and therefore you should take your time preparing it.

You should periodically take it off for a few days , for example, you can take it for about 10 days and then rest for the same period, so you will be enjoying all its properties without causing any problems.

 Recommendations on green tea and gastritis

I am sure that you are passionate about green tea, because it is a natural drink that provides so many benefits to the body, in my case, I want to give you an example of some recommendations to avoid any stomach ailment when you are consuming it.

  • Consume green tea after eating.
  • Go for Genmaicha organic green tea.
  • You can also try green rooibos or certain green tea.
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These options helped me a lot, however, you can opt for other varieties such as: ceylon green tea, assam green tea, darjeeling green tea or vietnan green tea, any of these options can work perfectly for you.

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Consider this natural treatment as another alternative to prevent gastritis, in addition to that you will heal the wounds that are caused by ulcers, as well as the elimination of the bacteria. Helicobacter pylori.

Do not abuse this drink, take it with caution since everything in excess can be harmful to health, if it is very difficult to tolerate it, you can opt for other natural treatments, here on my blog I provide you with other very effective natural infusions.

Finally, green tea can also help you improve kidney function and accelerate metabolism that benefit people to lose weight, this is thanks to its active ingredients such as flavonoids.

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