Can I Eat Avocado if I have Gastritis

In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of avocado or avocado in our body and how it can benefit us thanks to its excellent properties.

Let me ask you, are you suffering from gastritis? If so, here I will explain in detail if it is good or not to eat avocado and how to relieve your stomach discomfort naturally with this great food.

Certainly, the avocado is a fruit that many people currently consume, thanks to its great nutritional value and important components that it has, which fully benefits the body.

However, there are many factors that can cause gastritis, as well as to alleviate it, it is good that you know the benefits of avocado that you may not know, as well as its properties and how they influence our body to have a full and healthy life.

Avocado Properties for Gastritis

Can I Eat Avocado if I have Gastritis

The avocado, also known as avocado or avocado in other countries, is an edible fruit that grows in trees in warm climates, with hundreds of different varieties in sizes and shapes.

Among its main properties, we can mention:

  1. It is a natural antibacterial , so its consumption helps to eliminate harmful bacteria such as helicobacter pylori and others that can threaten the body.
  2. It contains in its composition many vitamins, several useful trace elements and thanks to this, it not only has a positive effect on the stomach but on the rest of the body.
  3. It has antioxidants that contribute to the elimination of toxic substances and slags.
  4. It has oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid from the omega 9 series, which helps lower cholesterol.
  5. It includes potassium in its composition, maintaining a balance between salt and water, improving the work of the body as a whole.
  6. It normalizes the functions of the digestive system , helping with constipation and normalizing the stool.
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For no reason, eating avocado daily can alleviate the symptoms caused by gastritis, such as stomach pain, heartburn, and improve gastric ulcers.

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How to eat avocado

Although, natural alternatives are sought to bring us good and avoid some damage as little as possible, it is necessary that you know some recommendations on the use of avocado.

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  • It must be borne in mind that this fruit is very rich in vegetable fat content, so it is not allowed to eat more than 1 avocado per day , because it makes digestion difficult and can cause the opposite effect.
  • For our body to better assimilate the acids that make up avocado, it is necessary to combine them with other healthy foods such as vegetables, turkey or chicken breasts.
  • It is consumed raw , you peel it and chop it before eating it. If any pieces remain, you store them in the refrigerator and consume them within 24 hours.

It is important to know that the avocado is mainly harvested immaturely, which ensures that the fruit does not deteriorate when it is transported. When buying the avocado, you have to ensure the type of maturity it presents.

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We will find the benefits when the fruit is ripe, to know this, the shade of this and the density is analyzed before buying it. When ripe, its surface is usually a glossy dark green and is smooth enough when touched.

It is also necessary to know that certain toxic substances are present in the stone of the fruit, so it is important to know how to cut it. For that, it is done in a circular way and divided into two halves by hand.

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Recipes with Avocado

In general, people consume avocado raw, however, it can be cooked to use with other special recipes.

Here are some recipes that you can easily make.

  • Smoothie or mashed avocado and banana:   This recipe is easy to prepare, we get an avocado and a banana, then we put it in the blender until a creamy consistency is achieved and then consume it. If you want you can add a little salt and lemon.
  • Avocado Salad:  This is a very simple recipe. You take an avocado and chop it into small pieces and then mix it with any normal salad or a nutritious diet, in this way you dislike this exquisite food.
  • Guacamole:  Perhaps this is the recipe best known by most to consume avocado and it is very rich.
  • Avocado Cream:  You need to get garlic, lemon and avocado. The garlic can be peeled, it can be about 2 cloves, then it is placed in the blender with the avocado and half a squeezed lemon. All the ingredients are processed until a creamy and delicious texture is obtained.
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These are some easy recipes to prepare and I assure you that you are going to love that they will allow you to always be preparing them.

In short, there are different ways to prepare and eat avocado either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the important thing is that you take it into consideration and always integrate it into your daily diet because you will get a lot of nutrition and vitality from it.

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Avocado will help you fight stomach pains, heartburn or reflux, so it is recommended to consume it raw without cooking, so that you take full advantage of its benefits.

The good thing about this type of natural remedy is that they do not cause side effects , always without abusing and with measure, in the end, a reduction or elimination of the discomfort that may be present will be obtained.

I invite you to continue browsing my blog, you will find other types of very effective home remedies that can help mitigate this type of discomfort or ailments, because it is necessary to worry to avoid fatal consequences to our health.

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