Causes of Numbness in the Right Arm

Feelings such as numbness, tingling, pins and needles in the right arm may occur due to many reasons such as carpal tunnel syndrome , long periods of inactivity, diseases affecting nerve fibers, and neck hernia. The complaint of numbness in the right arm can be caused by a simple reason such as lying on the arm or standing in the wrong position for a long time, or it can be an important symptom of disease. If sensations such as numbness, tingling, chills, burning, pricking persist for a long time and become severe, it would be beneficial to see a doctor. Diseases causing arm numbness can be diagnosed by a physical therapy and rehabilitation physician. Many of these diseases are treatable. Some diseases and conditions that may cause numbness in the right arm are:

carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common causes of numbness, pinprick and pain in the forearm and hand. Although there is numbness in the thumb, index finger and middle finger in carpal tunnel syndrome, complaints can spread to the entire hand and upper wrist. If the problem is only due to carpal tunnel syndrome, pain or numbness in the elbow and shoulder is not expected.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem that occurs as a result of the compression of the nerve fiber called the median nerve in the tunnel formed by the bones and connective tissue on the face of the wrist facing the palm. Excessive use of the wrist as a profession or hobby (long hours of typing or using the keyboard), fractures of the wrist bones, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity and general edema accumulation in the body (for example, pregnancy) can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Complaints are more frequent at night and may wake them from sleep. In its treatment , the use of wristbands , drug therapy, injections with corticosteroids to relieve the nerve on the wrist , and physical therapy methods are applied. In severe cases, the nerve can be relaxed by surgery.

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cubital tunnel syndrome

If there is numbness in the arm region below the elbow, in the little finger and ring finger, it may be caused by ulnar nerve injury around the elbow . This problem is called cubital tunnel syndrome. Leaning the elbow on a hard surface such as the armrest of a table or chair for a long time can damage the ulnar nerve. Bending the elbow while sleeping and lying on it worsens the condition. In ulnar nerve damage, the grip and squeezing strength of the hand may decrease. Sometimes the ulnar nerve can be compressed in the wrist, in this case, the complaints are generally seen as weakness in the hand muscles, numbness in the little finger and ring finger. Rest and the use of an elbow brace are usually sufficient for recovery, but surgical release may be required in cases where the nerve is compressed too much.

long periods of inactivity

Staying fixed for a long time in a position such as lying on your back with your hand under your head can cause pins and needles in the arm and numbness. This can be caused by the compression of the nerve in the arm due to pressure or the crushing of the blood vessels next to the nerves and impaired circulation. Generally, when you move the arm, the numbness improves with the relaxation of the nerves and the restoration of blood circulation.

In the condition known as Saturday night paralysis, if the person sleeps on his arm in an unsuitable place such as a chair, he may wake up in the morning with numbness and weakness in his hand. It has been associated with Saturday night, the time when alcohol is consumed the most, as the result of being intoxicated with the highest alcohol intake. In Saturday night paralysis, the radial nerve is crushed at the level of the arm bone, the pulling motion of the hand and fingers is weakened, and numbness may occur in the thumb and index finger and the back of the hand. Another similar situation is honeymoon night paralysis. Honeymoon night paralysis occurs as a result of the radial nerve being compressed in the upper part of the arm due to the spouse resting his head on the shoulder for a long time. Nerve damage may occur in the armpit area due to pressure in those who use crutches, and numbness may occur in the left or right arm.

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circulatory disorder

Complaints of numbness in the right arm may be seen due to the formation of blood clots in the vein , varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, and impaired circulation due to diabetes.

Peripheral neuropathy – diseases affecting nerve fibers

Peripheral neuropathy refers to the damage of nerve fibers outside the brain, cerebellum and spinal cord for various reasons. When there is peripheral neuropathy, the complaints usually start in the feet and hands; It then spreads to the legs and arms. Peripheral neuropathy usually affects both the right and left sides, but sometimes it can only cause numbness in the right arm, especially at first. Diseases and conditions that can cause peripheral neuropathy include diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, infections, kidney diseases, liver diseases, rheumatic diseases, cancers, trauma, hereditary diseases. Neuropathy treatment varies depending on the cause of the neuropathy. Various drug treatments are available to reduce complaints such as numbness and tingling.

Neck hernia – cervical radiculopathy

In neck hernia , the nerve roots that separate from the spinal cord at the neck level can be compressed in the small holes they exit from the spinal canal as a result of the pressure of the hernia. age-related calcificationand trauma can also lead to nerve damage called cervical radiculopathy. In cervical radiculopathy, there may be pins and needles in the right arm, numbness, tingling, burning, cold sensation, loss of sensation, and weakness. Complaints may also occur on the left side. In neck hernia, complaints are generally felt along the entire arm, from the scapula and shoulder to the hands and fingers. It can cause a headache. Some people may feel relief when they put their hands on their heads, this action may be reducing the pressure on the nerve. Sometimes tilting the head to one side can reduce the complaints. There are physical therapy, drug therapy and surgery options to treat neck hernia.

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Vitamin B deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency can damage nerve fibers and cause numbness in the feet, hands, arms or legs. Those who do not consume animal foods are at higher risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency is usually treated with vitamin injections.

Multiple skleroz

Many complaints can occur in multiple sclerosis, which is a disease of the central nervous system. These include right arm numbness. Complaints such as numbness or weakness in multiple sclerosis usually occur unilaterally in the early stages of the disease, that is, on the right or left. Apart from this, different symptoms such as fatigue, pain, double vision, impaired speech, dizziness and tremor may occur. Although multiple sclerosis still cannot be cured definitively, many drug treatments are available to alleviate the disease. Exercise, physical therapy , balanced diet, stress reduction are also important issues in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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