What Causes Pain Like Stabbing a Knife in the Hip?

Hip pain is one of the most common types of pain. This type of pain, which is sometimes described as pain such as stabbing the hip, affects children and adults alike, and can occur for a variety of different reasons. If you have persistent hip pain, you may need to see a doctor. You can find more information below.

What is pain like stabbing a knife in the hip?

Knife-like pain in the hip is a feeling of intense pain or discomfort in or around the hip joint. If you are suffering from such a problem, you may experience pain in the following areas along with this pain in the hip area:

  • lower back area
  • thigh area
  • inguinal region
  • Knee and kneecap area

The cause of hip pain will affect when, where, and how you feel the pain. Usually, if the problem is in the hip itself, you will experience hip or groin pain . If the pain is on the outside of your hip, upper thigh, or outer hip, it’s usually due to problems with the muscles, ligaments, or tendons around the hip joint. Sometimes the pain radiating from other regions can also cause pain like a knife stabbing in the hip.

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Pain like a stabbing in the hip: Causes

Conditions that can cause pain in the hip area include:

  • Joint inflammation from various causes (especially in people over 50 years old)
  • Damage to the hip
  • Situations such as falling or hitting
  • Fracture of any bone in the hip area
  • Muscle strain in the hip area
  • Inflammatory conditions in the hip area
  • pinched nerves ( such as sciatic pain )

Knife-like pain in the hip: Possible symptoms

If the pain is caused by osteoarthritis, other symptoms may include stiffness, tenderness when you push on the joint, discomfort in your joints, and muscle weakness. In the case of a bone fracture, there may also be swelling, disfigurement, bruising or loss of function. If the pain is due to an infection, the area may be red, swollen, and hot.

Pain like a stabbing in the hip: Doctor’s check

You should see your doctor immediately about your hip pain if:

  • If the pain is sudden or intense
  • If it occurs after injury or fall
  • If you cannot move your hip or leg
  • If you are unable to put weight on the affected leg
  • If there is swelling or bleeding
  • If you have any signs of infection, such as a high fever

Which doctor should I go to for hip pain?

If your hip pain does not respond to the measures you take on its own, then the doctor to go to for hip pain should be a family doctor or an orthopedic specialist . Also, chiropractors can pinpoint the cause of your hip pain. As part of your treatment, you may also consider getting physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support your hips and lower back .

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Pain like a stabbing in the hip: Diagnosis

Your doctor can find out what is causing the pain in your hip in several ways. By talking to you, he or she can review your past medical conditions and examine you. They can check how you stand, how you walk, and what movements cause pain. In some cases, they may recommend blood tests or X-rays .

Pain like a stabbing in the hip: Treatment

Treatments for pain felt in the hip area include:

  • physiotherapy or occupational therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory, pain relievers or creams
  • antibiotics
  • steroid injections
  • acupuncture
  • Professional advice on weight loss and exercise
  • Stretching, strengthening exercises or resistance training
  • Water exercise, including swimming

You may also find pain relief with home treatments for hip pain, such as rest, heat or ice, massage, or gentle exercise.


Your doctor will decide which treatment is right for you.

Pain like a stabbing in the hip: Prevention

One of the best ways to reduce pain is to exercise. Low-impact activities are highly effective for protecting the hips. However, it is important to remember here: It is important to talk to your doctor first so that they can prepare a program according to the condition causing the hip pain.

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