Conquer the weaker self? There is also an easier way!

Many people know the feeling: You should actually do more (or at all!) Sport. Unfortunately, most of them also know that it is damned difficult to overcome one’s weaker self . Maybe two or three times we struggle to go to the gym or a Zumba class. But then – and we all know that too – the motivation is over again.

In this article you will learn:

  • Why we should approach the advice differently: “Do sports that you enjoy” 
  • How you can integrate exercise into your everyday life even without real sport 

Why is it so difficult for you to overcome the bastard 

There are a number of advice articles that come with a supposedly smart tip : Choose a sport that you enjoy! So please: It is clear that you will not go into Krav-Maga training if you are not interested in martial arts or a career in the Israeli secret service.

Even if the above 08/15 tip is not a real revelation, it is the starting point for this article: And with a small adjustment, hopefully a bit more practical and realistic .

The secret isn’t so much in starting a sport that you enjoy . Maybe you enjoy riding a lot? However, this hobby is not that easy to practice,if you don’t have your own car – or your own horse. The hurdles to pursue this sport are then possibly too big, even in spite of the huge passion for these animals: Otherwise you might be sitting in the saddle at the moment instead of reading here how to find a suitable sport for you?

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Every hurdle, no matter how small, is found food for the weaker self and the fatter it gets, the harder it will be for you to overcome it.

Try sports that won’t cost you too much!

So the secret lies elsewhere. The advice should therefore be: Find a sport that costs you as little effort and motivation as possible. It is different for everyone, everyone perceives hurdles differently.

We all know this attempt: we struggle out of bed an hour and a half earlier than necessary in order to power through a morning routine: jogging, meditating, maybe preparing a healthy lunch for work. Maybe this is really good for you. But that’s not easy for everyone.

At the same time, getting up takes a lot of effort – especially in winter . If this sounds familiar to you, you’ll know this too: If you don’t go jogging, you feel guilty . After all, you haven’t done much sport otherwise (because you don’t have your own horse, you know) … 

But who says   besides yourself –  that you have to jog to get enough exercise? Especially since the word sport in itself means stress for some. When you realize that it’s not about sport and the associated performance, but simply about bringing some movement into your everyday life, the stress is gone and you are happy about every walk, no matter how short. Because it fills up your daily exercise account all by itself. 

It doesn’t even have to be real sport. Why do n’t you try out all possible types of movement that are available to you – depending on what costs you the least to overcome at the moment:

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You probably have to get up earlier for that, but maybe you like this incredibly easy and calming way to start the day ? You put one foot in front of the other, without rushing, and at some point you arrive. The day’s sporting work is over, others haven’t even had their first coffee.


If you can’t walk, you might want to cycle – also an almost meditative way to start the day. Even more so, should you be lucky enough to have beautiful streets and parks along the way . In contrast to jogging in the morning, it is not that difficult to bring yourself to it (unless it is pouring rain).


At the weekend you can also go “hiking”. Sure: not everyone has the mountains or a local recreation area on their doorstep. Fortunately, there are green areas and parks . Friends and family will smile when you tell them you went hiking in the park again.

But hey: It reminds you of a place in “Sex and the City” when Carrie is sitting on the meadow in front of the idyllic sanatorium with her childhood sweetheart (played by David Duchovny), who has taken himself to a psychiatric institution. He suggests going hiking. She replies that hiking is not her thing. He: ” Imagine, hiking is walking.”

If it is too strenuous for you to attend the Krav Maga course or to buy your own horse, then do it! After all, you burn – depending on your speed – almost 300 calories per hour. So everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle even without real exercise. Overcoming the weaker self is then no longer necessary.

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You can still go jogging every now and then, of course. But only if you really feel like it …

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