Different types of Gastritis and Symptoms

It has happened to you , that everything is going well in your life until one day, savoring your favorite food you begin to experience a stomach pain that puts you in a delicate situation and without worrying much, you take antacids or painkillers to reduce the pain, but then you realize that it does not disappear at all.

Dear reader , when your stomach suffers, you begin to suffer from stomach pains, and you cannot eat anything, if this happens to you, then it is a clear symptom that you are suffering from gastritis.

Gastritis is classified into different types and variants that we will see in detail, although it is true, these types of gastritis agree on one thing : inflammation of the stomach lining and the remedies are usually similar. However, there are some types that require their own treatment.

Types of Gastritis that Exist

Types of Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammatory lesion or irritation of the stomach or gastric mucosa. This mucus is a type of lining that covers the stomach, protecting it against acids and digestive enzymes.

When the walls of the stomach become inflamed, protections such as enzymes, mucus and other components that help it process food properly are diminished, thus causing the different types of gastritis that I will explain below.

These are classified according to their durability, the cause that generates it and the area of ​​the stomach affected. Depending on this, the treatment that will vary from the type of gastritis you have will be determined, always accompanied by changes in eating habits such as reducing the consumption of fat and condiments, reducing alcoholic beverages and cigarettes between others.

Acute gastritis

This type of gastritis manifests itself suddenly, it is usually caused by bacteria, viruses, an injury, by the same stress or by consuming irritating substances such as alcohol or spicy foods.

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Acute gastritis is an inflammation whose pain can be very annoying and severe. However, this is temporary. Among its main symptoms, we can highlight pain, nausea and vomiting.

To do?

The treatment of acute gastritis involves the use of medications such as antacids, antibiotics, dietary changes and the practice of physical exercises. If this is not treated in time, it can transform into chronic gastritis.

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Chronic gastritis.

Unlike the acute one, the inflammation in the stomach comes to appear with a longer period of time, lasting months or even years. In this part, the stomach lining becomes continually damaged and cells vital to its function are lost.

Among its main symptoms can be mentioned, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloating among others, and many times heartburn appears in these cases of chronic gastritis, however, it is not always a symptom linked to it.

Types of Chronic Gastritis

  • Fundic Gastritis or type A: It is less common, it damages the body and the upper part of the stomach or fundus. In general, it is caused due to an increase in antibodies that kill gastric cells, causing atrophy of the stomach lining. This type of gastritis increases the risk of developing stomach cancer.
  • Antral gastritis or type B: This type affects the end of the stomach or antrum, and is caused by chronic infection of the H.pylori bacteria.
  • Type C gastritis: It is usually caused due to chemical irritation due to the consumption followed by anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, alcohol or bile. As a result, an erosion of the stomach lining occurs.

To do?

Treatment for chronic gastritis in general is given by means of antacids and gastric protectants such as omeprazole, changes in diet, and antibiotics to eliminate the H.pylori bacteria.

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Atrophic gastritis.

This is a type of advanced chronic gastritis and arises when the stomach wall has been affected for years. It is very serious because the digestive system has been considerably damaged and it is possible that a gastric ulcer may develop or even progress to stomach cancer.

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It can cause deficiencies in vitamin B12 as well as iron, causing anemia and neuritis.

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To do?

Treatment for atrophic gastritis includes vitamin B12 or iron supplements, gastric protectors, and antibiotics if Helicobacter pylori bacteria are present.

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Gastritis Antral.

Antral gastritis is rare unlike acute or chronic gastritis. This occurs in the lower part of the stomach or antrum as it is known. It can occur at any age, affecting older adults more.

Its main symptom is abdominal burning, however, you may experience other symptoms that are very common to gastritis, such as gas, nausea and bloating.

To do?

It can be treated with antacids or antibiotics for the stomach in case of being caused by an infection.

Gastritis Erosiva.

This type of gastritis is very common and as its name implies, it is characterized by erosions that occur in the stomach and its gastric mucosa. Usually when this happens, very annoying and painful ulcers form.

It presents with acute features, although in certain cases it has become chronic in some patients, without showing any symptoms. The discomfort that it presents is of being painful when some type of food is consumed.

Among its symptoms we can mention vomiting with blood or black stools. For its diagnosis and treatment, endoscopic examinations are performed to examine the depth and size of the lesions.

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Alcoholic Gastritis.

It is caused by consuming alcoholic beverages in excess. What it causes is that alcohol limits the stomach to produce enough gastric acid, consequently, it results in inflammation.

Common symptoms that occur are vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and bloating. It is very common to detect this type of gastritis in patients with alcoholism problems.

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Nervous Gastritis.

It occurs in situations of stress, anxiety, fear or irritability. It usually affects women more and its symptoms become similar to classic gastritis, such as heartburn, belching, nausea, among others.

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Between the treatments, soothing medications, antacids, activities that help reduce nervousness and stress are used. It is also recommended to consume natural painkillers such as chamomile or passion fruit flower tea among others. Find out more about nervous gastritis.

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Eosinophilic gastritis.

This type of gastritis is produced by an increase in immune cells called eosinophils, which invade the stomach wall, causing inflammation and symptoms very similar to the above.

 It is quite strange, but it does exist, it affects those individuals with a history of food allergies. It is treated with corticosteroid medications such as Prednisolone.

Biliary Gastritis.

This type of gastritis is caused by the malfunction of the pylorus, which is a muscular valve between the stomach and the small intestine. When this fails and does not close properly, the food returns to the stomach and with it the bile, which is an alkaline substance, causing damage to the gastric lining and mucosa due to excess acid.

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Remember, that all the information that was provided in this article does not replace a medical diagnosis at any time, more than anything, it is a guide with the necessary information that allows you to better identify and understand this upset stomach.

I know that dealing with this problem is not easy, but it is not impossible either. I invite you to continue browsing to find other articles of great importance that will help you treat this disease in a natural way. You can also read my Story as I did and how I got excellent results in a short time.

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