Egg cooker: The perfect breakfast egg + 7 tips for buying

The breakfast egg is indispensable for a good Sunday breakfast. However, cooking the perfect degree of hardness is not that easy. An egg cooker can prove to be a useful tool for this. Below you will find out what you should consider when buying a good egg cooker.

In addition to fresh rolls, freshly squeezed orange juice and a hot coffee, the breakfast egg is simply part of a good breakfast. A boiled egg is not only suitable for breakfast, but also for lunch, dinner or a snack in between. With an egg cooker, the preparation is very easy.

Eggs as part of a healthy diet

The hen’s egg is one of the staple foods in Germany . The German eats an average of 235 eggs a year, which are not only eaten as eggs, but also in pasta and a variety of other foods. For a long time, the egg was considered unhealthy due to its high cholesterol content , but eggs also provide some other important nutrients such as vitamins A , D , E and minerals such as calcium and iron .

Nevertheless, eggs should only be enjoyed in moderation and should preferably be combined with a healthy diet. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends eating three eggs a week . Eggs are not inherently unhealthy. However, if they are consumed together with fatty foods such as meat and sausage products, the cholesterol level can rise. Heart disease can result.

However, eggs are an excellent source of protein. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends a daily intake of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for 19 to 65 year olds. With a weight of 70 kilograms, that already means a protein requirement of 56 grams per day. A medium-sized egg can already provide six to eight grams of protein . Proteins are involved in many processes in the body. For example, they play an important role in regulating the hormone balance and splitting fat or breaking down sugar.

Because eggs are low in calories , they’re great for both a healthy diet and a quick diet . Especially forms of nutrition such as the low-carb diet or the ketogenic diet rely on a high protein intake. Eggs can contribute significantly to protein intake here.

Cooking eggs: The perfect breakfast egg

However, before you can eat eggs, you should first boil them. Although some people rely on raw eggs , for example to build muscle , there is an increased risk of salmonella, which can promote serious intestinal inflammation. The bacteria reside inside the eggs and are usually killed during cooking.

Boiled eggs have some advantages over raw eggs. This not only kills dangerous bacteria, but also destroys harmful avidin that prevents biotin from being absorbed. With an increased consumption of raw eggs, a biotin deficiency can develop.

When cooking eggs, a distinction is made between hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs . The body can digest soft-boiled eggs more easily because the proteins are not destroyed in the short cooking time. Hard-boiled eggs, on the other hand, are harder to digest. Whether you prefer to eat hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs depends entirely on your preferences. We explain what you have to consider when cooking.

Hard boil eggs

Exactly how long an egg needs to cook depends on the individual egg. Eggs are usually divided into different sizes. So there are S-eggs, M-eggs and L-eggs, each of which differs slightly in size. You should boil an egg in size M for about eleven minutes so that it is hard-boiled. This means that both the egg white and the yolk are firm. With the smaller S eggs you have to subtract about 30 seconds, while with L eggs you have to add 30 seconds to get a hard-boiled egg. After cooking, you can shock the egg with cold water.

Boil eggs until soft

In order to get a soft-boiled egg, you should boil a size M egg for about four minutes . During this time, the egg white hardens while the yolk stays soft. If the egg is still too soft for you with this consistency, you can cook it for another three minutes, for a total of about seven minutes . Then you get an egg with a firm white and a creamy yolk that is no longer completely runny, but is not hard either. Again, cook S eggs 30 seconds shorter and L eggs 30 seconds longer. You should rinse the eggs with cold water after cooking.

Tips for buying an egg cooker

To make cooking your breakfast ice cream easier, it is worth using an egg cooker. Here you can set your desired consistency individually. Not only do you save water, you also save time because you don’t have to keep an eye on the cooking water. Egg boilers are operated electrically and prepare the eggs with steam. Only a little water is needed for this, which cannot boil over. You don’t even have to use your stove to prepare your eggs. We have a few tips for you that you should consider when buying a suitable egg cooker.

Consider the capacity

Depending on the egg cooker, the appliance can hold a different number of eggs. By default, an egg cooker holds six eggs . A capacity of seven or eight eggs is also common. Sometimes you will also find egg cookers that only hold two, three or four eggs. Here you can choose according to your own needs. You should also consider the size of the device. There are both round and square devices . Think about where you can find space for an egg cooker in your kitchen and how big the device can be so that it doesn’t get in the way of your kitchen.

An egg boiler is often small enough to be stored in a kitchen cupboard. So you can simply put it back in the cupboard after use and cleaning and don’t have to make permanent space for the device on your worktop.

Pay attention to the degree of hardness setting

Egg boilers usually always have the same structure. They consist of a heater , an attachment for the eggs and a lid with a small opening . You put water in the heater, which is then heated. In the attachment, the eggs sit upright on individual fixtures. The lid ensures that the heat collects and also serves as a splash guard. The water vapor can escape through the small opening. Most egg cookers have an output of around 400 watts .

However, how the eggs are ultimately cooked depends on the degree of hardness setting, which is regulated differently depending on the appliance. While some egg cookers make this dependent on the amount of water , other devices work via a rotary control .

On devices with a dial, you can simply set the time you want your eggs to cook. With egg cookers that are regulated by the amount of water, you have to vary the amount of water for the desired degree of egg hardness . If you want a soft-boiled egg, use less water. For a hard-boiled egg, use more water as it takes longer to evaporate and the egg will cook longer as a result. The cooking process is not complete until the water has completely evaporated.

Devices with a rotary control have the advantage that the amount of water does not have to be precisely estimated. The egg boilers often switch themselves off after the set time has elapsed, even if there is still water in the device. If different degrees of hardness are desired, the eggs can simply be removed from the device after the desired time, while the remaining eggs can remain in the device until the set time has elapsed. With these devices, it is important that you remove the eggs from the device as soon as possible, since some water remains in the egg cooker, which can continue to cook the eggs even after the time has elapsed. A soft-boiled egg can suddenly become hard-boiled after a while.

Choosing the right material

Egg cookers can be made from a variety of materials. However, they are often made of plastic , stainless steel or a combination of the two materials . The materials are often dishwasher safe and rustproof, so you can easily clean your egg cooker. In many cases, the lid and egg attachments are made of plastic, while the heater is made of stainless steel.

Which components are dishwasher safe and which you have to clean by hand varies from device to device. Electronic components should never come into contact with water and are therefore neither dishwasher-safe nor should they come into contact with water in any other way.

Turning off the device

The end of the cooking process is often marked by a signal tone . While some devices then turn themselves off, other devices must be turned off manually, such as by flipping a switch or unplugging the power cord. An automatic switch-off is particularly advantageous if you are doing other activities while you are cooking eggs and are not necessarily in the kitchen to wait for the eggs to finish.

Some devices also have a keep -warm function that continues to heat the eggs after cooking so that they can be eaten warm a few minutes later.

Are there additional functions?

Some egg cookers have additional functions. So you can not only boil eggs with them, but also cook vegetables and prepare scrambled eggs. Various attachments are used, which can be integrated into the device instead of the egg attachment.

Popular egg cooker brands

Although all egg boilers work in a similar way, they can differ in a few points. Many brands have egg boilers in their range, which vary in price and capacity. We present the most popular brands.

WMF egg cooker

WMF has three egg boilers in its range, which mainly differ in size. There is a small egg cooker that only holds one egg and is therefore particularly suitable for single households. The next larger variant is also available, in which two eggs can be boiled at the same time. The small devices require less energy and water to boil eggs and are great for small kitchens. WMF also offers a larger egg cooker for up to seven eggs.

The WMF egg boilers are made of Cromargan stainless steel with a matt finish and black details. The on and off switch is illuminated in each case. All units have a beep to indicate when the eggs are ready. The 1-egg cooker costs around 20 euros, while the 2-egg cooker and the Stelio egg cooker for seven eggs costs around 40 euros.

Krups egg cooker

Krups also offers several egg boilers. Here, too, there is a small variant for only three eggs and a larger device for up to seven eggs. You can choose between a cooking function and a warming function for the larger egg cooker . A water level indicator shows how much water is left in the device . This is included in both devices. The egg attachment can be removed from the device so that the eggs can simply be quenched under cold water. The price of the egg boilers is around 25 euros for the small device and around 42 euros for the large device. Prices may vary depending on the provider.

Severin egg cooker

The Severin brand has numerous egg boilers on offer. There are small and large devices as well as round and square variants. Some egg cookers have a dial, while others are regulated by the amount of water. Most egg cookers have a capacity of up to six eggs . The small device can hold up to three eggs. The Severin egg cooker also beeps when the cooking process is complete. Some devices also have an on/off switch with an LED indicator light. The Severin egg boilers cost between 20 and 40 euros, depending on the product and supplier.

Microwave egg cooker

Some egg cookers can also be used in the microwave. These devices are usually particularly cheap because they do not require any electricity. They usually consist of a plastic container that is filled with water. An aluminum attachment sits on top, in which the egg is placed. There is also a plastic lid that closes the egg cooker tightly so that the egg cannot burst in the microwave. In the microwave, the water in the plastic container is heated to cook the egg. The preparation takes four to eight minutes depending on the desired degree of hardness .

Egg boilers for the microwave can often only cook one egg. However, some devices are also suitable for preparing several eggs at the same time. Microwave egg cookers often come in pretty and playful designs . Using the device is so much more fun. However, it is difficult to achieve the desired degree of hardness with this type of egg cooking. While you can set this on most other egg cookers, you have to estimate for yourself how long the egg will take to cook.


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