Erosive Gastritis – Get to Know It More

Dear friends, today we will tell you about a style of gastritis that is rare in general but is still dangerous, it is erosive gastritis through which very little is known about it, but that has repercussions in one way or another. in our lifestyle.

We must understand that all the digestion of food takes place in the stomach and that thanks to gastric juices, food is processed and then directed to the intestines. The protective layer that surrounds the stomach is known as a mucus layer that protects it against acids.

When erosive gastritis occurs, it is when the walls are affected and deteriorate little by little, due to the acid that is produced and that is when ulcers begin to appear on the walls of the stomach.


Gastritis erosiva

Among the most common symptoms are:

  • Sickness
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal strain
  • Much flatulence.
  • Digestion problems
  • And lots of stomach pain when eating or drinking.

Erosive gastritis has a viral origin and is often also transmitted by contaminated water, that is why people should get used to boiling water in the best possible way to avoid infections at all times, this is extremely important to take into account.

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The diagnosis is made by a histopathological examination in which the doctor can see the problem raised in one way or another, this will help to carefully observe what is happening to you and if it is true that this type of gastritis occurs.

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We hope that these results are the best at all times and guarantee you a healthy quality of life in all aspects, which continuously improves your style and way of living at the right time.


The treatment to cure erosive gastritis is based on the following medications, which are of great importance in them are: Anti-inflammatory or analgesic drugs, which help in one way or another to calm the pain, these should be taken with a stomach protector . Later, antacids are administered to help regulate stomach acid in the best possible way.


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A good diet is important to avoid serious digestion problems, first it helps us in the digestive process and a wide range of fruits such as apples, pears, bananas among others should be included and citrus fruits such as lemons and berries should be eliminated. oranges that cause harmful effects at all times.

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Many people with erosive gastritis have a loss of appetite in a great way, it does not cause them to eat practically anything and they have a very sad time because they feel a lot of strong pains in their stomach and great stress, that must be followed up and remain calm. person, whether man or woman, keep in mind that you should eat good food at all times.

Acidity plays a fundamental role in this type of gastritis, it is a very uncomfortable feeling that often does not allow you to move on, you have to be very careful with this, that is why you must keep abreast of eliminating that aspect of your life, you can take a tablespoon of apple or cider vinegar and many times it helps to eliminate that feeling.

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Aloe vera juice is also super important, because it has properties that help to immediately eliminate all that stomach inflammation that occurs at any given time, so be patient and you will see that you will get results sooner than you imagine.

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It is important in the same way, try to maintain a calm life, without great worries, we know that problems are the essence of life, but we must always trust that we can solve everything, believe in yourself, you are a person capable of solving any kind of difficulty.

There are also medications that help, such as treatments with vitamin B12 , aspirin, among others that help keep the body in good condition. It is always advisable to stay well hydrated most of the time, consuming fluids all day, in this way your body will thank you.

Finally, remember that you should always seek medical help or some type of specialist who guarantees that you can always be in the best health conditions, you will be able to achieve everything you propose and we are sure that you will always have experts to solve those difficulties encountered along the way.

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