Exercising the Paralyzed Hand – Illustrated Hand Exercises

In this article, we have included some exercises that you can do on your own to improve fine hand skills in partial paralysis . The order of the moves is from easiest to hardest. Paralyzed hand exercises can be done at home with items such as a table, water bottle, pens, and coins.

1- Palm Up and Down Flip

Place your paralyzed hand on the table with the palm facing up. Then, using your healthy hand, rotate your paralyzed hand with the palm facing down. Then turn the palm up again. Repeat 10 times. Try to keep help from your good hand to a minimum; For example, you can support only with your fingertip.

2- Bending the Wrist

Using your good hand, stretch your paralyzed hand forward and back at the wrist, keeping your elbow on the table. Repeat this movement slowly 5 times.

3- Moving the Wrist Sideways

Place your paralyzed hand on the table with the palm facing down. Using your good hand, slide the paralyzed hand from the wrist to the right and left. Slowly repeat this movement 5 times.

The next moves are a little more difficult. If you can’t, don’t get discouraged. Work your hand by repeating the first 3 movements.

4- Rolling Movement

Put your paralyzed hand on the table and place a water bottle in your palm. Do not squeeze your hands and fingers. Then fully grasp the bottle by bending your fingers. Then relax again. Apply a total of 5 times.

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5- Wrist Bending

While holding the bottle with your paralyzed hand, use your good hand to support the other wrist. Let the paralyzed hand relax and hang down. Then bend your wrist and lift the bottle. Repeat 10 times.

6- Hold and Release

Place a pencil on the edge of the table and hold it with the fingers of the paralyzed hand. Slide the pen across the table and release. Hold the pen as gently as possible; Do not apply more force than is necessary for it to move. Do this swipe from side to side on the table a total of 5 times.

The following movements are more complex exercises designed for self-development of patients with some movements in their hands.

7- Pen Rotation


Put the pen on the table and rotate it using your thumb and other fingers. Be careful not to move your shoulder during the exercise. Just try to move your fingers. If the spin seems easy, try to do it as fast as possible. Spin the pen as fast as you can for 15 seconds.


8- Drop Coins

Take 8 coins in your paralyzed hand. Using your thumb, slide one between thumb and forefinger and hold with two fingers. While holding the other coins in your palm, place the one between your fingers on the table. In this way, drop all the coins on the table one by one.

9- Finger Bending

Put your paralyzed side elbow on the table and bend your arm. Make an “O” shape by bringing your index finger and thumb together. Then open your fingers again. Repeat this movement with the middle, ring and little fingers. Do a total of 7 times for each finger.

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