How Much Will the Prices of Hair Transplantation 2022 Be? Which is the Best Hair Transplant Center and Hair Transplant Method? Detailed Hair Transplantation Guide

This article has been prepared to convey all the information about hair transplantation to you, which is the best hair transplantation center, which is the best hair transplantation method, what will be the hair transplantation prices in 2022, we searched for answers to all these questions and we wrote down the answers we found for you. Have no doubt that you will find the answer to every question you may have about hair transplantation.

Which is the Best Hair Transplantation Center?

There are quite a lot of hair transplant centers in Turkey , but Istanbul is a very rich location in this regard. Many centers can be mentioned here. Therefore, one is wondering which is the best hair transplant center or transplant centers . At this point, we have a few suggestions that will give you an idea. We will talk about 5 different centers that attract attention, are known for their success and are considered the best hair transplant centers.

1. Este Favor Hair Transplantation Center

Este Favor Hair Transplantation Center is known for performing only 1-2 operations per day. Therefore, it designs a meticulous process and draws attention. It is among its prominent features that it attaches great importance to hygiene standards and COVID-19 measures. Especially the fact that it has achieved significant success in FUE and DHI techniques brings this hair transplant center to the fore. You can hardly hear any complaints about the center, which is 100% satisfaction oriented. For this reason, you can choose Este Favor hair transplant center to get natural looking hair. Prices between 6000TL and 14000TL can also form an idea before the examination. To have perfectly natural hair, you can make an appointment, learn the number of grafts to be transplanted and start the process whenever you want.

2. Asmed Hair Transplantation Center

Although Asmed Hair Transplantation Center stands out especially with the FUE technique, it also includes different techniques. For this reason, Asmed is the choice of many people from home and abroad today, with the determination of the hairline, natural-looking hair and much more. In addition , we would like to remind you that there is a pricing of 2 – 2.5 euros per graft at the Asmed hair transplant center in order to create an idea for those planning a hair transplant . Thus, you can plan your hair transplant thought in line with your budget.

3. Dr. Serkan Aygin Hair Transplantation Center

Dr. Serkan Aygın provides services in Şişli and stands out with the Sapphire FUE technique called Sapphire hair transplantation . Here, the hair transplantation process performed with advanced technology produces natural results. Today, in this center, which has made a name for itself with many successful examples, the pricing is around 10000 TL on average for the FUE technique, while it is at the level of 12000 TL for the DHI hair transplant method. Dr. It is a fact that Serkan Aygın has a slightly higher average price range compared to many centers, but it would be better to make your decision by discussing the details. You can also use the form on the website to make an appointment.

4. Dr. Muttalip Keser Hair Transplantation Center

Dr. Muttalip Keser Hair Transplantation Center is one of the popular hair transplantation centers in Ankara. By making a free examination appointment, you can learn about your current situation and discuss the details of which method is suitable. Thus, you will have a grasp of the answers to questions such as how many grafts will be transplanted, how long the procedure will take, and similar details. It is also worth noting that the FUE technique is applied here frequently and with high success. The prices, which is an important detail to be curious about, are slightly higher in this center. Let us remind you that a price of 8750 Euros is given for a hair transplant with 2500 grafts. According to the number of grafts, you can make an estimate of this price. Let’s also include one more important detail; Dr. Muttalip Keser hair transplant centerIt makes a difference and gives confidence with its service since 1998. It may be helpful to consider this detail when making a decision.

5. Este World Hair Transplantation Center

Este World Hair Transplantation Center is one of the first hair transplant centers that come to mind in this area where we have listed the best ones. It is an important criterion that it offers a service focused on 100% customer satisfaction, and it also provides VIP hair transplantation service. You should know that in this center, in addition to special procedures such as sedation hair transplantation, there are also extras such as TDS hair transplantation. Esteworld hair transplant centerPrices vary between 7000TL and 10000TL. Therefore, we can say that it is an attractive option compared to many alternatives. Those who will come to their location in Istanbul from outside the city or from abroad can easily get back to their hair for a short stay. In addition, robotic technologies used in this clinic should also be taken into account as it is an advantage. Because in this way, a hair transplant operation using high technology can be performed. Although high technology is used in other centers, not every center uses high technology.

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Click on the link below to get detailed information about the clinics and to learn about hair transplant prices;

Which is the Best Fat Transplant Method?

We can talk about two methods that are commonly used in hair transplantation. These are the methods called FUT and FUE for short. In the FUE technique, the best quality hair follicles are selected and transported to the area to be transplanted, while in the FUT method, a group of hair follicles are carried in strips regardless of quality. In the FUE method, channels are opened like FUT, but hair follicles are placed in these areas one by one. Therefore, the FUE method seems to be more reliable. In recent years, it is seen that the FUE technique has started to be preferred much more. Moreover, in this method, hair follicles are planted with sapphire-tipped punches, and therefore it is also known as sapphire hair transplantation.

On the other hand, the FUT technique has become widespread with its successful results. The fact that it is the second option after the FUE method should be seen as an indicator of its successful results. The FUE technique can be applied effectively in both women and men and can please with its successful results. Therefore, if your doctor finds it suitable for you, you can choose this method.

Note: The method your doctor recommends for hair transplantation should be the most important determinant.

DHI Hair Transplantation Method and Prices

Hair transplantation method, abbreviated as DHI, is actually defined as Direct Hair Implantation. This can also be pronounced as a direct hair transplant. The procedure, which is performed with a special pen called Choi, is to take the hair follicles directly with this pen and place them in the canal opened with the pen. In this way, hair transplantation can be performed practically as a single operation. In other methods, there are different stages in the form of taking and transplanting grafts. The price of this method is also a very curious issue.

In the DHI hair transplant method, the prices are in direct proportion to the details of the method. It is possible to talk about a high price range, but of course, you can get the most accurate information from hair transplant centers that apply this method. In general, excess labor force, being a long process and similar criteria are major factors in the high prices. Various alternatives such as Esthethica hair transplant clinic, Serkan Aygın hair transplant clinic and Smile hair transplant center are good centers where you can get price information.

FUE Hair Transplant Method and Prices

FUA hair transplantation method is one of the methods that proves that it is possible to achieve permanent hair for a lifetime. This process is in the form of collecting hair follicles one by one. On average, a single session takes place in the form of removal of 2000 – 5000 grafts. If necessary, a second session can be planned. Hair follicles placed one by one in the opened channels will look natural and bushy. Moreover, when it is performed with a correct and professional team, it always succeeds in being the most preferred method with its very successful and permanent results.

On the other hand, the price range of this method is also a very curious issue. Since FUE is known for its successful results, it is performed in almost every hair transplant center today due to the high interest. Therefore, prices also differ according to clinics. If you want to get detailed FUE hair transplantation method price information, you should definitely be examined. Smile hair transplant center, Esteworld hair transplant center and Newage hair transplant center are among the first alternatives that come to mind at this point. You can get detailed information, make an appointment and get price information after the examination by contacting any of these hair transplant centers.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Method and Prices

Since sapphire tip punches are used in the FUE technique, which is known as the most preferred hair transplantation method, the technique is also known as sapphire hair transplantation or sapphire FUE hair transplantation. The most important point here is undoubtedly the use of sapphire tip punch. In this way, the channels prepared for hair transplantation will be much more trouble-free and the hair transplantation will be performed much better. Therefore, it is possible to say that one of the crucial features of the FUE method is these sapphire hand tools.

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One reason for the uncertainty of prices in hair transplantation is the high number of centers, while another reason is the use of many different methods. Although the Sapphire FUE method is one of the most frequently used methods, each of the centers that prefer this technique today can talk about a different price range. E.g; AHD hair transplant center is known for its successful health tourism activities and gives great importance to the natural hairline. In this direction, it can achieve very successful results. It would be correct to evaluate the price range in the light of this information. On the other hand, Dr. We can talk about a similar situation at Serkan Aygın hair transplantation center and we would like to remind you that you need to make an appointment to get detailed information.

How to Do Hair Transplant Step by Step

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is becoming more and more preferred and more successful thanks to the developing medical technologies day by day. One of the most curious about this process is the stages of the application. We explain the hair transplantation process step by step and answer your questions. Briefly, the following planning can be mentioned in hair transplantation:

  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • regional anesthesia
  • Graft collection
  • Channel opening
  • Transplantation of hair follicles

In the preparation phase, the causes of hair loss are examined and the patient’s suitability is evaluated. All preparations for the operation actually begin at this stage and decisions regarding implementation are made. This process can be shaped with more data by performing a blood test and hair analysis.

Planning process, as the name suggests, is planning in accordance with the test, analysis and inspection data obtained during the preparation phase. All planning details such as how many grafts will be taken, where they will be applied and how many hair follicles will be transplanted are clarified at this stage. By shaving the hair, the planning is developed and the next stage is passed.

The next step is regional anesthesia. In other words, it is the numbing of only one area, also known as local anesthesia. Thus, you do not feel pain and a comfortable procedure is performed.

The collection of grafts is both the next stage and the stage where the actual hair transplantation process begins. At this stage, a special saline liquid is injected into the scalp. Thus, the scalp is removed from the skull, albeit to a small extent, and grafts are collected much more easily.

Opening the channels is an important step as all of them must have the same angle with the hair follicles. This process takes about 3 hours on average.

Finally, the grafts taken are taken and transferred to the area to be transplanted, that is, the stage of hair transplantation is in question. At this stage, excellent results can be achieved in line with the doctors’ own techniques and manual skills. Details such as the direction and density of the hair are the most crucial points.

How Much Are Hair Transplant Prices?

Hair transplantation is an application preferred by both women and men, attracting attention with its very natural results. Therefore, it attracts the attention of more and more people day by day, and prices are one of the most important curiosity issues. For this reason, we can quickly take a look at the hair transplant prices. However, it should not be forgotten that an important determinant is the number of grafts.

  • 5000 graft hair transplant price

The price of 5000 graft hair transplantation may be a little high due to the large number of grafts. Features such as the size and location of the hair loss reveal the number of grafts needed. The clear information about this is obtained as a result of the checks your doctor will make. Finally, you can get price information in accordance with the number of grafts. Since the area of ​​hair loss, hair density and many similar criteria will determine the number of grafts, you cannot get price information without consulting your doctor.

  • 4000 graft hair transplant price

Just like in 5000 graft hair transplantation, when we talk about 4000 grafts, hair transplantation centers can provide information in line with their own service understanding. However, it should be noted here that it is legally forbidden to share prices over the internet. Centers approved by the Ministry of Health cannot share price information over the internet. In the light of this information, you should contact the centers, ask for price information and approach the information you receive critically.

  • 3000 grafts hair transplant price

This group is one of the least number of grafts. Since we are talking about 3000 hair follicles, it is obvious that there will be lower prices than other alternatives. However, it will not be possible to share a clear price information for the same legal reason. Therefore, you can get information by contacting the centers directly, and even get clear results as an examination beforehand. No one can know the number of grafts you will need without examining you anyway. Therefore, if a price is mentioned before the inspection, we can recommend that you do not give too much credit.

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Hair Transplant Prices Istanbul

We come across many centers and doctors in hair transplantation. However, naturally, we see the most options in Istanbul. Hair transplantation is preferred by many people from Turkey and abroad, especially in Istanbul. However, price information still maintains its importance as an important criterion. Of course, hair transplant Istanbul prices cannot be shared clearly on the internet. This can only be revealed after a detailed examination. However, we can talk about a general price range depending on the conditions. Thus, you can approximately estimate the hair transplant prices with a focus on Istanbul.

Este Favor, which is the first center that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation in Istanbul, informs people with its price range. In this center, we can talk about pricing between 6500TL and 13000TL. Therefore, we can say that it is one of the attractive alternatives.

On the other hand, Asmed, which is one of the best options, talks about a very different price range. In this center, we see a range of 40.000TL to 120.000TL. Thus, it is seen how different numbers of hair transplantation can be done from different centers. Therefore, it is the most important point to meet one-on-one, to reach the price information according to the number of grafts determined after examination, analysis, and to make a decision by trusting your doctor. After all, we come across such a wide price range. Therefore, it is extremely important that we trust our doctor and have good communication.

Hair Transplant Prices 2021

The price of hair transplantation varies depending on various factors, as in many products, services and treatments. It is perfectly natural to see a price difference, especially in relation to the dollar and the euro. Therefore, the figures that change from year to year should not surprise you. When we look at the hair transplant prices with 2021 figures, we see a very fluctuating price range depending on various factors. Accordingly, we are faced with very different prices and we can choose according to our budget.

E.g; Este Favor and Asmed, which are popular and admired centers, can offer quite different prices and different results can be achieved from year to year. In our review for 2021, hair transplantation prices are at the minimum level of 5000 – 6000, while the maximum can go up considerably. The choice may vary completely according to your budget, confidence and preference. After all, hair transplant prices are not in a clear and narrow range in 2021. This situation will be no different next year. Because each center makes its own pricing and appraises its service.

How Much Will Hair Transplant Prices Be in 2022?

Although it is not very accurate to make predictions for hair transplant prices in advance, it would not be wrong to say that a significant increase is expected in the light of economic indicators. Hair transplantation prices may increase at high rates in 2022. The main reason for this is the situation related to the country’s economy and the increase in the value of Dollar – Euro prices against TL. For this reason, if you are thinking of having a hair transplant, you can take action without delay and get it done without facing high price increases.

Hair transplantation is a highly foreign-dependent process in terms of both the materials used and the devices. This dependence, which is in question economically, unfortunately compares us with different prices every year. The current economic situation, on the other hand, does not show us the prices of the next year clearly, but indicates approximately. It may not be known how high the high numbers will be, but it seems that it will be more accurate to have a hair transplant in 2021, if possible. You can make your decision in the light of this information.

How to achieve the best hair transplant results?

We can talk about some important criteria for the high success of hair transplantation. The first of these is undoubtedly the selection of the right clinic and a good communication with your doctor. On the other hand, it is important that you choose an experienced and knowledgeable physician. The fact that you have not consumed alcohol for at least 1 week before the hair transplant is an effective criterion for the success of the hair transplant. Before going to the hair transplant procedure, you should not have applied anything such as lotion, cream or gel to your hair.

An important detail that you should know before hair transplantation is the fact that you will experience hair loss during the first 3 weeks after the application. If you know this, you will not be stressed and you will get more successful results.

We can clearly see that there are many different price ranges in hair transplantation, but it should be noted that a center with a high price does not mean the best center. So you shouldn’t make a choice based on pricing. The criterion that determines physician ability is definitely not price. Therefore, you should make your choice regardless of the price information.

It will be healthier to make your final decision after discussing all the details with your doctor, getting information and eliminating the question marks in your mind. So you won’t be disappointed.

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