Homeopathic Remedies for Chronic Gastritis

Today we will talk about the main homeopathic treatments that can be used effectively, to reduce pain and discomfort caused by diseases, as long as we identify well the signs and symptoms that we may present.

In our case, we will focus on gastritis that by implementing homeopathic treatment, we will be reducing the inflammation of the stomach lining, as well as any symptoms that may be triggered. Pay close attention so that you can understand the proper use of these remedies and their great benefits that they bring us, to prevent ulcers or sores in our stomach.

Is Homeopathy Good for Gastritis?

Homeopathic Treatment for Gastritis

Well before answering you, let me explain that homeopathy is considered a natural therapeutic technique , which is used by many people as an alternative to traditional medicine, whose foundation is based on the law of similarity or equality, which consists of small amounts of lots of substances, produce some symptoms that cause beneficial effects.

These remedies or homeopathic medicine are treatments made of substances, which are obtained from nature and these can become mineral or organic, in this way they become effective natural methods to treat diseases.

Its effectiveness in alleviating the discomforts or symptoms of gastritis has proven to be very positive , and it can be very advantageous both in the short and long term. It is recommended that before starting homeopathy or selecting a treatment, speak first with your homeopath or specialist doctor who knows the subject, to obtain the best results.

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Homeopathic Treatments for Gastritis.

Knowing that gastritis is produced by an inflammation in the stomach walls, and that if it is not assisted in due time, it can trigger chronic problems such as peptic or duodenal ulcers, up to cancer.

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However, it can be managed and controlled, that is why homeopathy plays a good role as it will help you with nausea, burning, belching and all those symptoms associated with it.

Next, I will explain some homeopathic medicines that can be very beneficial.

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Arsenicum album

It is a homeopathic medicine that is obtained from arsenous oxide and thanks to its composition it greatly favors the body. For gastritis, it is a good medicine because it works well when you have burning pains in the stomach. It also prevents digestive problems and intoxication, and is used to treat acute and chronic gastroenteritis.

The established dose is according to the type of disease and its magnitude, in these cases the medical prescription, as well as in other medicines, is supplied by homeopathic doctors who are authorized for this.


This homeopathic remedy is derived from the club moss plant, widely used for its great therapeutic benefits for health. For gastritis, it helps to calm the discomfort that occurs such as bloating, poor digestion, belching, acid reflux, cramps, pain with a feeling of hunger, among others.

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Its consumption must be implemented in appropriate doses and potencies, since, if it is ingested in large or very frequent doses, it can trigger side effects. It can present an imprecise satiety and appetite, however, following the appropriate medical recommendations, its great health benefits can be taken advantage of.

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Bismuthum 4CH, Cuprum 5CH, Chamomilla 5CH

These 3 components are usually used in situations, each one separately, where chronic gastritis is determined, which is why it has been proven effective when treating it. It has also helped to control gastritis when it has been seen in time, offering the eradication of the bacteria.

Reflux like heartburn problems are usually controlled, as is inflammation of the digestive tract. When other symptoms such as an ulcer occur, in this case, the use of bismuthum is usually increased to treat it.

For spasms and discomforts such as reflux, you can consume cuprum, since each compound mentioned serves to treat very specific symptoms. All this can be consulted with the homeopathic doctor for its proper prescription.


Widely used in homeopathy, it is a great treatment for gastritis, we will use it when nausea and vomiting occur, where they are constant and there are pains in the pit of the stomach.

Nux Vomice

 This medicine is widely used in general homeopathy to manage various diseases, its composition is based on chemicals such as strychnine, which affect the brain and cause muscle contraction.

Digestive disorders are relieved and cured, throughout the digestive tract, treating indigestion, colic, diarrhea, nausea, gastroduodenal ulcer, belching, vomiting among others.

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Argentum Nitricum

Pretty old natural remedy from homeopathy. It is known as silver nitrate and has been in use for a long time as an antiseptic. It usually heals the nerves that are very closely with the stomach, just as its use can help stomach ulcers.

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Final Recommendations

I have shared some treatments so that you know them and know their benefits to combat gastritis and its ailments, however, when it comes to homeopathic medicine, there is a great diversity of medicines for certain diseases.

Thanks to its elaboration with which they are made based on natural substances, they help to favor the body by giving it a balance in a general way, because its composition is based on water and something else. Remember that you have to eliminate from your diet, those foods that are not well received by your body, so that the treatments to be consumed have a more efficient and lasting effect.

If you want to know about other types of remedies, you can continue browsing my blog, where you will find a wide variety of relevant information, which will help you understand more about this gastritis disease and avoid those things that can be harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to inform yourself properly and change current lifestyles for healthier ones.

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