How is Bacterial Gastritis Cured?

In this article we will explain what bacterial gastritis consists of and how to treat it properly. Unlike other types of Gastritis, this is caused by bacteria that produce internal infections, the best known and most common is the bacterium called Helicobacter pylori and this is the only bacterium, capable of adapting to inhospitable stomach conditions, circumventing defense mechanisms of the same.

It is a super-endowed bacterium that can survive in our stomachs for many years, causing infections and discomforts in general and its contagion is mainly due to poor hygienic conditions; It is important to mention that most of the case studies have been reflected in developing countries.

Medical Treatment for Bacterial Gastritis

How to Cure Bacterial Gastritis

It is important to mention and know that only symptomatic people should be treated. Always go to your family doctor first for a more accurate treatment. Here we detail information on some common treatments.

  • Mucosal protectors: protect the stomach lining from the acidic environment. They are excellent companions for h pylori treatments; since this bacterium hydrolyzes the gastric mucosa with its lipases and proteases, forming segments where the hydrophobicity of the mucosa is discontinued, leaving the epithelium exposed to acid pH.
  • Sucralfate – forms a protective stomach barrier against acid, pepsin, and bile. It adheres to the mucosa for six hours. Sucralfate stimulates prostaglandin production, binds bile salts, and inactivates pepsins. This drug does not inhibit stomach acid secretion, which prevents colonization of the intestine and oropharynx (by ascending) by microorganisms by raising the Ph.
  • Prostaglandin analogs : such as Misoprostol and Trimoprostil. They stimulate mucosal secretion, keeping the lysosomal activity that deteriorates it stable. Misoprostol is not recommended in pregnant women because it stimulates uterine contractions (abortifacient effect).
  • Bismuth salts: local protective effect of the mucosa, stimulates the synthesis of prostaglandins and has a bactericidal effect against h. pylori; forming a complex with the wall of the bacterium to inhibit its enzymes (catalases, ureases, lipases).
  • Antibiotics : They are the therapy that eradicates the bacteria, they are drugs grouped in three or four to combat the different more aggressive strains. The drugs that stand out are amoxicillin substituted for metronidazole if allergic to the components and clarithromycin substituted for levofloxacin if allergic. These antibiotics are generally combined with mucosal protectants. This therapy in some cases does not eradicate the infection and generally causes stomach pain due to broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy.
  • Antacids : they are substances to alleviate the symptoms of heartburn immediately after taking them, but they do not constitute a long-term treatment. They are sodium bicarbonate, and the hydroxides of aluminum, magnesium and calcium. They have side effects ranging from belching to constipation to diarrhea.
  • Anti histamines and proton pump inhibitors : they are used to decrease the production of acid secretion; its action is later but prolonged. Used to treat heartburn symptoms and reduce acid secretion while the affected mucosa recovers.
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Natural Treatment for Bacterial Gastritis

1- Broccoli

It is recommended to take it in juices in the morning on an empty stomach. Blend 200gr with a little warm water and sea salt, every day.

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2- Ginger

It is recommended in tea or added to meals. You can combine with turmeric to reduce inflammation. It is a very effective treatment that should not be missed and it is necessary to consume it.

3- Cardamom

Chew seeds before and after meals. This fruit is digestive and helps a lot to treat intestinal colic and bloating.

4- Thyme, rosemary and mint

Drink three times a day in tea to calm inflammation. It is a drink with an exquisite taste with very positive attributes for our body.

5- Garlic and onion

Consume them raw in salads and dressings to enjoy their antibiotic properties.

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6- honey

Fasting accompanied with ginger has an antibiotic effect.

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Bacterial infection prevention

  •  Avoid developing factors in your lifestyle that trigger h. pylori. Such as the consumption of alcohol, constant frying, cigarettes, coffee, spices, condiments, refined sugars, etc. The use of substances that lower your immune system such as drugs.
  • Drink cranberry juice in the morning, it has been proven that these fruits have components that prevent bacteria from adhering to the epithelia.
  • Avoid eating at restaurants away from home, as you are more prone to contracting the bacteria.
  • Consume zinc to protect the mucosa, in vitamin supplements or in seeds

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