How to Cure Chronic Antral Gastritis

In this article we will address the causes, symptoms and treatment that will help us to improve, I remind you that previously we talked about the different types of gastritis that exist, as well as their ailments and differences, so today it is the turn of Antral Gastritis.

So that you better understand what we are going to write, this type of gastritis is very common and unlike the others, it affects only a region of the stomach known as the antrum, this is the lower area near the intestines. Although Gastritis can harm anyone, in this case it is more common for people over 60 to be affected by this condition.

It is important that, if we do not have an effective treatment to cure this type of gastritis, it is most likely that it will spread to other areas and become a chronic situation, at this point, it will be more difficult to treat.

Causes of Antral Gastritis

Antral gastritis is generated due to a bacterial infection or injury, and because it is in an important area, this being an essential part of the digestion process, it is very delicate and the pain is minor. On the other hand, when it becomes Chronic, it means that there is the presence of atrophic and inflammatory lesions that are quite prolonged.

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The main cause of chronic antral gastritis and with a high percentage is due to infections caused by the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, whose contagion is produced by contaminated food and not washed properly, as well as poor hygiene in the hands among others.

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This bacterium according to current studies, more than 50% of the population contains it and it is speculated that its acquisition may have been since we were children, which was transmitted from person to person, although it does not necessarily affect that percentage itself. by way of gastritis.

Antral Gastritis Symptoms

By focusing this type of gastritis to a specific area, the pain can become less bothersome than other types that exist. The most common are:

  • Nausea: This is due to digestive problems that we may have at the moment, and can occur when we do not have food in the stomach.
  • Increased Gases: As the antrum is not working properly, when these pass into the intestines, the food is not digested correctly, passing to fermentation and it is here that gases are produced, which in certain cases become high.
  • Indigestion: When the antrum becomes inflamed, as a consequence digestion is notably affected.
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It is important to mention that to prevent antral gastritis from becoming chronic, it must be treated in time, with the appropriate medications, as well as an effective diet that includes the appropriate foods.

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It is necessary to first determine the cause of the problem, although at the beginning its diagnosis may be difficult, it is always advisable to visit your doctor of choice to determine this step, for example they may prescribe:

  • Antibiotics are prescribed for a bacterial infection to prevent recurrence.
  • To reduce symptoms, antacids are taken so that bacteria do not cause inflammation.
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Once the appropriate treatment has been detected, it is advisable to develop new eating habits, consuming foods that are light and avoid foods with high fat content, actually in these cases a soft diet helps a lot and makes work easier for the stomach.

Remember that most people do not realize this disease until it has become serious or chronic in their health. Let us understand that antibiotics help to eradicate from our body the H.pylori bacteria that cause this problem, which causes stomach cancer.

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Always avoid excess alcohol like this, eat healthy and healthy, in this way the chances that we may have of not getting sick will be high, achieving a fuller and healthier life.

The lifestyle that we can lead, the tensions and stress in the end, will not lead us on the right path, on the contrary, diseases can increase us and I am not only talking about digestive problems, but also of the heart or even of the brain itself. So, from now on, you already have a new task to do, I hope you do it with persistence and love.

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