How to Cure Emotional Gastritis

Before going fully into the subject, I want to address a little the meaning of this type of Gastritis. First, emotional gastritis is a recurrent disease in people who lead an active life in cities. The work schedule, the lack of basic education on emotional intelligence, added to the absence of physical exercise, a diet based on fast foods, high in saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and a 50% deficit in fiber intake; they create the physical and emotional conditions for gastritis to establish.

The gastric mucosa that lines the inner walls of the stomach is structurally and functionally affected, becoming more susceptible to hydrochloric acid and peptic enzymes, causing stomach discomfort that disturbs a large majority of people throughout the day.

Relationship between Mind and Body.

How to cure emotional gastritis

The conscious and unconscious state of mind directly alter physical, emotional and sentimental well-being. Prolonged emotions are capable of disturbing the equanimity of the mental state, overstimulating the nervous system, affecting the physical matter that is the body.

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In general, most people believe that there is a separation between what you think, feel and the state of the body. Everything that has life is interrelated; Albert Einstein explained that matter can be transformed into energy and energy into matter, it is a principle of conservation, repercussion and interrelation that governs life.

If you do not eat food, you do not have the glucose that our brain requires to establish cognitive processes, think and learn. In this way something material can be transformed into something that cannot be palpable.

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An emotion such as anger can cause an increase in body temperature in our body.

In the same way, a negative stimulus such as fear when entering through the senses and being taken to the brain causes a physical manifestation such as sweating, pilo erection and chills.

How is emotional gastritis produced?

Prolonged periods of stress can cause the body’s systems to be endocrinically affected by an increase in cortisol. The body’s cells perform their functions under a process of oxidative stress that accelerates their aging.

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To this is added an additional stress which is caused by the intake of unnatural, industrial and processed foods; which overload our digestive system slowing down intestinal transit.

How to Heal?

The cure or treatment of this disease requires a healing process of the manifestation physics in the body, emotional state of mind that it caused , and the lifestyle that enabling this pathology. This treatment should be done in unison, comprehensively to reflect true improvement without risk of recurrence.

Emotional intelligence

Include practices that develop emotional intelligence in your life project.

  • Develop equanimity . It is the ability to remain unchanged in the face of pleasant or unpleasant stimuli; Remember that both are passengers, no matter how much you like or dislike them, they will pass. It is enough to be aware of the present moment to avoid reacting or reacting in the best possible way for the occasion.
  • Practice mindfulness of the sensations you experience. It will allow you to control situations in a positive state for your life.
  • Reduce the stress caused by the frustrated desire , in this way the energy will not take an indirect cause wasted in the desire to wish and imagine. You will have more energy invested in the ability to create.
  • Stay calm in a stressful situation remember that you have the skills to overcome the situation. Take the experience to guide your future attitudes.
  • Adopt a feeling of love ( altruism ) you did the adverse situations in your life. Cultivate a desire for well-being towards the people with whom you interact. Develop a true sense of love that will cure any disease. It will fill your life with joy and happiness, causing a true well-being of emotional wisdom.
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  1. Add to your life. walks in the open air, away from the city in the middle of nature where you can drain the negative energies of society and fill yourself with the calm of nature.
  2. Supplement your life with activities such as yoga, meditation, swimming, physical exercise, or any activity where you can keep your attention on the state of your body in the present moment.
  3. Complement your treatment with a change in eating habits, follow a natural diet based on fruits, vegetables and fish.

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