How to Cure Gastritis in Children

Much is said about ailments in children and within these, Gastritis is one of the most frequent, but do we really know what Gastritis is ? It is a myth? What produces it? Can we identify the symptoms and take actions to avoid them? Do we know the treatment that we should apply? Surely the answer is NO, and it is perfectly normal, unless we are doctors and we are all clear that most of the time, this does not happen.

To answer these questions, and learn a little more about the subject, we have to start by breaking certain myths or beliefs, namely:

“Children do not suffer from Gastritis”, this is not true, according to specialists, the digestive system of children is immature, so they are more likely to suffer from these ailments, especially if they abuse junk foods, and This is the most normal thing that happens with children who, although they are supervised by their parents, because from time to time, they take their trips to savor these products.

Assuming that all people, whether they are adults or children, we can all suffer from gastritis at a certain time, then let’s know what this disease is about:

Causes of Gastritis in Children.

Gastritis in Children

As we have mentioned previously, Gastritis is an inflammation that affects the walls of the stomach, harming not only adults but also children, which in recent years has increased the affectation in them and this is due to the way of life we ​​currently lead. .

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Fortunately, gastritis episodes in children are not long lasting. In general, the child feels a strong discomfort in the upper part of the abdomen and the sensation worsens after having eaten and is not necessarily due to the food itself. It is important to note that when we see that the child is losing his appetite, he eats less every day, even of foods that he has always liked, we can foresee that something will happen. This lack of appetite is also accompanied by nausea or vomiting from what you eat. These actions are an unconscious reflection of the body itself, since all food that it is going to digest is harmful and it will increase the levels of acidity in the stomach.

This inflammation can be due to many different causes:

  • Bad diet or bad eating habits: 

We have to become aware of what our children consume, that sometimes through carelessness we see them eating sweets among other things in large quantities and we do not act as we should since they alter their food order causing short-term consequences to their health.

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  • Infection

At this point, the care of our children’s hands is of the utmost importance since they must always be well clean, the food they eat must be washed and thus we avoid the contagion of bacteria, essentially the most common ones called Helicobacter Pylori.

  • Stress

The nervousness and anxiety that some children suffer, forces the functioning of the stomach not to work properly and is altered, producing gastritis problems.

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First of all, it must be indicated by a doctor (Pediatrician or Gastroenterologist ), who after an evaluation of the child, will recommend the most suitable option depending on the origin that produced it. It is important to note that gastritis treatments for children with medications are very dangerous if they are given without the order of your specialist. Antacids can prevent heartburn, but they can also cause side effects such as constipation or diarrhea, so it must be treated very gently.

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 However, there are some recommendations that should be followed to facilitate recovery:

  • Avoid foods with fat, fried foods, or very spicy.
  • Do not consume carbonated drinks or sweets.
  • Eat slowly and at the established hours.
  • Foods such as honey, olive oil, are recommended for the stomach and yogurt, oatmeal and carrot juice are also good.
  • Comply with the letter of the Doctor’s instructions.

The important thing is to teach children who have suffered from this ailment at some point, that they begin to lead a healthier life and a more balanced diet, and that their parents seek a more relaxed and less stressful environment for their children.

To finish, we can conclude thanks to the fact that we cleared several of the doubts with which we began this article, that Gastritis in children should not be taken unless, at the slightest sign of its presence, go to the specialist to carry out the evaluation and Indicate the treatment to follow in order to avoid major consequences in the future.

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