How to cure gastritis in dogs

Gastritis nowadays not only affects people themselves, but also the most spoiled animals in the house, I mean dogs. This is a very common gastrointestinal infection that inflames the gastric mucosa, becoming acute or chronic. In the first case, its duration is very short and it manifests itself in a surprising way, while in the second case it is more persistent and slow, let’s not forget that any of the cases can be fatal, but if it is treated it can be avoided.

How to know if your dog suffers from Gastritis?

How to cure Gastritis in Dogs

Gastritis in dogs can cause disorders and dysfunction in the digestive tract. If it becomes chronic, it can cause very severe damage to your gastric mucosa and its bacterial flora. It affects any breed of dog, regardless of sex or age, but the canine’s compartment and the irresponsibility of some owners do have a lot to do with it.

Next, we will detail some of the most common symptoms that your dog may experience when he presents a picture of Gastritis:

Excessive and extensive vomiting

In these cases, there may be a dark-colored bleeding mixed with the animal’s yellowish and foamy bile. Most dogs that experience Gastritis present with this symptomatic picture. This occurs when the stomach is empty.

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Spontaneous vomiting

Like the previous symptom, fresh blood can also be seen.

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Loss of appetite and weight

You do not want to eat, and you begin to notice a decrease in your body weight.


When the stool begins to make liquid, and if it occurs continuously for more than 24 hours, it is recommended to hydrate the dog.

Abdominal pain

The dog begins to complain of pain near the stomach area, which can be mild or very strong.

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Risk factor’s

When the  gastric mucosa  becomes inflamed in the dog, it can cause the following discomfort:

  • Irritation
  • Infection
  • Ulceration

In these cases, it is recommended to visit a veterinarian, to carry out the relevant studies, since, if the condition becomes serious, the dog will present a daily vomiting crisis without relief, damaging its health to the point of becoming chronicle.

We must rule out any problem that our pet itself may have, since it can be confused with other symptoms that have nothing to do with it at all, such as:

  • Tumors
  • Strange bodies
  • Poisoning
  • Pancreatitis

At this point I want to emphasize that when we are in the presence of acute gastritis in our dog, it is most likely that it has consumed food in a decomposing state , toxic substances or feces of other animals among other things.

When the situation becomes chronic, it is when the acute gastritis was not adequately treated and it evolves, severely damaging the gastric mucosa of the animal. The permanence of indigestible products inside the dog’s stomach causes irritation and inflammation, so you have to be careful with what they eat.

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In addition, we must not rule out bacterial or viral infections, allergies, kidney problems, all this can generate and trigger this condition regardless of the breed or age of the canine.

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Treatment for Canine Gastritis

In this step, changing the diet to one that is suitable for our dog will be quite efficient, as well as limiting its feeding times.

When gastritis is strong in the dog, it is advisable to give antibiotics or other medications prescribed by the veterinarian, in this way its prognosis after treatment can be very effective.

Among the drugs recommended by veterinarians may be the consumption of doxycline or metronizadol  that serve to cure infections. Remember that you must do this with the consent of what they tell you, do not self-medicate your dog, because in addition to curing it you can make it seriously ill.

Home Remedies for Gastritis in Dogs

There are alternatives that can help to improve gastritis in dogs, foods that are very useful with a high therapeutic potential, ensuring an effectiveness of the discomforts.

Obviously, you should first consult with your veterinarian so that he can adjust these options to the needs of your dog. Here are some home remedies for dogs.

  • Pumpkin: This is a vegetable with many pro-kinetic properties, improving the actions of the digestive system. It must be boiled naturally without persevering. We add a 5kg tablespoon to the dog’s food, 1 time a day.
  • Roasted beet: This has a composition rich in phytochemicals with excellent properties. Helps reduce inflammation of the mucosa and the expulsion of any toxic. A 5kg scoop is administered.
  • Aloe Vera: Like people, it can be consumed by our pets. Heals and regenerates the gastric mucosa. It is recommended to start with a low dose and then increase. 1 milliliter per kg body weight, and it is divided into 3 daily intakes in the morning, afternoon and evening.
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Prevent your dog from picking up food from the garbage that is harmful to his body, as well as indigestible food or bad substances. Education and a balanced meal in vitamins and nutrients will prevent your pet from getting sick.

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Vaccinations must be kept up to date, as well as avoiding excess food outside of your normal schedule each day and you should always perform a food fast.

I recommend that you include the following in your diet:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants

All this will help to facilitate digestion for your pet, and if possible you can combine it with energy supplements, since this condition greatly weakens your pet and you must prepare it.

The health of your pet can be in your hands and clinical self-evaluation will always help detect and cure diseases, since if your dog is allergic or hypertensive, medications can cause serious side effects, that is why avoid all these disorders and take care of our pets.

I hope this article shared here is useful for you, stay tuned for new news by visiting my blog every day.

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