How to Cure Gastritis in Teens

It is inevitable that when our children grow up and they reach the most crucial stage of their adolescence, we think that they are vulnerable to any disease, but we are wrong, since stress is more latent and if you do not have a good eating habit, it can trigger diseases and cause serious problems to our health.

Adolescents nowadays, as well as adults or babies, are also prone to suffering from gastritis or gastric ulcers, and this is due to the change in life they have experienced, and now they look at themselves from an early age that the consumption of tobacco and the excess of alcohol is more pertinent, as well as the coffee and the irritating condiments and foods among other things, which totally influences the appearance of this pathology.

Also at this stage, young people begin to become independent, they want to work and this subjects them to a very high stress and this added to a complete eating disorder, where they eat meals with high preservative ingredients of fried foods, etc., at any time.

What is Gastritis in Adolescence?

Gastritis in Adolescence

To better understand, the stomach is an exclusive storage organ and at the same time its main function is to mix food, which is why it produces mucus to protect itself and acid to metabolize food, when there is an imbalance between both parts then it becomes inflamed and irritates causing gastritis.

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Stress and worry cause hydrochloric acid to increase, producing an imbalance of mucus and as a consequence internal damage begins to be perceived and felt inside the stomach. If it is not treated in due time, it can go from Acute to Chronic Gastritis or even to have Stomach Cancer.

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Symptoms of Gastritis in Adolescents

The symptoms that adolescents present when they begin to experience Nervous Gastritis that is caused by worries, stress and anxiety are:

  • Ardor
  • Pain
  • Belching
  • Acidity

At this point, these may be the most common that we can detect with the naked eye, but it is always advisable to perform a more accurate examination to rule out any abnormality and here I recommend a gastroscopy that, in addition to a biopsy, can more accurately diagnose the treatment, as well as its scope and origin.

There may also be a lack of appetite or on certain occasions nausea or vomiting, here we must be alert with our children since, if it occurs excessively, it is advisable to go to the doctor to stop the symptoms and hydrate ourselves since they will lose many essential nutrients .

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Treatment of gastritis in adolescents

We must understand that all this is reversible as long as we have the appropriate and effective treatment to cure ourselves. Currently there are several that can help your child to put an end to this and avoid serious complications in his health.

You should always talk with your child, and explain the reasons for changing their eating styles as well as avoiding excess worry or stress in their life, proposing alternatives for relaxation, adequate sleep and exercise.

If in cases where gastritis has increased in level, becoming chronic, the following methods are recommended:

  • Pump inhibitor which is a medicine that will inhibit the acid produced by the stomach.
  • Protective syrups that help the gastric mucosa a lot, making it regenerate again.
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All this will be indicated by the doctor where you have gone, remember that the best way to cure your child is by completely eradicating the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria that is the cause of most of the infections that occur, otherwise If treated, it can cause ulcers or cancer.

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Next, I detail a diet that your adolescent child can take from among many that you can find, either on the Internet or right here browsing my blog where I show you everything. Always combine it with more amount of water consumption, as well as avoiding spiciness, seasonings and fats.

  • Breakfast : You can consume Yogurt and mix it with your favorite cereal.
  • Lunch : Baked Chicken, with fruit-based salad.
  • Dinner : Apples, and if you can, eat fish or prepare a rich salad with tomato.
  • Snacks : You can have skim milk with crackers.

I hope that all this information has been useful to you, I see you in another chapter of my blog.

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