How to cure Gastritis with Garlic

How about dear reader? In this article we are going to talk about the benefits of garlic for health and how effective it can be, to treat stomach discomfort or problems.

Today, garlic is widely used for being a food that gives our meals an exquisite and special flavor, but beyond this it has also begun to become popular due to the various properties it has for our body. That is why many concerns begin to arise and one of them is: Is it good to eat garlic with gastritis?

Although some people consider that it does not cause them any effect, others affirm that it is very effective and beneficial in curing a series of health problems, the truth is that garlic is capable of preventing and fighting numerous diseases.

Benefits and Properties of Garlic for Gastritis

Garlic is a natural remedy that has been used from ancient times to the present, it is a very effective food for its excellent properties to attack infectious microorganisms.

Many people have found a considerable improvement when consuming it constantly, it is also classified as an excellent medicinal plant to cure various diseases, ailments, ailments, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Next, I will explain 5 benefits of garlic for gastritis.

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Natural Antibiotic

Eating garlic on an empty stomach is good for gastritis because it acts as an antibacterial that helps to inhibit the H.Pylori bacteria in the stomach. In addition, it works as an antiviral and fungicide to treat various ailments, such as improving the immune system, detoxifying heavy metals and reducing cholesterol, among other benefits. In this case, you can take a clove of garlic regularly to see the results.

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Powerful Anti-inflammatory

This is another important aspect that garlic has, thanks to this, it helps to reduce inflammation of the stomach walls , achieving permanent relief.

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Contains Sulfur

Thanks to its compounds, including sulfur, its consumption will protect the stomach lining , helping to reduce any digestive problems that may arise. In addition, covering the stomach, the digestive sensations will be more pleasant.

It is Antioxidant

Research has shown that fresh garlic contains glutathione that acts as a powerful antioxidant, which helps to protect and regenerate damaged cells in the lining of the stomach, thus promoting its health.

Improves Digestive Health

Garlic takes care of the digestive system, helps to stimulate gastric acids so that food is properly digested and absorbed, as a result digestions are made much better.

How to Consume Garlic for Gastritis

It is important to know how to take full advantage of the qualities of garlic to improve our health, one of the best ways to consume it and enjoy its benefits is to eat garlic completely raw.

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However, in people with gastritis you have to be careful, it is recommended to eat raw garlic in not very high quantities and if possible, combine it with other foods that protect the stomach, such as virgin oil or foods with demulcent properties.

In severe cases of gastritis, it is recommended to boil garlic for a few minutes with a little water and then consume it with other types of food, this is because the sulfur contained in garlic can cause difficult digestions.

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You can combine the cooked garlic, with boiled rice or with vegetables, you can also make a mashed potatoes or carrot cream that are excellent for the stomach and accompany it with garlic.

Green juices are excellent because they provide many nutrients, in this case you can make a juice of spinach, lettuce and a lot of water, with a crushed garlic clove and in this way you will be making the most of all these nutrients.

I recommend that you try garlic raw first and if you don’t feel bad, you can enjoy the benefits that sulfur provides against chronic gastritis, otherwise, follow the steps mentioned above.

Other important benefits of Garlic

There are so many health benefits of garlic that I want to mention some to you, so that you know them too, it is not only beneficial for gastritis but also for:

  • Strengthen the immune system, helping against colds, flu, cough or colds.
  • Helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems or depression among others.
  • It is good for the liver because it detoxifies the body and helps eliminate toxins from it.
  • Also, in cases of insect or poisonous animal bites, it can be used externally as an antibiotic to prevent infection.
  • It helps to lower cholesterol levels.
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Garlic is a very important food, but you can tolerate the smell of garlic, you can buy compressed garlic that are sold at any distributor.

Garlic Recommendations for Gastritis

Garlic is a totally natural remedy, very effective and at the same time powerful to protect the stomach, as well as other types of pathologies that may arise.

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It is important to start with small amounts and not exceed your consumption, always keep the balance and for any questions, always consult your doctor when you are consuming any type of medication.

After all, this natural remedy such as garlic can become an excellent alternative to treat gastritis because by consuming it, you will be benefiting digestion, the stimulation of gastric acids and the proper absorption of food.

Now that you know more about this incredible food, if you want more advice on other types of remedies for the stomach, I invite you to continue browsing my blog, where you will find other tips and information about it.

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