How to Cure Gastritis with Lemon Juice

Greetings dear reader, this time I want to address a very important topic and it is about Lemon Juice, its importance that it has as well as the benefits it brings us to treat gastritis. Sometimes we can have many questions about its consumption, such as,  is lemon good or bad for gastritis? Or, does lemon cure gastritis? . Next, find out the truth of the lemon and the importance of it on our health.

As you know, the lemon is a citrus fruit whose shape is round, used by many people to treat pathologies and ailments of our body. Also, its use is implemented, for food, natural cosmetics and even for cleaning.

Thanks to its many benefits, it is used in countless natural remedies, where people recommend and use it, since its results are very optimal and beneficial in all aspects.

There are cases where doctors do not recommend including citrus consumption in the diet because they increase the acidity of the stomach. However, it is well known by our ancestors that lemon is an excellent remedy to alleviate this type of ailment. Then I will explain and clarify any questions you may have.

4 Benefits of Lemon for Gastritis

How to Cure Gastritis with Lemon Juice

All citrus fruit cannot be consumed by people who suffer from gastritis because the acids in these fruits, such as: orange, apples, etc., lower the pH found in the stomach, with the exception of lemon, which does the opposite and We will explain it below:

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Acts as an antacid 

Lemon, despite having an acid taste, is an extremely alkaline fruit, which helps to neutralize the acidity that may be formed in the stomach. Therefore, do not be afraid of it and on the contrary consume it to enjoy its benefits.

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It is healing

It helps with the internal healing process, so much so, that it can help heal stomach ulcers by being considered an astringent.

Kills Germs in the Stomach

Because lemon is considered an antiseptic, it works as an antibiotic to eliminate bacteria, especially the bacterium helicobacter pylori, which helps to regenerate the mucosa of the intestine, reducing any risk of infection that may occur.

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Protects the Gastric Lining

The compounds that form lemon and the acid that it contains, when ingested and these enter the stomach, the liquid that is produced and generated inside, will serve to protect the coating, as well as the enzyme that is the covering of the stomach wall, keeping it totally healthy.

How to take lemon for gastritis

It is simply easy to prepare it, plus you can get it in the supermarkets or markets near your town.

First, we are going to need several lemons to squeeze them, there are 2 ways to drink it:

  • If you like, squeeze all the lemons, these can be about 10 or 15 lemons, you pour it into a glass, just like that, without adding anything, pure and then consume it. Do not worry, it will not hurt you, you can drink the juice up to 3 times a day without problems. The first days, it may be the 1st or 2nd day, you will feel a little burning, that is normal, but then I assure you that you will no longer feel anything, on the contrary, an exquisite relief will invade your body.
  • Another way is: Here you can vary and add your favorite ingredients, always using lemon, here I am going to recommend one that also worked for me.
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3 Potatoes – 3 Lemons – 1 Tablespoon of Honey – ½ Aloe Vera – ½ Yucca

Preparation: – Wash all the ingredients properly, then extract their shells and cut them into small pieces. Pour it into the blender, extracting the juice from the lemons. Then add water so that it can be properly blended, and obtain the final juice. In this part, I recommend keeping the juice obtained in the freezer before ingesting it so that it is cold.

Other ways to consume lemon for gastritis can be:

  • Eat the lemon: You chop the lemon into pieces and eat it. This is another alternative to consume it.
  • Use it as a condiment: It can be used as a dressing in meals, such as salads, vinaigrettes, vegetables, sauces among others.
  • Lemon water: If the lemon juice feels strong or uncomfortable, then you can mix it with water. Its flavor will be reduced but not its properties.


The benefits of this wonderful fruit are incredible and not only helps gastritis but other types of diseases, as it is considered an excellent, totally natural antibiotic that can be found easily.

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I recommend that you consume Lemon juice 3 times a day always, it can be in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed, until you notice improvements. Some people drink lemon on an empty stomach, others at breakfast, that depends on you, the effects that are going to be achieved are very positive. If you make a lot of juice, you can preserve it in the refrigerator to keep it for long periods.

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It can be ingested in various ways, either combined with other ingredients or completely pure without combining. I use it in a pure way obtaining excellent results in the end, remember that when you start this treatment, it is ideal that you do a previous detoxification first.

Although lemon is very effective for the stomach, I recommend that after you drink it, eat some food, do not let a long time go by without having eaten a meal between each take you take.

Your perseverance and desire to heal is what will lead you to maintain a healthy and full life for many years. I invite you to continue browsing to find out about other effective treatments.

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