How to Cure Gastritis with Olive Oil

Welcome back to another topic of interest, today we will talk about the benefits that olive oil brings to our health, especially to alleviate Gastritis,  which is good to know to use it for the benefit and healing of our health.

Let me tell you that this oil is of a vegetable type and its use is exclusively culinary, we can also mention that it is extracted from the fruit known as olive or olive, which for its extraction must be ripe to concentrate the largest amount of oil.

It is well known that since ancient times, the extraction of olive oil was carried out by means of artisanal mills, which were used for medicinal, religious or even lamps, among other things. Today, we can find it in containers of different sizes and that do not cost a lot of money to acquire and use it. 

Benefits of Olive Oil for Gastritis

Olive Oil Benefits

Among its main qualities that we can highlight of this valuable oil is the protection of the stomach lining , where a protective layer is created, favoring that the acids do not harm or disturb, obtaining an acceleration in the healing process.

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This is considered a very effective natural remedy , since it does not contain a secondary effect on our health, on the contrary, it helps and relieves it to be able to treat gastritis among other healing functions that it presents, as well as other related ailments.

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Olive Oil is composed of mono-saturated fats that are assimilated by our body in a way that cannot harm it, and among its main properties is that of being a good antioxidant that helps our body to maintain and protect it.

Contributions to our Health

I should mention that, because it is also a rich resource of vitamins E, olive oil helps to calm, strengthen and protect the stomach from free radicals, which are cells that damage the body with serious diseases, and thus prevent stomach ulcers from occurring. or even cancer itself.

In itself, the benefits it brings to our entire body are very positive, we can mention that it also stimulates the immune system and as a result of this, the bacteria that cause gastritis tend to decrease or disappear. This is a very good point taking into account that the development of Gastritis can be due to certain bacteria that enter our stomach.

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Take Olive Oil for Gastritis

First of all, it is recommended to consume the oil on an empty stomach to prevent any symptoms of gastritis that we may have during the day, and in this way we will have long-term beneficial effects.

You can mix it if you like, with hot milk or water, always on an empty stomach, to treat the irritation in a more direct way. In these cases it is recommended to buy extra virgin olive oil since it helps a lot to treat acute gastritis.

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Avoid consuming olive oil in excess because what we will be causing are diseases related to saturated fats such as obesity, heart attacks, risks of atherosclerosis among other things.

It is essential to make a daily dietary change to ensure its effectiveness, you should avoid the consumption of red meat, spicy foods and foods that contain excess fat, since these things harm the stomach and do not make it work properly. Remember that what is damaged is the coating that covers it.

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We must be clear that olive oil cannot cure us of all the symptoms that Gastritis causes, for that we must change our lifestyle for a healthier one, consuming foods such as vegetables and incorporating a healthy and bland diet in foods that do not harm us. We must persevere if we want to have a full life without ailments and be quite positive in what we want.

I have presented you with one more alternative, when gastritis occurs mildly and can be treated with remedies such as the one I have mentioned, however, when it occurs chronically, I recommend you visit a doctor, who will perform the pertinent tests that will help to prescribe the appropriate treatment for your healing.

All these tips mentioned, put it into practice and do not hesitate to continue informing yourself here on my Blog about important topics that will allow you to heal and alleviate ailments.

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