How to Use the Armrest?

The use of an elbow brace or epicondylitis tape may be helpful in the treatment of problems called tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, which cause elbow pain . These products are sold in orthopedic-medical stores and sports shops. You can get it by paying the fee. If you buy it from orthopedic-medical stores with a doctor’s prescription and report, your health insurance may cover a part of the cost.

The Benefit of Using an Armrest

With the use of the elbow brace, the forces that cause the injury are directed to other places from the damaged area. Thus, the muscles and tendons around the elbow are supported during recovery. Work or sports activities can be done without pain. It is also beneficial in increasing hand grip strength.

The use of elbow braces can provide immediate pain relief in lateral and medial epicondylitis. If it does not work, it is possible that the problem is severe or that the pain is caused by another reason.

Elbow Brace – How to Attach Epicondylitis Tape?

The first thing you should pay attention to is to buy a product of the right size. Epicondylitis bands are generally available in small (S), medium (M) and large (L) sizes. They are also available in very small (XS) and extra large (XL) sizes. You can find the right size for you by measuring the circumference of your arm about 2.5 cm below your elbow with a tape measure and comparing it with the table on the product label. They are mostly not specific to the side, they can be worn on the right or left according to the problematic side.

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Epicondylitis tape is a strip-shaped material consisting of a part containing foamy material that supports the elbow tendons and a fabric velcro part that provides binding. Its width is between 5-8 cm. Some armrests may be wider. Producing from washable material is advantageous in terms of hygiene. Since it is recommended to be worn during sports and work, it can get dirty quickly. Hand washing is recommended to keep its shape intact. Read the cleaning recommendations specific to the product you purchased from the label.

You may have been told how to use the elbow brace by your doctor or by the employee at the store where you bought it. Instructions for use can be found on ready-made products. Here we have shared some general guidelines for the use of armrests. Wear the elbow brace under the elbow where your arm is widest during activities that cause pain. This is usually about 2.5 cm below the elbow joint. The wide and thick part that supports the tendons should come to the painful side of the joint. It is painful on the outside in tennis elbow and on the inside in golfer’s elbow. Using the fastening collar and strap, position it so that it is slightly tight but not disturbing. When you make a fist, your hand should not be tight enough to prevent blood circulation, and it should not be loose enough to slide on its own. Depending on the situation, you may need to readjust the tightness during use. Some people may prefer to wear it over long-sleeved clothing. In this case, care should be taken that it is in the right place and that it does not slip.

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How Long Should the Armrest be Used?

Generally, it is sufficient to use it during activities that cause elbow pain during the day. The duration of such activities usually does not exceed a few hours. It should be removed at rest and at night. Wearing the elbow brace should not increase the discomfort felt.

Other Methods for the Treatment of Epicondylitis

Avoiding activities that cause pain, cold application, painkillers, cortisone injections , PRP injection , kinesiotape, physical therapy methods are other options used in the treatment of this problem. You can consult a physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR) doctor for elbow pain .

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