What Causes Left Scapula Pain? What Are the Causes of Pain Under the Left Scapula?

What causes left shoulder blade pain? What are the causes of pain under the left shoulder blade? Is it a serious situation? What diseases is it associated with? Do you need to see a doctor? What should we do to pass? You can find the answers to all these questions and much more below.

Is left shoulder blade pain serious?

Both right and left shoulder blade pain is something that happens to many people. Having pain under, near, to the right or left of your scapula, the triangular bone that forms the back of your shoulder, can limit arm movements and interfere with daily activities. While this pain may feel like a burning or aching when it is between the spine and the scapula, it may be more tender or painful in the shoulder or upper back.

What are the causes of left shoulder blade pain?

Common causes of left shoulder blade pain include:

1- Wrong posture

Prolonged sitting with the wrong posture can cause your spine to undergo structural changes at the end, which causes pain under your scapula. Arching your back, bowing your head, or sitting constantly with a load to one side can weaken your muscles and put pressure on spinal discs, muscles, and ligaments. This routine imbalance is among the causes of pain under the left scapula or left scapula when the left side is attached . Also, prolonged incorrect posture can cause a burning sensation in the scapula .

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2- Wrong lifting technique

Lifting weights above your head without proper technique can leave your upper back and shoulders vulnerable to injury. If you lift a very heavy object or if the object is held away from the body with the spine misaligned, you can put excessive pressure on your upper back. Lifting objects that are too heavy can strain muscles or ligaments, potentially injuring the shoulder joint or spine, which can trigger left shoulder blade pain, joint pain , or pain near it.

3- Overuse

Painting the ceiling, helping a friend move furniture, or participating in a sport are all examples of activities that can put more strain on your upper back and shoulders than they’re used to. Overuse can lead to muscle strains and ligament sprains, which can cause pain in the upper back, such as in and between the shoulder blades, such as pain under the left shoulder blade . Another example is scapulothoracic bursitis, also called scapula syndrome, in which the bursa between the scapula and the thoracic spine becomes inflamed and painful due to overuse or injury.

4- Neck hernia

A herniated disc in the cervical spine occurs when the outer layer of a disc ruptures and the inner layer begins to leak out. A herniated disc can cause left shoulder blade pain. It can radiate pain to the shoulder, arm, hand, or a nearby nerve root. A herniated disc in the lower cervical spine is more likely to radiate pain to or near the area of ​​both the right and left shoulder blades.

5- Dislocated ribs

Although less common, the scapula may become dislocated due to repetitive strain or misaligned after certain activities. A sharp pain near your scapula can result from this activity and can sometimes make it difficult to even take a deep breath.

6- Heart ailments

Some heart conditions are also among the causes of pain in the left scapula and under the left scapula . may come out. For example, aortic dissection causes severe pain that occurs when the heart’s largest artery ruptures and can move under or near the scapula. This is a serious, life-threatening condition. A heart attack can also manifest as pain felt in the upper back or shoulder, especially in women.

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7- Compression fracture

A compression fracture is the weakening and compression of a spinal bone, causing back pain that feels better with rest or is sensitive to the touch. Compression fractures are most commonly caused by osteoporosis in older adults.

8- Lung problems

Some lung conditions can also cause left shoulder blade pain. Examples of lung conditions that cause scapula pain include; cancer growing in the upper part of the lungs, clots traveling from the legs to the lungs, and a collapsed lung. These lung conditions can cause shortness of breath along with shoulder blade pain when breathing.

9- Abdominal causes

There are some conditions that occur in the abdomen that can cause left scapula pain. Problems with the abdomen that can cause scapula pain include; surgery, neuralgia, peptic ulcer disease, pancreatitis , and liver disease.

When to see a doctor for left shoulder blade pain?

People who can’t explain shoulder blade pain should see their doctor, except for harmless reasons such as overuse and constant straining to one side. Women should be particularly wary of any pain in the left shoulder blade, as it can be a sign of a heart attack, and report the condition to their doctor immediately. Since such conditions can also be felt as pain under the left shoulder blade, this should also be considered.

Symptoms that indicate the need for urgent attention include:

  • chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • fast or irregular heartbeat
  • sudden difficulty speaking
  • dizziness
  • Pain , swelling or redness in the legs
  • spitting blood
  • Fire
  • vision problems
  • paralysis on one side of the body
  • excessive sweating
  • Loss of consciousness

How are causes of left shoulder blade pain diagnosed?

The doctor will need to examine the person concerned to find out what is causing the left shoulder blade pain problem. Normal diagnosis will be detected at the initial examination if there is a simple cause of the pain.

Once the doctor has ruled out simple causes, he may run the following tests for some different evaluations:

  • Heart tests such as an electrocardiogram or stress test
  • Abdominal tests such as endoscopy
  • blood work that tests liver function
  • Imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging
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Which doctor should I go to for scapula pain?

If your scapula pain does not go away with the measures you take on your own, it is recommended that you first see your family doctor. If there is nothing your family doctor can do, he or she will likely refer you to an orthopedic specialist.

How is left shoulder blade pain treated?

Treatment for left shoulder blade pain largely depends on the exact cause of the pain. For cases of overuse, strain, or poor sleep, she may try a number of home remedies for shoulder blade pain relief. Things that are good for scapula pain include:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Pain relievers such as ibuprofen , available without a prescription
  • Medicated lotions and ointments
  • stretching exercises
  • Massages

Where there is an underlying disorder, treatment relies on treating the underlying cause. For example , in the case of cancer , radiation, chemotherapy or other treatments may be required. Heart conditions may need medications that target heart problems.

Treatment will likely be more effective when the affected person knows the cause of the left shoulder blade pain. But if treatment isn’t working, people should consult their doctor to determine if their treatment needs to be changed or adjusted.

Can left shoulder blade pain be prevented?

You can prevent left shoulder blade pain if it is a pain associated with misuse and overuse. Steps to take may include:

  • Avoiding potential risks of falls
  • Wearing a seat belt in the car
  • Developing a new exercise routine that is good for your pain
  • changing sleeping positions

Other prevention methods include:

  • Consuming nutrient-rich meals
  • do moderate exercise
  • stretching exercises

As a result

In the case of left shoulder blade pain, if the cause of the pain is not serious, a person is very likely to experience a full recovery with minimal medical attention. In such cases, the pain will go away on its own in a few days.

Where the pain is due to an underlying cause, the length of treatment and recovery time will vary greatly. It is important to know the cause so that an effective treatment plan can be created to address the underlying issues.

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