Life Changed With Rehabilitation During Brain Hemorrhage Treatment Process

The Story of Eser Küçük

Eser Küçük, 34, who was taken to the hospital due to high blood pressure, fell ill again after 20 days, and it was understood that he had a cerebral hemorrhage . After being in the intensive care unit for 1.5 months, Eser Küçük showed no signs of recovery, and his family decided to continue the rehabilitation process for cerebral hemorrhage in a hospital in Istanbul.

Eser Küçük, who was decided to be treated at the Memorial Şişli Hospital Stroke Center, said that the head of the department, Prof. Dr. Thanks to Engin Çakar and his team, he made great progress in 2 months. Eser Küçük, who is tube fed and breathing at the beginning of the treatment, can now walk, eat, talk and even sing again unaided after the comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation program.

“I came to the hospital 2 months ago in a semi-comatose state, now I can sing my favorite songs and walk easily without help. I will recover completely and return to my work in Cyprus”

Brain Bleeding Rehabilitation Process

Continuing the treatment successfully with his team, Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar describes Eser Küçük’s treatment process as follows:

“When the work arrived, it was first doing the swallowing and breathing functions with the help of tubes.  We provided proper nutrition with swallowing therapy . We provided lung-respiratory rehabilitation for lung capacity and respiratory functions, ensuring normal breathing. We started working on standing upright and passive walking with the robotic bed . All joints began to open by stimulating with classical physical therapy methods and electrical current. When he started to keep his torso upright, virtual reality supported robotic walking was started. Also with hand-arm robothands started to work. The process was applied step by step, taking into account the development of the patient. He was able to walk independently in 9 weeks. We will send Eser to Cyprus at the end of the treatment in a completely normalized state. Eser Küçük and his family invited our team to listen to the songs on the live broadcast, which he will perform at their own business in Cyprus, two months later.”

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Eser Küçük, who regained his health thanks to physical therapy and rehabilitation after a cerebral hemorrhage, returned to Cyprus after being discharged.

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