Medications for Intestinal and Stomach Gas

Greetings readers, today I am going to tell you about different medications that can help eliminate gas , whether intestinal or stomachic.

This condition can cause problems such as belching or very unpleasant flatulence, which are accompanied by other conditions such as pain, swelling and noise that occur in the digestive tract.

The causes of intestinal gas are very diverse , from poor eating habits to the intake of fatty and carbonated foods, as well as other causes such as eating too fast, too late at night, or constipated people where the fermentation of foods it produces this.

However, I want to mention that not only bad eating habits can cause this problem of intestinal or stomach gas, it can also be a sign of some other disease such as functional dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease.

In these cases, it is always necessary to visit a doctor to eliminate any suspicion of serious pathology. Here are 6 medications in pills or drops , ideal for relieving the symptoms of flatulence or having intestinal gas.

Best medicine for stomach gas

The discomfort that you feel and that is caused by excess gas, can be combated with medications or even with the adoption of natural remedies such as the preparation of juices, natural infusions or performing massages.

1- Dimethicone

This is a widely used medicine to treat intestinal gas. It can be used orally and has the ability to reduce stomach gas, it also helps reduce pain and abdominal discomfort.

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This remedy can be found in the form of gelatin capsules, drops or pills in pharmacies. It is generally recommended for those patients who have accumulation of gas in the intestine or stomach, and who suffer from abdominal pain or cramps that are caused by intestinal gas.

2- Simeticona (Mylanta Gas Minis, Gas-X)

This is another treatment to relieve bloating caused by gas. Its functionality is to help the gases that are found, to pass through the digestive system.

Also, this drug may benefit those patients who undergo certain tests such as digestive endoscopy and colonoscopy.

However, the Mayo clinical organization indicates that there is very little clinical evidence that shows its effectiveness in treating gas symptoms. Simethicone is generally recommended for children and babies.

3- Activated carbon

This is another product that can help stomach gas. According to the Mayo Clinic organization, if consumed before and after a meal, it can alleviate gas symptoms.

Despite this, there are certain problems with this product, there is research that has not shown anything concrete about its effectiveness, in addition, it can interfere with the absorption of other medications and cause stains inside the mouth and even on clothing.

4- Drops of Belladonna

This is another very popular medicine for intestinal gas. It is widely used for intestinal colic, poor digestion, heartburn, bad breath and headache problems that are sometimes caused by indigestion, relieving gas by boosting bile production.

5- Alfa galactosidasa (Beano, Gas-Zyme 3x)

This medicine or supplement reduces the discomfort caused by gas in certain people. It has an enzyme that the body does not have to process the sugars in cereals, grains, and certain vegetables.

Certain legumes and green vegetables contain high fibers and carbohydrates, which later when the digestive process is carried out, which causes very annoying gases, it is here that this remedy can help since it breaks down those sugars.

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Its intake should be immediately before food to be effective, doctors recommend this product in children over 12 or adults.

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6- Lactase tablets and drops

These lactase tablets and drops are available for those who are lactose intolerant. The functionality of this lactase enzyme is to digest lactose in food or drink, reducing the chances of increasing symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea or gas.

In pregnant or lactating women, it is necessary to speak with the doctor before using this type of lactase supplements. They can be found available in any supermarket in your locality and are quite nutritious compared to regular dairy products.

Important note: These are some drugs to relieve gas, however, never self-medicate , for health reasons, talk to your doctor first before using any medical treatment , complementary medicine, because only he can determine the dose, duration and medication that is right for you.

The information that I present here is only of informatic interest, so it is not intended to replace the opinion of any specialist on the subject.

Stomach gas remedy

There are viable alternatives, for those who want to avoid the use of medications, and wish to try natural treatments either through juices, teas or massage treatment.

The most popular teas are those that are antispasmodic and carminative, because they relax the muscles found in the digestive system, as well as eliminate gases; Here are some options:

  • Cardamom.
  • Mint.
  • Fennel.
  • Manzanilla.
  • Blueberry.
  • Licorice.
  • Angelica.
  • Gentian.
  • Lemon balm

These aforementioned teas are medicinal plants that control and relax muscle movements in the digestive tract, as well as improve transit and eliminate pain.

And what remedies do I need for gas in pregnancy?

At this point, to fight against flatulence during pregnancy, the main thing is to have simple routines, such as avoiding those foods that cause gas, also avoid eating too fast or too much, as well as not consuming carbonated drinks.

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Here the infusions or teas can be consumed with measure and combined with other healthier habits.

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For newborns, it is advisable to rub the abdominal area, thus preventing them from suffering from gas.

What exercises to do to eliminate gas?

There are several exercises to eliminate gas, which can be done in a simple and very effective way. Physical exercise has been and always will be, a positive method for health and to combat any disease.

  • Cycling: With this exercise the stomach moves, and the gases are released by themselves.
  • Abs: Tighten the abdominal region, prevents the accumulation of gases and distension. You can also massage this area slowly, in a circular fashion, clockwise.
  • Lie face down: In this position, the knees are bent up to the stomach and pressure is applied.
  • Going up and down the stairs: By taking small and energetic jumps, the exit of the air is favored.

These are some very good exercises, but there are also others that can help you eliminate gas naturally.

Final Recommendations:

There is a difference between intestinal gases and stomach gases , the former are presented by the fermentation of food, while the latter are produced by excessive intake of air through the mouth.

The differences emphasize the symptoms and their causes, since stomach gas causes belching, bloating, loss of appetite and burning, while intestinal gas causes intestinal cramps, bloating, constipation and a stiff belly.

Gas, despite being very common, it is important to make variations in diet, as well as practice certain physical activities , which can mitigate this concern and improve intestinal health.

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