Micronutrient test – which nutrients are important?

micronutrient test is currently the most reliable way to determine whether you have a micronutrient deficiency .

Such a test can help you identify and correct the causes of symptoms such as fatigue, constant colds , mood swings, or poor libido.

A deficiency in micronutrients can sometimes feel very harsh for those affected. A magnesium deficiency can mean that you simply do not feel any energy. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to mood swings and depression , while a zinc deficiency can lead to a very weak immune system .

Such deficiency symptoms are widespread within the population. I would like to mention some examples of the national consumption study here [1]:

  • Over 75% of women at this age fall below the recommendation for iron intake.
  • 82% of men and 91% of women fall short of the recommended vitamin D intake.
  • 32% of men and 21% of women did not reach the recommended intake of zinc .

Other classic nutritional deficiencies are magnesium , iodine, folic acid, selenium and vitamin C.

With the results of such a test, you have the opportunity to adjust your diet or lifestyle and bring your body back into balance.

What is a micronutrient test?

Regular exams of your blood components can help you achieve better health. Blood tests are one of the most effective and accurate ways to keep track of your health.

micronutrient test is a blood test that helps you determine the level of micronutrients in your blood and thus diagnose deficiency symptoms. Such a blood test is carried out by your trusted doctor by drawing blood and sending the sample to a suitable laboratory.

In the meantime, however, there are also reliable tests that you can easily carry out from home.

We ourselves regularly conduct tests like this at home to see how the body changes over time and how it reacts to dietary changes. The self-tests are a great way to take responsibility for your own health!

( You can find a result of my blood test with the Lykon myHealth & Fitness Premium * at the bottom.)

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Usually a micronutrient test goes like this :

  1. Selection of the blood values ​​to be tested
  2. Blood drawn from the fingertip
  3. Shipping the sample to the laboratory
  4. Examination using laboratory diagnostic methods (ELISA; spectrometry)
  5. Analysis of the test results
  6. Adjustment of lifestyle (diet adjustment, targeted dietary supplements, stress reduction …)
  7. Ideally: control of effectiveness (repeated measurement)

Why is a micronutrient test useful?

The nutritional status is an important basis for your health, your well-being and your performance.

Each micronutrient plays an indispensable role in promoting optimal cell function within the metabolism.

If an important micronutrient is missing, your metabolism cannot function optimally – no matter how many other nutrients you have in your body. You can think of micronutrients as keys that activate various processes in the body (e.g. fat metabolism).

If you are missing a key, the function of your metabolism is disturbed and the basis of your health is endangered.

In the worst case, this creates the initial problem for the development of diseases. (For example, a vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to hair loss, and an iron deficiency can lead to anemia.)

A micronutrient test therefore helps to identify and correct nutrient deficiencies .

It is important to know that a deficiency in micronutrients can also arise if you seem to be meeting your daily requirement. Every person and every metabolism is different – our biochemistry is incredibly complex.

Far more factors than just diet determine whether our blood is filled with sufficient nutrients. These include biochemical characteristics (absorption), genetic predisposition and demands on energy metabolism, age, gender, diseases and medication.

That is why we recommend a micronutrient test to everyone who wants to take responsibility for their health and thus achieve better performance and well-being!

What are the advantages of a micronutrient test?

A micronutrient test has the advantage that it is really easy to carry out. As I have already indicated, it is now very easy to do from home.

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • The doctor is bypassed – you can measure if you see fit
  • Time savings with a test kit for at home
  • Precise determination of deficiency symptoms
  • Starting point for improving the quality of life

Micronutrient tests can reveal deficiencies and thus lead to better health. A balanced blood balance can lead to many improvements:

  • More energy
  • A stimulated metabolism
  • Strong immune system
  • Better libido
  • Good stress management
  • Strong bones
  • Good mood
  • Young exterior
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Which micronutrients to test?

Our body has numerous micronutrients, but there are some vitamins and minerals that are more prone to deficiency.

You can find the six most common deficiency symptoms here.


  • Vitamin B12 : Vegetarians and vegans are particularly at risk . A vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to blood vessel damage, fatigue and depression.
  • Vitamin D : Vitamin D deficiency is most common in winter or in people who are rarely exposed to sunlight. The consequences can be a lack of energy, a bad libido or a bad mood.


  • Iron : Women are particularly often iron deficient because they do not reach the necessary intake and have a high consumption (period). The consequences are anemia, poor concentration and poor performance.
  • Zinc: Zinc is involved in over 300 metabolic processes. Zinc deficiency can lead to a weak immune system or poor libido. Men need zinc for high testosterone levels.
  • Selenium: Selenium is particularly important for a good thyroid function and therefore crucial for the energy metabolism.
  • Magnesium: Like zinc, magnesium is also involved in over 300 metabolic processes. Magnesium helps the body in its energy metabolism and serves the body in stress management.

Which micronutrient test is recommended?

The best way to do a micronutrient test is a blood test from home. Alternatively, you can also ask your doctor or pharmacy.

As described above, the process is quite simple: blood drawing – analysis in the laboratory – checking of the results.

Manufacturers who offer mineral tests for the home have high quality standards. You will be sent a test kit to your home, with which you can take your blood yourself with a small prick on the fingertip. The sample is then sent in a prepared envelope to a partner laboratory, where it is reliably analyzed.

Studies have shown that the results are just as reliable as classic tests by the family doctor.

In addition, manufacturers such as Lykon specialize in evaluations and recommendations. If you are diagnosed with a nutritional deficiency, you will receive dietary recommendations that are precisely tailored to you.

By the way, Lykon is a very valued partner of ours and grants you, as a reader of our magazine, a 15% discount if you enter the discount code GESUND15 in the shopping cart!

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We recommend the Lykon myHealth & Fitness Premium *, which measures vitamin D and vitamin B12 in addition to magnesium and ferritin (iron transporter). In addition, blood values ​​such as testosterone, cholesterol, long-term blood sugar and omega 3 fats are also included in the test.

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What to do if you have a micronutrient deficiency

If a deficiency is found with the help of the micronutrient test, then you will be given recommendations for improving your blood values ​​in the online evaluation.

You will receive recommendations for suitable foods and dietary supplements with which you can optimize your blood count .

For example, if you are deficient in zinc, you have the following options:

  • Eat more seafood
  • Consume enough meat and offal
  • Eat nuts , seeds and kernels
  • Zink supplementieren: 15 mg pro Tag

With these tips, it is very likely that a defect will be remedied quickly.

An evaluation and the associated recommendations are very clear and easy to understand.

Here you can see an example of my results with magnesium (the value is in the reference range, but still a bit low):

Here you can see the respective nutritional recommendations, which were adapted directly to me (low-carb, gluten-free).

Conclusion – micronutrient test for home

In the worst case, a lack of vitamins or minerals can rob you of your life energy. I myself went through life with a pronounced vitamin D deficiency for a long time – and I am happy that I now have optimal values. This is clearly noticeable – through more energy and joie de vivre!

I say with conviction that our population would be healthier, leaner and happier with fewer deficiency symptoms!

The positive effects, if such a deficiency is corrected, are really impressive! Therefore, from our point of view, a micronutrient test is absolutely recommended – also from a preventive point of view!

Here you will once again have the opportunity to use Lykon’s blood tests to find out what nutrient deficiencies you may have – with this knowledge you can find out where there are still construction sites in your body:

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