Muscle Pain Exercises

Muscle pain exercises can be recommended for the treatment of various problems such as muscle stiffness, grip pain , myofascial pain syndrome , fibromyalgia . The purpose of these exercises is to stretch and strengthen the muscles and relieve joint stiffness. Not every exercise is suitable for everyone. You should consult a physical therapy and rehabilitation doctor or physiotherapist for movements that are suitable for you.

How to Do Muscle Pain Exercises?

Do each exercise 10 times. Count to 10 in each exercise. Do the exercises twice a day. You can increase the number of repetitions when you can do the exercises more easily or when the pain decreases.

1 – Put your hands behind your head, bend your head forward, pull your head forward with the help of your hands and try to touch your chin to your chest.

2 – Tilt your head towards your shoulder, pull it towards your shoulder with the help of your hand on that side, count to 10, then relax.

3 – Lift your shoulders up and count to 10, then relax.

4 – Raise your shoulders and pull them back to join them at the back.

5 – Keeping your arm straight at shoulder level, bring it towards the opposite shoulder, stretch the back muscles of the shoulder with the help of your other hand, count to 10.

6 – Raise your arm from the shoulder to the back of the head, pull it back with the help of the elbow of the other hand, stretch the lower muscles of the shoulder.

7 – Sit on the chair, fold your hands in front and reach forward. Feel your back muscles tense.

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8 – Keeping the previous position, take your arms back, tense your chest muscles.

9 – Lie on your back. Raise one arm straight. With the help of your other arm, push back and tense the lower shoulder muscles.

10 – Sit on the chair. Put your arm on the table. Stretch the shoulder capsule and lower group muscles by reaching forward on the table.

11 – Push your hands towards each other at nose level, count to 10.

12 – Bring your hands together at nose level and pull with all your strength, count to 10.

13 – Press your hands over your head towards each other with all your strength, count to 10.

14 – Bring your hands together above your head and pull, count to 10.

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