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“What’s going to happen to me?” Many women ask themselves when menopause slowly creeps into their lives in their late 40s. And: “How do I deal with it?” Homeopathy ensures a relaxed approach to the turning point

Menstrual cycle becomes irregular, bleeding changes, hot flashes come and go. Menopause turns a lot of things upside down in a woman’s body. About five years before the last period, the hormonal changes start gradually and usually last for another five years. Ten years – that sounds awfully long. The good news: The type and severity of the symptoms fluctuates and gradually decreases, so that for many women the nightmare is over after two years. In this strenuous phase, homeopathic remedies can help the body to slide into its new balance in a relaxed manner. Because they support the body’s regulatory powers, it has the opportunity to reset its hormone balance in its very own rhythm. Of course, without hormones. Cystitis  under control.

problems with the change

These four homeopathic individual remedies have proven their worth: Sepia D6 (squid) helps when women are particularly irritable during the menopause, feel constantly exhausted and can no longer sleep well. Cimicifuga D12 (black cohosh) is also effective for sleep disorders, as well as for anxious mood, inner restlessness, hot flashes and sweating. Ignatia D6 (Ignatius Bean) relieves mood swings and dispels menopausal headaches. Sanguinaria D6 relieves hot flashes, dizziness and, in turn, headaches(Canadian tormentil). A note for lazy people or people with little time: In the pharmacy there are also complex remedies for menopausal symptoms that contain these homeopathic individual remedies.

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That burns like fire

Cystitis is a typical problem in women. This is mainly due to the fact that the female urethra, with an average length of 4 cm, is significantly shorter than the male. No wonder that pathogens – in 80 percent of the cases they are intestinal bacteria – can easily migrate into the bladder and painfully inflame its mucous membrane. Eleven percent of German women experience the symptoms of a bladder infection at least once a year: burning when urinating, urge to urinate, abdominal cramps. The homeopathic individual remedies Plantago major (broad-leaved plantain), Equisetum arvense (horsetail), Belladonna (deadly nightshade) and Pulsatilla pratensis(Meadow Pasque Flower) are an effective quartet for bladder infections. They take the pain away – especially during and after urination. They also calm the tormenting urge to urinate and make the mucous membranes of the bladder more resistant to bacterial attacks.


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