Pain in the Mouth of the Stomach and Gases

Hello dear reader, in this article we will be addressing a little about stomach pain, which sometimes occurs in an interrupted way with cramps and in other cases with very intense pain, causing serious discomfort to our health.

Surely on more than one occasion, you have experienced in your life that irritating discomfort, a pain in the pit of the stomach and gas , an annoyance that can undoubtedly be treated without any problem, however, there are cases that when this type occurs of stomach pain, it can be a warning of having a disease. But why is it produced? Is it due to stress, nerves or poor digestion that we may have? To be frank, there are several factors that I will explain below.

Causes of Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain and Gas

At least a little more than 30% of the population worldwide, experience this type of pain in the abdominal area, with small abnormalities that can increase its intensity and level of pain. If it happens to you very frequently, it is advisable to visit your family doctor to rule out any problems. Next, I will detail the most common causes.

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When people suffer from nerves or stress, it is very common for the stomach to be affected, since the nerves tend to concentrate in that part and as a result there is acidity, poor digestion or even in certain cases even diarrhea.

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Certain foods can cause poor digestion in us, and as a result of this, a slightly annoying gas production is obtained, appearing below the pit of the stomach exactly through the ribs, which sometimes, certain people feel like sharp pricks .


When we suffer from reflux or heartburn, stomach pains are likely to occur, sometimes the pain usually occurs in the part of the esophagus, this is a variant.


Certain medications can cause irritation, such as ibuprofen, which ultimately produces an internal burning sensation that usually lasts for several hours. That is a nuisance that is caused by some drugs in general.

Eat quickly

At this point, I would like to emphasize that eating slowly favors digestion a lot, we grind the food well so that it can be mixed properly, however, when we do it quickly, it is common for us to have pain in the stomach.

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Irritable Colon

Inflammation of the colon or intestine can cause these discomforts, when they are very recurrent and painful, it is essential to visit your doctor.

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This is a problem that originates in the digestive system, due to the accumulation of feces in our body and that they have not been able to be expelled, causing us pain.


When the pain in the pit of the stomach becomes very strong, the possibilities may indicate the existence of an ulcer in the gastrointestinal system, and this can prevent adequate intake of foods, especially those that are spicy or seasoned.

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Usually when this type of pain occurs due to an ulcer, the symptoms are accompanied by vomiting and a deep burning. Sometimes vomiting contains blood, so in these circumstances it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately.

Why the pain in the stomach occurs

The pain occurs due to conditions that occur in the digestive system, which, according to data obtained, around a higher percentage than men, women come to experience these ailments more at some stage of their lives, varying for each person its intensity.

A stomach pain is very annoying and when it occurs with accumulation of gases, the discomfort tends to increase, and even more, it is torture for anyone, having your belly completely full of gases, avoiding going out in public, it really is very uncomfortable .

The gases that we can present in the body, is something extremely normal, but when they accumulate a lot, that is when the pains originate and there is a sensation of having a large belly.

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When we eat and chew food, the air enters through the mouth giving rise to gases and their accumulation, also another reason for them to appear is due to the decomposition of food in our body.

There are various symptoms that accompany this type of ailments, of which they usually appear gradually and can be treated appropriately by changing our eating habits and visiting a specialist doctor.

Home remedies for stomach pain.

At this point, the infusions are essential since they help to calm the pain, producing relief and tranquility.

  • Mint Infusion with Anise: It is highly recommended as it helps and favors digestion, as well as relaxes us.
  • Ginger Infusion: Reduces inflammation, as well as relaxes our body.
  • Chamomile Infusion: It helps a lot to reduce pain and acts as a sedative for our body.
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All this is recommended according to your choice, take it after meals up to even 3 cups per day, until you notice an improvement. I hope you have enjoyed this information shared in this article, I invite you to continue browsing and inform yourself about each topic in this Blog so that you can control and manage your gastritis effectively.

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