Is Pain on the Right Side of the Back Serious? What Are the Causes of Right Upper Back Pain?

Is pain on the right side of the back serious? What does it mean to have pain in the upper right or lower back? What causes pain that pierces the right side of the back like a knife? You can find the answers to all these questions and much more below.

Is pain on the right side of the back serious?

Pain on the right side of the back is a type of pain that occurs in the upper back, anywhere between your neck and lower back, and usually occurs in the area where the shoulder blades are . The pain you feel can also occur in various parts of your back. Sometimes you can feel the right side back pain as pain in the upper right side of the back , sometimes you can feel the pain in the lower right side of the back .

There are many possible causes of right back pain . Some of the potential causes are not serious and can be remedied with various measures. However, in some cases, right back pain , pain in the right side of the back like a knife, pain under the right rib and back, pain in the upper right part of the back, pain in the lower right part of the back may occur due to more serious reasons .

What causes pain in the right side of the back?

1- Muscle strain or injury

The most common cause of right back pain is minor problems with the muscles. For example, when playing sports or lifting heavy objects incorrectly, you can damage the muscles in the right back area. Forcing and stretching these muscles in this way can cause mild pain. If the right back is affected in such a situation, you may experience right back pain as if a knife was stuck . Sometimes, the muscles in the upper right side are damaged, and snoring is common among the causes of upper right back pain . Treatment of muscle tension and minor injuries is usually simple, such as pain medication, rest, ice, and the like.

2- Spine fractures

Spinal fractures can cause pain in various parts of the back. The intensity of the pain felt varies according to the extent of the damage. If you have a spinal fracture, you may also experience stinging pain on the right side of your back . Spinal fractures can result from high-energy trauma, which can include things like a car or motor accident, a fall, and a sports injury. Depending on the area of ​​the fracture, the area of ​​pain you feel may vary; For example, if the right upper back is affected, you may feel pain in the upper right part of the back . Treatment of these cases should usually be considered urgent. Because if the treatment is delayed, greater damage may occur.

3- Osteoporosis (bone loss)

Spinal fractures can also occur due to osteoporosis (bone loss) and can trigger right lower back pain or right upper back pain . If any bone in your right back area has been affected by osteoporosis, it is also possible to experience right back pain like stabbing . Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become very weak and more likely to break, and it usually occurs in older people. These spinal injuries, known as vertebral compression fractures , affect hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year , according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons .

4- Osteoarthritis (calcification)

Calcification occurs when the cartilage in the body that normally cushions the ends of bones to form joints is damaged or worn away. Osteoarthritis of the spine affects the joints where the vertebrae meet. The movement of these damaged bones causes further damage and the formation of growths called bone spurs. These can put pressure on the nerves, causing you to feel pain in the right side of the back .

5- Stress

Stress causes a variety of pain, including pain on the right side of the back.

Studies show a link between stress and pain in the upper back. If you are feeling stressed, your muscles will involuntarily tense, and being under constant stress can cause discomfort in any part of your body over time. In addition , stress can be associated with many pains, including armpit pain . This discomfort can cause a variety of problems, including pain in the right side of the back or pain in the upper right side of the back .

7- Spine infection

Spinal infection is also among the causes of right back pain and right upper back pain . Because, for various reasons, you can develop an infection in the spine and you may feel pain as a result. Risk factors for spinal infection include malnutrition, immune system problems, HIV infection, cancer , diabetes , and obesity. If you have a spinal infection, you may experience pain in the upper right side of the back or lower back right , depending on the site of the infection . Treatments for spine infections often involve a variety of medications.

8- Herniated disc

Lumbar hernia occurs as a result of slipping or tearing of the discs that act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae for some reason (forcing, falling, heavy or incorrect lifting, strain). A herniated disc often does not cause any symptoms, but when symptoms do occur, they are often painful. Herniated disc can also cause pain like stabbing a knife on the right side of the back . Lumbar hernia may need to be treated with various medical methods or surgically.

9- Lung problems

If you are experiencing pain in the right side of the back due to lung problems, you may experience back pain and stinging when breathing painfully . Breathing movements naturally affect your spine, as it relates to the rib cage. While lung problems are often minor, in some cases they can indicate a more serious problem. For example, it may indicate that you have a problem with the lungs, such as a blood clot or pulmonary embolism . In severe lung-related conditions, you may experience chest pain while breathing along with back pain .

When to see a doctor for pain on the right side of the back?

If you are experiencing pain on the right side of the back due to an injury or accident, you should seek medical attention. If back pain does not go away after a week, it is important to talk to your doctor again. If your back pain is accompanied by other worrying symptoms such as muscle weakness, bladder problems, tingling or numbness, the affected person should seek immediate medical attention.

How to diagnose the cause of pain in the right side of the back?

Your doctor will ask you for information about any recent back injury, such as a sports-related injury or a car accident. He or she will also want to learn your medical history and how the pain arose to determine the cause. In some cases, further testing may be required. Your doctor may also need imaging procedures such as x-rays .

How does the pain in the right side of the back pass?

There are things you can do yourself for pain in the right side of the back, as well as various medical treatments.
  1. Medication:
    Consulting your doctor or pharmacist and taking an over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen can help relieve pain on the right side of the back. Such drugs can be taken orally as tablets or applied to the affected area as a cream, gel, patch or spray.
  2. Hot and cold compresses:
    Using a hot water bottle or lying in a warm bath can help relieve pain in the upper or lower back. Ice packs can also help relieve back pain, but one should not apply them directly to the skin. Instead, wrap ice packs and hot packs in a towel or cloth before applying them to the affected area.
  3. Rest:
    Although rest can relieve right upper back pain or right lower back pain , you should not stay still for too long. Many doctors who deal with back pain generally agree that staying active is very important for people with back pain.
  4. Stretches and exercises: Stretches and exercises
    can help prevent or relieve pain in the right side of the back . Medical professionals often recommend yoga to keep your back healthy and prevent discomfort. Yoga can also stop the pain from coming back.

Can pain in the right side of the back be prevented?

While it is not always possible to prevent right upper or lower back pain, you can implement techniques such as the following to reduce the risk:

  • Removing objects correctly
  • avoiding sitting for long periods
  • Taking breaks while doing repetitive movements
  • walking regularly
  • standing upright while sitting or standing
  • Taking precautions to prevent injury while playing sports
  • stopping any activity that causes back pain

As a result

Muscle tension is usually the most common cause of right back pain , but there may also be a more serious cause behind the pain. In diagnosing and treating right back pain, your doctor will want to know if you have had any recent back injury, such as a sports or job-related incident or a car accident. He or she will also ask about your medical history and how the pain arose to determine the cause. In some cases, more advanced diagnostic methods may also be used. If the pain is not caused by a serious cause, the person can try to self-medicate with various methods (as we described above).

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