The first thing that women who are pregnant are most curious about in the first place is what awaits them during their pregnancy month by month . They are curious about both their own pregnancy processes and the development of the developing baby in them. This is not only curiosity, but also important for all developments to be timely and healthy. In this respect, it is essential for expectant mothers to inform themselves, to make regular doctor appointments, and to apply to their doctors for unusual situations.

Baby Development Month by Month:

At 1 month, your baby is only 1 to 2 mm in size and is called a blastocyst at this stage. By the third week of your pregnancy, your child has developed all of his genetic material and the gender has already been decided.

Your baby is about 2 cm at 2 months. His heart begins to beat, his brain continues to develop, all his limbs, hands and feet have developed. The eyes are not fully developed.

At 3 months, your baby becomes a fetus and is 6-10 cm long. By the end of the first trimester, all organs are present and developing, including the nails. Even if you don’t feel it yet, your baby is starting to move his arms and legs as well.

At 4 months, your baby reaches 9-12 cm in length and 100 g. The baby’s facial features and heart mature in this month. The baby’s eyes are opened, thumb sucking starts in this month and sexual organ development is completed.

At 5 months, your baby is approximately 13-16 cm long and weighs 300 g. The baby’s hair and eyelid development ends. Fingerprints and permanent tooth buds develop this month. The baby starts kicking and shifting.

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At 6 months, your baby reaches approximately 25-30 cm in length and 800 g in weight. You become aware of the baby’s yawns and hiccups. The baby’s vocal cords become functional and they can change places as they wish.

At 7 months, your baby begins to form fat under his skin. The baby is 30-40 cm long and weighs 1000-1800 g. Your child can now see, hear and taste. The brain and nervous system continue to develop rapidly.

At 8 months, your baby has a height of 35-45 cm and a weight of 2000-3000 g. The lungs and brain continue to develop and other body systems are ready to live. As the baby fills the womb more, it has less room to yawn, so its movements slow down. At the end of the month, the baby is upside down and the skin color begins to turn from red to pink.

At 9 months, the baby is 45-50 cm tall and weighs 2700-3800 g. Due to their weight, very little movement is seen in the abdomen. Their lungs mature, their nails begin to grow, and their eye color turns gray and skin color pink. The baby completes its development and is ready for birth. When you enter the 38th week, the birth begins to be expected.

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