Privacy policy

1.1. Holder of the treatment. In compliance with the provisions of article 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196
(“Privacy Code”), and Article 13 of Regulation 679/2016 (“Regulation”), with the scopezan® Information, VAT number
IT03669111209, owner of the site (“Site”), as the owner of the data processing (“Owner”) fulfills the obligation
to provide the interested parties, natural persons and – as far as possible – also legal persons, entities and / or associations
that use the site, and to subjects who have commercial relationships with the Owner (such as, according to the definitions set
out in the Warnings and conditions of use, the Authors and Advertisers), jointly defined as “Interested”, the information
relating to the processing of their personal data (“Data”), communicated by them, provided or acquired automatically through
the use of the site reachable at the URL: (“Site”).
1.2. Extension to social networks. As far as compatible, the Information also applies to the accounts that the Data
Controller manages, directly or indirectly, on the main social network channels (“Social channels”, purely for explanatory
purposes, Facebook TM, Twitter TM, Instagram M, etc.), however attributable to the same.
1.3. Updates and revisions. The Data Controller reserves the right to modify and / or update the Information, taking into
account any subsequent additions and / or amendments to the national and / or European Union regulations on the protection
of personal data. For this reason, the Information is published with the progressive identification number and the month of
publication, starting from the new version of June 2017, which bears the number “00” and which fully replaces any previous
versions. Any new versions of the Information will be published on the Site in replacement of this and will be valid, effective
and applied from the date of publication, unless otherwise indicated.

1.4. Applicable regulations. The Data Controller processes the Data in accordance with (i) the discipline established by the
Privacy Code and the related principles, including, in particular, those of lawfulness, correctness, non-excess and
proportionality with respect to the purpose for which they are collected; (ii) to the European Union regulations, with particular
but not exclusive reference to the Regulation, as directly applicable, and to the related principles, such as in particular that of
accountability of the Data Controller and, before carrying out the processing, those of privacy by design and privacy by
default; (iii) the practice developed by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data (“Guarantor”).
1.5. Cookies. For information relating to strings of text and / or data sent by the web server to browsers while browsing the
Site (“Cookies”), please refer to the cookies policy (“Cookies Policy”), accessible from the Site footer.
1.6. Definitions. In the context of this document, the terms conventionally indicated with a capital letter (whether in the
singular or plural), unless otherwise specified, have the meaning set out Warnings and conditions of use.
2. Activities, recipients and scope
2.1. scopezan® activities. The site offers a virtual space containing informative contributions – in the form of texts, videos
and images – in particular on the topics of wellness, health, beauty and nutrition.
2.2. Recipients. The information is addressed to the interested parties. Even if only the Data referable to natural persons fall
within the treatment provided for by the Privacy Code and the Regulations, scopezan® has decided to process all the Data,
whether of natural or legal persons, with the same methods and safeguards set out in this Information.

2.3. Scope of application . scopezan® is only liable for the processing of data in relation to which it exercises powers,
functions and responsibilities as the owner of the site. The owner has no right to exercise any type of control over third party
sites. The Information is neither valid nor effective for processing carried out by third parties (including Advertisers) whose
websites can be reached by connection and / or hypertext links from the Site (“Linked Pages”). The Data Controller invites
interested parties, in the case of browsing the Linked Pages, to read the information on the third party sites to which they
access, in order to know the methods of collection and processing of personal data.
3. Source, nature and type of data processed
3.1. Source. The owner can process the data:
to. inserted by the Author in the Contributions sent to the editorial staff of scopezan®, without prejudice to the
constraints, commitments and recommendations contained in the Warnings and conditions of use ;
• b. spontaneously conferred by the aspiring Author, by filling in the specific forms on the Site, for the purpose of
registering on the Site (“Registration”);
C. contained in the curriculum vitae (“CV”) sent by the aspiring Author to the Data Controller, in accordance with the
Warnings and conditions of use and the instructions on the site;
d. collected in accordance with the provisions of the Cookies Policy, by simply browsing.
3.2. Format . The Data can be contained in any digital format, in the form of text, audio, video, multimedia, image files.
3.3. Common data processed. In addition to the Data covered by the Cookies Policy, the Data Controller processes common
data (“Common Data”) that do not fall within the notion of sensitive and / or judicial data of the Privacy Code (article 4 letters
d and e) and in the notion of particular categories of personal data of the Regulation (article 9.1) as well as in the definition of
data relating to health (article 4.15) of the same (jointly defined as “Particular Data”). Therefore, the Common Data may
consist, by way of example and not limited to, in the following:

• to. with reference to the Navigator: email address, Province of residence, information and data that he inserts in the
comments to the Contributions, including the email address;
• b. with reference to the Author: name, surname, tax code, VAT number, residence, telephone numbers and email
address, Data relating to the Requirements or contained in the Contributions, as required by the Warnings and conditions of
use, as well as the bank details;
• C. with reference to Advertisers: company name or name, tax addresses and domiciles, tax code and VAT number, bank
details and in general Data and / or information relating to the contractual relationship with scopezan®.
3.4. Particular Data . The management of the Site does not require the processing of Particular Data. Therefore, the Authors
and Navigators are requested not to send them and / or make them known in any way connected to the Site, through
Contributions, Feedback and comments, or by using the social channels. Except in the case of prior and documented
acquisition of the specific consent of the data subject, the Particular Data received will be deleted and / or eliminated or in any
case made anonymous by the Data Controller, who has the right to intervene on Contributions, Feedback and comments,
within the limits than established by the Warnings and conditions of use.
3.5. Data in the Contributions. The Data Controller invites the Authors to pay particular attention to the Contributions,
which may present portraits of natural persons and refer to moments of private life of the Data Subject and of third parties,
including minors. The Data Controller recommends Authors, in general, to abide by principles of lawfulness, necessity,
proportionality, continence, sobriety, correctness and, in particular, to send Contributions compliant with the Warnings and
conditions of use and to obtain the prior written consent of third parties. interested in the treatment, including those exercising
the parental authority of minors, with particular reference to the hypothesis in which the data of the interested third parties
are Particular Data.
3.6. Navigation data . The Data Controller processes the hidden data collected during the browsing of the Surfers in
accordance with the Cookie Policy.
4. Purpose of the treatment. Consequences in case of failure to provide

4.1. Purpose. The Data Controller processes the Data for the purposes set out in the following table (“Table”) with the
relative indication of the need for express consent or not for the purposes of the processing:
allow compliance with legal obligations, with particular but not exclusive reference to those of a fiscal and
administrative nature
B provide the services agreed with the Advertisers by virtue of the agreements entered into
Crespond to communications sent by interested parties to the addresses on the Site
send newsletters and information, commercial and promotional material in relation to the activities of the Site,
including DEM (Digital Email Marketing) sending questionnaires and surveys
collect information useful to improve the browsing experience of the Data Subjects as well as the characteristics of
the Site
4.2. Optional nature of providing data . Apart from what is specified in the Cookie Policy, the provision of data, except for
those necessary to fulfill legal obligations, is optional. In any form to be filled in online, the optional or mandatory nature of
providing the Data is specified. The symbol * indicates the Data indispensable for the pursuit of the specific purpose in the
online forms.
4.3. Refusal to process. Failure to provide the Data essential for the provision of the service offered by ® through
the Site, or the opposition for legitimate reasons to the processing of the Data already provided, will prevent you from being
able to use the service itself. In particular, failure to provide data or refusal to process it prevents:

• to. to the aspiring Author to become Author or to eliminate the Contributions published in his name on the Site, and with
them the comments and Feedback;
• b. the Navigator to be able to publish comments, being required the email address of the subject and the nickname, in
order to associate the comments to a subject presumably contactable, at least by e-mail.
4.4. Provision and withdrawal of consent. In relation to the purpose referred to in letter D of the Table, the Interested
parties express their consent to the processing by ticking the appropriate box on the Registration or compilation form.
Interested parties can revoke their consent by communicating to the Data Controller, in free form, without particular
formalities, even by telephone; however, to facilitate the practices resulting from the revocation, including the cancellation of
the e-mail address from the mailing list, it is advisable to express the revocation by following the instructions in each
newsletter. The withdrawal of consent for the purpose referred to in letter D of the table determines the interruption of the
related processing.
4.5. Aggregated data . The data processing provided for by letter E of the Table takes place only in anonymous and
aggregate form, in order to provide scopezan® with statistics and information on the use of the Site and newsletters, on the
satisfaction of services and / or initiatives.
5. Data processors and managers
5.1. Owner and persons in charge of processing. scopezan® is the Data Controller within the activities of the Website The administrators, shareholders, employees and collaborators of the Data Controller (regardless of the
specific contractual title), may process the Data as persons in charge of processing, in accordance with Article 30 of the Privacy
Code. The persons in charge are appropriately trained and equipped with specific prerogatives that allow access to the Data in
accordance with the Information and according to the duties covered and the positions assumed.

5.2. Responsible for the treatment. The Data Controller may designate as data processors, for the purposes of the Privacy
Code, internal subjects or external subjects, such as professionals (tax and legal) and third-party companies in particular,
providers and service providers). The complete list of any data processors may be requested by the interested parties by
contacting the Data Controller at the email address referred to in Article 7.1. of the Information. In accordance with the
Regulations, the Data Controller is not obliged to designate a data protection officer.
5.3. Limits. The persons in charge, as well as any responsible persons designated for the processing, are suitably trained and
equipped with specific prerogatives that allow access to the Data according to the duties covered and the positions assumed
and in accordance with the Information.
6. Processing methods and security measures
6.1. Processing methods. The Data of the Interested parties are processed almost exclusively automatically, by means of
computer systems or in limited cases manually, in any case with logic strictly connected to the purposes for which they were
collected and in order to guarantee their security, in compliance with Article 11 of the Code of Privacy.
6.2. Place of data processing. The data processing is carried out within the European Union at the headquarters of the Data
Controller, in Italy, and / or of any managers (in particular, providers and service providers), the headquarters of which is in
any case within the ‘European Union. In particular, the data of the interested parties are stored in one or more electronic
databases, hosted on the server located in the headquarters of the owner and / or provider.
6.3. Data retention times. The Data are kept for the period of time necessary to carry out the purposes for which they were
collected, until the consent is revoked (for example, for sending the scopezan newsletter), except for the mandatory ones
which are kept within the limits of law.

6.4. Dissemination or transfer. Except for the data that the Interested parties, for various reasons, decide to publish on
the Site (for example, the Author publishes a Contribution with some Data to himself or to referable third parties), the Data
processed are not subject to disclosure. There is no provision for the transfer of data to third parties without prior
anonymization. The Owner may transfer the Data of Advertisers who are not natural persons.
7. Rights of the interested parties
7.1. Rights. Navigators, Authors and Advertisers natural persons can contact the Data Controller, or the manager designated
by the same, to exercise the rights provided for by the Privacy Code (article 7, fully reproduced below) and by the Regulations
(articles 15, 16, 17), and, in particular, to access the Data, request its correction and updating, oppose the processing for
legitimate reasons (with the effects referred to in the Information), by sending an email to info[at] or, in
relation to the newsletter, through the appropriate unsubscribe function or by following the instructions published on the Site.
7.2. Complaint. Without prejudice to the above, in accordance with the provisions of articles 13 and 15 of the Regulation, the
interested natural persons may lodge a complaint with the Guarantor, for the purpose of exercising the aforementioned rights.