Remove stretch marks: 9 measures + 6 tips for prevention

Stretch marks are caused by weight gain, pregnancy or puberty. The small red-purple cracks in the skin are completely harmless and natural. Nevertheless, many sufferers wish to get rid of the unsightly scars quickly. Here you can find out how stretch marks form and what you can do about them.

What stretch marks actually are

At first they look like red-blue bruises that run in wavy lines over certain areas of the skin. After a while, however, the cracks fade and become shimmering white scars. Not only women are affected by stretch marks, men are also familiar with the small unsightly cracks in the skin. Regardless of gender, age or weight – anyone can be affected. However, there are some tricks and treatments that will make them fade.

Stretch marks are also known medically as striae cutis or striae distansae . In principle, they can arise anywhere where there are fat reserves. This affects the chest, thighs, buttocks, stomach and upper arms the most.

In our skin and hypodermis, the fibers collagen and elastin ensure that the connective tissue is held together. A rapid increase in body mass, for example during pregnancy, puts extreme strain on these fibers. The result: the connective tissue overstretches and tears. Small grooves appear in the upper layer of the skin, which shimmer violet, blue or reddish . We see this color because our blood vessels are visible under the skin. It may sound like an unpleasant procedure, but we cannot feel the formation of stretch marks.

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Causes of stretch marks

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that promote the development of stretch marks. The unsightly small cracks often form during pregnancy – that’s why they are also known as ” stretch marks “. After all, within a few months, the abdomen has to expand considerably – the skin cannot withstand the strain and tears. This affects almost 30 percent of all pregnant women. However, a hormonal change, especially during puberty, favors the formation of the unsightly stripes – in both men and women.

Another typical cause of stretch marks is rapid weight or muscle gain . Because with the rapid growth of mass, whether fat or muscle, the connective tissue cannot keep up. Instead of producing new collagen or elastin quickly enough, the hypodermis tears open. Likewise, a longer treatment or a strong endogenous release of cortisone can cause the unloved scars. The same applies to certain infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or typhus.

The bad news: Stretch marks can also be genetic . Those who are born with weak connective tissue or sensitive skin are more prone to the small tears over the course of their lives. Unfortunately, this affects women in particular: Their connective tissue is naturally weaker than that of men.

Prevent stretch marks

The most effective way to get rid of stretch marks is to prevent them from forming in the first place. This is not difficult either, provided you pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and the right skin care. However, it is not always possible to take preventive measures – sensitive skin is very likely to tear at least something during pregnancy. Even those who are still growing know that the likelihood of stretch marks is not exactly small. You can take the following preventive measures:

1. Take a cold shower : A shower alternating between hot and cold should help above all. This stimulates the blood circulation and stimulates the connective tissue.
2. Eat healthily and drink plenty of fluids: Proper nutrition is very important for healthy skin. Little sugar and salt, but many nutrients from fruit and vegetables. Equally important: Always drink enough .
3. Maintaining the weight: Both rapid weight gain and loss damage connective tissue. It is also possible to gain weight in a healthy – and not excessive – way during pregnancy.
4. Do sports:Keep moving regularly. Whether it’s a half-hour walk or the gym: Sporting activities promote blood circulation and keep the skin firm.
5. Regular massages : In general, anything that stimulates blood circulation is good for the skin. Whether plucking, kneading or pressing: With a regular massage you can prevent the small cracks in the skin.
6. Applying lotion : Proper personal hygiene is very important for many reasons. With the right active ingredients, you can promote and maintain the build-up of collagen and elastin and moisturize the skin . Excellent for this: hyaluronic acid , panthenol, vitamin A serums or lotions containing caffeine.

Remove stretch marks: The most effective methods

If the first red-blue cracks appear under the skin, you can only contain the damage at first. If the cracks have already healed into scars, there are a few ways to fade them. However, you should know that your skin will not fully regenerate. The good news: You don’t have to dig that deep into your pocket to get a more even complexion. With the right home remedies and a healthy lifestyle , you can already do a lot.

Eat healthy and drink a lot

In order to support your body’s processes and its regeneration, you should always ensure that you drink enough fluids . But not only the right drinking is important, but also what you eat through your diet. Over – acidification of the body – especially the pathological form of acidosis – can promote the formation of stretch marks, for example. To avoid this, your diet should consist of little meat, dairy products, eggs, sugar and coffee. Instead, incorporate more vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts into your diet. You can find out here how you can achieve an alkaline diet .

natural oils

The easiest and cheapest way to treat your stretch marks is with proper personal hygiene. The best way to do this is with natural oils, serums and ointments . Try to apply lotion to your body regularly – preferably every day. Castor oil and marigold ointment keep the skin supple, give it moisture and also support cell regeneration.

Vitamin A acid is said to be particularly effective in the fight against stretch marks. Under no circumstances should you use the suppleness-giving active ingredient during pregnancy. The most effective oils include: jojoba oil , almond oil and sesame oil . They are all rich in vitamins A and E – both support the regeneration of the skin and counteract oxidative stress.

The medicinal plant aloe vera also provides the skin with a lot of moisture and improves its elasticity. To do this, cut a stalk of aloe vera from the plant and place it in a glass of water for about an hour . The rather harmful sap of the plant can run off in this way. Then you cut open the aloe vera and distribute the soothing gel on the affected areas. After drying, you can wash the gel off again.

Incidentally, cocoa butter is also said to work like a miracle cure. The effects it is said to have include healing and skin rejuvenation.

creams and ointments

For your daily body care you can also use special creams against cellulite . Using these alone is not particularly effective, but they can improve the complexion somewhat. Pay attention to the specified ingredients: The cream should preferably contain the protein collagen and be rich in natural active ingredients.


This method doesn’t sound very pleasant, but it is particularly effective: Microneedling . This is a roller with fine needles . You run this over the stretch marks you want to get rid of. The thin needles prick tiny holes in the skin. This stimulates the cells to activate their healing processes. As a result, your skin forms new collagen and elastin. These in turn stabilize the skin and make it plump. The best thing about the method is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home . Alternatively, you can of course also be treated by a beautician .


Massages are not only suitable for preventing stretch marks. To help fade your scars, you should massage your skin with oils regularly. An effective method is the plucking massage . You take small rolls of skin between your thumb and forefinger and pull them up and away. This will most likely not feel comfortable for you – but it shouldn’t hurt under any circumstances. You can also use this treatment preventively during pregnancy. It is very important that you omit the area above the pubic bone , otherwise the uterus could be irritated.

You can make your own massage oil from natural and essential oils . Use oils that have lipid substances and help regulate the moisture barrier . Almond, sesame, olive, evening primrose , castor oil and coconut oil are best suited . You can use these individually or combine them as you wish. Essential oils such as lavender or lemon also have a calming effect and are good for the skin. Start by rubbing the oils between your hands while warm, then massage them into the skin in circular motions.

Laser stretch marks

If tried-and-tested home remedies and regular massages don’t help, a visit to a dermatologist could put an end to your scars. The treatment, while effective, will cost you around $300. The price is usually calculated according to the body areas to be treated. You will probably have a few sessions, and visible successes will only appear after a few weeks or months.

The so-called fractional laser is said to be particularly effective. The stretch marks are selectively irradiated with countless small flashes of light. This procedure stimulates the body’s own collagen production and cell regeneration. In order to heal the small wounds, the body creates new tissue, which in turn reduces the visibility of the tears. Fractional lasering leaves no crusting or visible wounds . Instead, your skin may become red or slightly swollen.


You can use a little trick to get rid of your stretch marks, at least temporarily. All you need is a self-tanner . This little miracle cure evens out your skin tone and the color of your scars. Of course, you should tan your entire body – and not just the stretch marks. Incidentally, self-tanning is actually the healthiest way of tanning. You can find out how to use the cream correctly here .

to do sports

When it comes to mental and physical health, exercise is essential. Endurance activity boosts circulation and blood flow, burns fat, and tones your body. To name just a few of the positive effects of exercise. Incidentally, a healthy diet combined with regular exercise is the most effective way to combat cellulite .

You don’t have to rush to the gym every other day to do something good for your skin. A half-hour walk, bike ride, or light jog will suffice—as long as you do it regularly.

Remember to take a quick, cold shower after exercising – this also stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

stretch marks on the chest

If the breast grows quickly or is exposed to enormous strain, the unloved cracks will quickly appear on the thin skin. A well-fitting bra is essential to prevent unsightly scars from forming in the first place . It should give the breasts enough support without pressing them in. A suitable sports bra is therefore particularly important . It should protect the breast from rapid and bumpy movements and relieve the connective tissue.

Tips for the right care routine

For the most effective way to fade your stretch marks, try to follow each tip. The best way to do this is to incorporate them into your everyday routine. The best way to start your day is with a large glass of water . If you have a little time in the morning, a round of jogging will give you the perfect wake-up boost while also tightening your skin in the long run. After exercising, you first take a short hot shower and then switch to cold water . Exfoliation also promotes blood circulation in your skin and at the same time loosens dead skin cells. This makes your entire skin look more radiant and smooth.

After the shower – which is probably more suitable for the evening routine – you should cream your body with a nourishing lotion or with natural oils . If you’re using a body oil, try to work it into your skin in a circular motion. Incidentally, these routine habits not only beautify your skin – they can also strengthen your immune system and increase your performance .

accept yourself

It is always possible that you will never completely get rid of your stretch marks or that they become unavoidable due to pregnancy, for example. But that’s not a bad thing – the bluish cracks, which are initially unsightly, fade over time. At some point, stretch marks are only noticeable at second glance. You should also be aware that almost everyone has some. Stretch marks are not a blemish – they are completely natural.

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