Soft Diet for Children

When a child has inflammation and irritation of the stomach lining, a change in eating habits is recommended, emphasizing a soft diet. This refers to a set of foods that are easy to digest and chew, which avoid overloading the digestive system; but that provide the essential nutritional values ​​for a speedy recovery.

Eating and chewing calmly is essential to start digestion; the oral apparatus is in charge of grinding food, the smaller these pieces are, the better they will be processed by enzymes. These enzymes come from saliva, which begins to form a bolus, where carbohydrates begin to be digested before reaching the stomach.

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Main Enemy.

Refined sugar is the main enemy of the child, he is constantly being bombarded by it, in the advertisements that promote sweets, juices and sodas. Contains irritative acids of the stomach lining.

You should know that studies have recorded the stimulation of sugar in the brain, being similar to the addiction that intoxicants cause in drug addicts. Remember that it has no nutritional value, on the contrary it favors decalcification by preventing the absorption of this mineral.

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Don’t make your child addicted, don’t let sugar rob him of the calcium he needs to grow and play (by intervening in muscle contraction).

Substitute sugar little by little from the diet until it is banished.

Don’t accustom your child’s taste buds to high sugar levels. Sweeten with honey, raisins, prunes, panela, molasses, stevia , fresh cane juice, beets, bananas. Adapt your child to enjoy the natural sweetness of fruits.

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Foods for a Soft Diet

Soft Diet for Children

  • Meats: chicken, turkey and fish are recommended, steamed or baked, never fried. Banish meats prepared in sausages and canned products, for their high content of preservatives, irritants of the stomach lining.
  • Whole grains: instead of ready-made chemical formulas; It is recommended as a soft diet: oats, barley and brown rice.
  • Milk: preferably skimmed since the whole milk is transformed into lactic acid capable of generalizing acidity. Yogurt and cow butter are recommended.
  • Seeds: with oils that are favorable for your brain development (almonds, walnuts, flaxseed, sesame).
  • Vegetables: most are recommended thanks to their easy digestion and fiber content. Banana, carrot, celery, potato, chayota, avocado stand out.
  • Fruits: the milky, apple and pears are emphasized to cure gastritis. Avoid mixing the fruits, they are better digested separately, if you cannot do it, take care that the sweets are not mixed with the acidic ones (eg pineapple with milky). Do not allow to consume acidic fruits with carbohydrates (eg bread with passion fruit juice) this combination causes an acid discomfort in the stomach immediately.
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Do not include unnatural foods: mustard, ketchup, vinegar, pepitos, candy, soda, mayonnaise, margarine, etc.

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Basic requirements

Prepare your meal with adequate percentages of carbohydrates 50%, proteins 15%, preferably unsaturated fatty acids 15%, minerals, vitamins and vegetable fiber 20%; to meet your daily requirements. As for minerals, those in greatest demand are: calcium, iron and zinc.

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-Don’t get used to drinking juices with food, better give them these mid-morning or mid-afternoon. To avoid being thirsty when eating, plan to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating, this will promote digestion.

-From always freshly prepared food to your children, other than from previous days, the food stored in the refrigerator, check its condition well and heat it, remember that bacteria reproduce in the refrigerator.

-Do not buy food for children in the supermarket, already prepared. Make your own snacks: cookies, jellies, jams, compotes, granola, yogurt, corn cake, carrot or squash, etc. to ensure what your child consumes.

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-Don’t buy things made for ease, if at some point you don’t have time, use a handy, well-washed fruit. Avoid giving fruit in syrup.

– Prepare your soups using infusion water that is favorable for digestion and gastritis (cardamom, basil, boldo)


– Juice : Milky with yerba buena, Pineapple with yogurt and cardamom, panela with cucumber.

– Banana , oatmeal and raisin smoothie

– Beet soup with yogurt and basil

Teach your child to reason, that he understands, not everything he likes is beneficial for his body. As a parent, be part of this change, so they can have a healthy life.

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