Sparkling water maker: 3 tips to buy + 6 tips to use

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective in the long term and user-friendly – soda makers have many advantages. They can quickly convert your tap water into refreshing sparkling water, so that you can save yourself the hassle of carrying crates in the future. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about sparkling water makers and give tips on how to use them.

Sparkling water maker for cheap sparkling water

It doesn’t matter whether it’s still or sparkling mineral water – lugging around crates is tiresome in the long run. While those with a preference for still water can simply drink tap water, those who prefer drinking sparkling water are often left with no choice but to lug around crates of water. However, you can now easily carbonate plain tap water yourself. With the help of water bubblers, this can be done in your kitchen within seconds. Annoying lugging of boxes is no longer necessary for you.

Not only your energy and time, but also your wallet will be spared in the long run. Purchasing a high-quality sparkling water maker will pay off over time . Buying cases of water can be expensive in the long run. Tap water, on the other hand, is very cheap.

Purchasing the CO2 cylinders that make the water bubble can be expensive at first. However, one cylinder can provide carbonation for 60 liters of sparkling water. Prices of 8 to 9 euros per cylinder are permanently cheaper than buying a crate of water, which can cost between 2.50 and 10 euros on average, depending on the brand. However, while you get 60 liters for the price of a cylinder with a sparkling water maker, you only get 12 liters when you buy a case of water.

What a water bubbler is anyway

A sparkling water maker adds carbonation to your non-carbonated tap water. It works as follows: You attach a container with carbon dioxide, the so-called CO2 cylinder , to the device . Depending on the device, you now take a glass or plastic bottle, fill it with tap water and attach it to the water bubbler. With the push of a button, part of the carbon dioxide escapes from the container and gets into the tap water. Depending on how often or how long you press the button, more or less carbonic acid gets into your tap water. Finally, you simply take your water bottle out of the device and pour fresh sparkling water into your glass.

Tips for buying a soda maker

If you want to buy a water bubbler, you should be aware of the differences between the different models. There are a few important factors to consider when making your purchase so that you can find the right device for you.

Glass bottles or plastic bottles?

The different sparkling water makers usually come with their own bottles that fit perfectly into the device. Not only can the sparkling water maker work optimally, the bottles also come with matching lids on the shelf, which enable you to transport your sparkling water in the bottles safely.

In addition, you also protect the environment by using reusable bottles, as you do without the use of countless plastic bottles. Not only do you save yourself the long transport route, but the water itself also does without additional kilometers. There is usually a long way between bottling and the consumer. The ecological balance of the water suffers as a result. However, if you use tap water, it does not take any additional way.

It is even better to use glass bottles. While some water bubblers come with glass bottles, others rely on plastic bottles. Although you can already greatly reduce your plastic consumption with a soda maker, glass bottles are particularly suitable because they are environmentally friendly and robust.

If you still choose a soda maker with plastic bottles, you should make sure that they are BPA-free. Bisphenol A – BPA for short – is said to be harmful to health and, above all, to influence the hormone balance. Possible consequences include reduced reproductive capacity and precocity in children. Exactly how harmful the substance is is still a matter of controversy. In some products, such as baby bottles, the use of the substance is now banned.

Sparkling Water Makers: Popular Brands

Various providers have water bubblers in their range, which differ in a few key factors. There are also significant differences in price. We present some sparkling water makers so that you can choose a good device.


The Sodastream brand is the market leader in the field of sparkling water makers. The company has been producing water bubblers in various designs for many years. There are numerous devices with different dimensions and functions.

Sodastream Crystal : The Sodastream Crystal differs from the other models by its elegant design and its associated glass carafe, which holds about 0.6 liters. In addition to the device itself, you also get a CO2 cylinder and a screw cap when you buy it. The device is about half a meter high, 26 centimeters deep and 16 centimeters wide. The Sodastream Crystal costs around 160 euros.
Sodastream Easy : The Sodastream Easy is available in different colors and is characterized by its simple design. It comes with a PET bottle that holds up to one liter. There is also a CO2 cylinder when you buy it. The device is 43 centimeters high, 14 centimeters deep, 20 centimeters wide and costs around 100 euros.
Soda Stream Power: The Sodastream Power is characterized by its particularly easy handling. You can easily snap the one-liter PET bottle into the device without having to make any additional settings. In addition to the bottle and the soda stream itself, you will receive a CO2 cylinder when you buy it. The device is 42 centimeters high, 22 centimeters deep, 12 centimeters wide and costs around 200 euros.

Kitchenaid sparkling water maker

The Kitchenaid brand also sells high-quality water bubblers in addition to stand mixers and other kitchen appliances. The typically rounded design of the Kitchenaid products can also be found in the sparkling water maker. The device has a CO2 display and thus differs from many other water bubblers. Here, too, you get a plastic bottle with a capacity of one liter and a CO2 cylinder. The Kitchenaid sparkling water maker is about 45 centimeters high, 28 centimeters deep, 20 centimeters wide and costs around 299 euros.

Levivo sparkling water maker

The Levivo sparkling water maker comes in a starter set with two plastic bottles and a CO2 cylinder. You simply snap the bottle into the holder provided so that the carbon dioxide can get into the water. The device is about 42 centimeters high, 19 centimeters wide, 25 centimeters deep and costs around 90 euros.

Water bubbler from Aarke

The Aarke water bubbler or Aarke Carbonator II is available in different colors and comes with a PET bottle. The slim design gives the device a modern look. The water bubbler is 41 centimeters high, 15 centimeters wide and 26 centimeters deep. You do not receive a CO2 cylinder when you buy the water bubbler. You have to buy this separately, but CO2 cylinders from Sodastream also fit here. The Aarke water bubbler costs around 176 euros.

Find the right device for you

With all the choices, it can happen that you lose track of your needs . So make sure beforehand what your sparkling water maker should be able to do. Set yourself a price limit if you don’t want to spend too much money. Also consider the space you have available in your kitchen. If you have a rather small kitchen, you should choose a smaller device such as the Sodastream Power. If you don’t want to use your sparkling water maker every day, you should also consider storing it in a kitchen cupboard so that it takes up less space.

You should also consider the amount you drink when making your selection. If you drink a lot of water every day, you should better use a device with a 1-liter container so that you don’t have to bubble new water several times a day. Even if several people use the device, a larger container is worthwhile.

Use the sparkling water maker correctly

Sparkling water makers are user-friendly and easy to use. The sparkling water is prepared quickly within a few seconds. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to a few things when using your sparkling water maker so that you can benefit from using the device for a long time.

keep bottles clean

To prevent germs from forming, you should definitely pay attention to hygiene and clean your bottles regularly and well. This works best in the dishwasher. The bottles should be dishwasher safe to avoid damaging them during cleaning. You should replace them daily after each use, otherwise the bottles can quickly become contaminated.

Avoid drinking straight from the bottles. This can also promote contamination , especially if you put the bottle in the sparkling water maker without first cleaning it. In this way, germs can get from the neck of the bottle to the nozzle of the device and spread to other bottles.

Test the quality of the tap water

To be sure of the good quality of your water , you can test your tap water. This can be done either with a professional test or simply by means of a self-test . You can order these tests online or get them at the pharmacy and determine the results yourself. So you can not only identify impurities, but also determine the pH value and water hardness.

Although the quality of drinking water in Germany is generally very good, contamination can occasionally occur. Harmful nitrates from fertilizers can get into drinking water due to intensive agriculture. However, the limit value is rarely exceeded.

Drug residues can also be found in the water. The sewage treatment plants can filter out many residues. However, some drug residues may remain in the water. According to the Federal Environment Agency, however, German tap water can be drunk without any problems. If you are still unsure, you can check your water using a self-test.

Use cold water

For a sparkling drinking experience, you should use cold water, because the water can absorb more CO2 and is therefore even more sparkling. You also need less carbon dioxide for the desired fizzy effect and you can use your CO2 cylinder for longer. This way you can save money in the long run .

Cold water can also prevent contamination of the water. Bacteria and germs need warm temperatures to multiply. That’s why a lot of food is kept in the fridge. The cold refrigerator temperatures prevent harmful germs and bacteria from multiplying. It is therefore better to keep your water in the fridge.

Clean the water bubbler

Not only the bottles, but also the sparkling water maker itself should be cleaned regularly to prevent contamination. This applies in particular to the nozzle through which the carbon dioxide enters the bottle. Germs can quickly form here because the bottle and nozzle touch.

You can clean your sparkling water maker with citric acid , for example. To do this, put an appropriate amount of the product in the bottle (note the instructions for use) and fill up the rest of the bottle with warm tap water. Now attach the bottle to your sparkling water maker and briefly press the button that directs the carbon dioxide into the bottle. You should leave the sparkling water maker at this point for 10 to 15 minutes so that the citric acid can take effect in the nozzle. Then you should rinse everything well and clean the nozzle with clear water so that no residue of the citric acid remains.

If your sparkling water maker is calcified , it may no longer work properly. Then you should clean and descale it well. To do this, you have to disassemble the sparkling water maker and soak the individual parts in vinegar water for a few minutes. Then you should rinse everything well so that no vinegar residue remains in the sparkling water maker. You should dry each part well so that you do not install it wet.

Convert water bubbler

With the sparkling water maker you can not only make sparkling water, but also many other drinks. For example, you can use the sparkling water maker to make delicious champagne from plain white wine. You can enrich many drinks with a little carbonic acid and thus create a particularly refreshing drink. However, you should then thoroughly clean your sparkling water maker.

Water bubbler for better drinking habits

If you have problems getting the recommended 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, you can use a soda maker to reconsider your drinking habits and easily prepare sparkling water yourself. You have an overview of your daily drinking amount and can use the bottles to better estimate how much liquid you have already consumed today. Instead of always having to buy new water bottles, you can simply draw your water from the tap. This saves you a few shopping trips and all you have to do to drink is turn on the tap.

Proper drinking habits are important for your health. The body consists of 70 percent water. During the day, the body loses some fluids, for example through sweating. You should compensate for this loss of fluid throughout the day by drinking enough water. With the help of a sparkling water maker, you can upgrade simple tap water so that you may drink more water and sometimes even be able to do without soft drinks. This can contribute to healthy and fast weight loss .


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