The 5 best Pilates exercises for your stomach

Abdominal pain often conceals a spasm of the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. Pilates can help relieve this tension and increase your physical and mental wellbeing. The method particularly strengthens the abdominal and core muscles in the middle of the body – called “powerhouse” in Pilates. Integrate these exercises into your everyday life for a powerful and at the same time relaxed center.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to strengthen your core with Pilates
  • Which exercises especially help against abdominal cramps

1. Basis for the Pilates exercises: Active powerhouse

Lie on your back with your  knees bent. The arms lie  next to the body. Exhale gently, pull  your navel towards your spine as you exhale  and activate your pelvic floor . Keep breathing calmly. Continue to hold your navel  in a slightly retracted position. With the  powerhouse activated, start the other  exercises.

2. Get your stomach moving: Rhythmic swing

Lie on your back, bend your legs at 90 ° and take a deep breath. As you exhale, lift your head, shoulders and arms at the same time and tense your stomach. Now move your arms up and down, breathing in and out rhythmically . As you exhale, put your arms and upper body back on the floor, put your legs down one after the other, and relax again (2 repetitions).

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3. Exercise for the core of the body: Powerful extension

Lie on your stomach, forehead on your hands, heels touch and the powerhouse is activated. When you breathe out, lift your closed legs off the floor; when you breathe in, lower your legs again. Make sure that the legs are as straight as possible and the shoulders are low (6 repetitions).

4. Dynamic and focused: Mindful role

Sit up straight and pull your legs towards your body. Then enclose it with your hands. Take a deep breath and straighten your back. The powerhouse is activated when you exhale, the lumbar vertebrae rounded. The next time you inhale, roll backwards. In this position the shoulders are in contact with the ground and the head remains in the air. With the next exhalation you will come back to the upright position. The exercise then starts over (5 repetitions).

5. Completion of our Pilates program: Active support

Sit with your legs stretched out. Lean back as you exhale, your arms go into support . As you inhale, lift your hips so your body forms a line . The next time you exhale, lift your right leg straight up, while you inhale lower it again. Maintain body tension . Then repeat the exercise with your left leg (6 repetitions).

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