The Story of Deniz Çelik’s Return to Life with Neurorehabilitation

Deniz Çelik, a security guard in Istanbul, fell from a high spot a year ago to clean up. When he was taken to the hospital, his breathing had stopped. When doctors brought him back to life, it was found that his left side was paralyzed . Deniz Çelik is now able to walk after a year of neurorehabilitation treatment.

Thanks to neurorehabilitation and comprehensive physical therapy , Deniz Çelik, who was paralyzed as a result of an accident and whose physical activities were restricted, can now walk thanks to comprehensive physical therapy and neurorehabilitation.

Deniz Çelik’s Son: I said, “Come on dad, you can do it”, and I assured him. That’s how I opened my eyes.

They said you can’t walk at all. He didn’t give up, he tried. After a year of being bedridden, he got up again. Deniz Celik is 42 years old. He became bedridden as a result of an accident a year ago.

Deniz Çelik: There are security offices at work, I climbed on them and fell while I was washing them at night. Of course I don’t remember there. I hit my head against the wall when I fell.

Deniz Çelik’s Wife: Deniz went to the hospital with zero breathing. There, Deniz dies today, in a 2-month period, we have always lived like this.

Deniz Çelik did not give up and performed the miracle.

prof. Dr. Engin Çakar : We took him for comprehensive neurorehabilitation as soon as he left the intensive care unit. Deniz Bey only had such a vague movement on his arm. And at first we got support to get up early from the robotic bed , physiotherapy procedures in bed for limbs to play . He later did robotic walking .

Deniz Çelik’s 7-year-old son was inspired by his father’s doctors and began to dream of becoming a doctor.

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Deniz Çelik’s Son: I want to be a doctor and a scientist. This is how I will help and support my father. I took his hand and helped him to walk first. Then after a long time I started playing games with him.

Deniz Çelik can now walk easily. He does not leave the hand of his family, who supports him, even for a moment.

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