This is how much your period will cost you over the course of your life

Abdominal pain, blemished skin and the like – all of this and much more may be normal for you when you have your period . However, menstruation can not only be annoying, but also really expensive.

Your period is so expensive

On average, women spend more than 2,200 days of their life menstruating – and during this time some menstrual products such as pads, tampons, cups or period underwear are needed. These things can really hit the wallet. Surveys and calculations show just how much!

UK survey: period costs as much as a small car

The British discount portal Money Saving Heroes asked 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 45 about their period in a survey . This was not only about the consumption of menstrual products, but also painkillers, sweets for hunger pangs and other necessary hygiene products. On average, this is what British women spent per month on their period:

  • 14 euros for pads, tampons, cups and panty liners
  • 9 euros for new underwear (due to leakage)
  • 5 euros for painkillers
  • 10 euros for sweets
  • 8 euros for other things (heating patches, magazines, hygiene items)

If you add up all these costs, the costs amount to about 46 euros per month, which is 552 euros every year.

On average, women menstruate between the ages of 13 and 51 – than 38 years. A woman experiences an average of 456 periods in her life. That’s about 2,280 days – or 6.25 years of your life. With 450 periods in life, the cost of the period is around 20,700 euros. You could afford a small car with that!

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How much does a period cost for German women?

In July 2019, the Hamburg market research institute Splendid Research surveyed 1,014 German women between the ages of 15 and 49. The result: tampons are still the most used menstrual product. 76 percent of respondents use tampons.

So here is an example calculation for women who use tampons. There are about 64 tampons in a large pack – depending on the brand, the pack costs around 5 euros in the drugstore or supermarket. According to the manufacturer, tampons should be changed every six hours at the latest – otherwise there is an increased risk of toxic shock syndrome . That means you need four tampons a day. So for a five-day cycle, you need 20 tampons per period.

If you have your period between the ages of 13 and 51, you will need 9,120 tampons for your 456 periods. With a pack size of 64 you need 143 packs. If a pack costs five euros, you pay 715 euros.

715 euros for 38 years of menstruation may not sound that expensive. But keep in mind that 20 tampons per period is very strict. If you’re bleeding heavily, you’ll probably change your tampon more often – or your menstruation lasts seven days instead of five. Also, you may also have some tampons rolling around in your pockets, some of which you lose or give to friends as well.

The invoice is not possible for sanitary towels and panty liners. Because here it depends very much on the bleeding, how often you have to change your pad. However, the price range should also be quite similar to that of tampons.

Menstrual cups: a cheap alternative?

Menstrual cups are currently very well known. According to Splendid Research, 88 percent of women know about the reusable cups. However, only about 13 percent use the cup regularly. The number is likely to increase steadily in the future.

Depending on the manufacturer, menstrual cups currently cost between 15 and 30 euros – that seems expensive compared to a large pack of tampons. According to the manufacturers, however, the cups can be used for between five and ten years if they are handled properly. So you buy an expensive cup for 30 euros and use it for five years. Then your period will cost you around 228 euros in your life. In the long run, menstrual cups are really a cheaper alternative.

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