What Causes Hot Flashes in Men?

Hot flashes in men often occur with other symptoms such as erectile dysfunction (impotence), loss of sexual desire, and mood swings. Hot flashes in men can be the result of depression or anxiety and various medical conditions. You can find more information below.

What is hot flashes in men?

Hot flashes are a sudden and above-normal temperature sensation in the body that is not caused by the physical environment. Symptoms that may accompany fever include unexplained, excessive sweating and reddening of the skin. These sensations are usually most strongly felt in the head and groin areas.

While this situation mostly affects menopausal and pre-menopausal women, hot flashes are also possible in men and are actually a cause of complaints for many men. So, are men’s hot flashes similar to women’s? What should be done about it? We examine this issue in detail below.

Are men really affected by hot flashes?

Yes, hot flashes can occur in men too. Hot flashes are often experienced by women, especially as they enter menopause. Hot flashes are less common in men than women, but can have more serious consequences. If a man is affected by it, he may experience impotence and decreased libido. However, hot flashes are shorter in men than in women.

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Common cause of hot flashes in men: Male menopause (andropause)

Male menopause , also known as andropause , is a commonly used term for a set of symptoms developed by some men in their 40s or 50s. Just like menopause in women, the cause of this in men is often related to hormones. However, some men may experience this condition even if their hormone levels are normal.

Some (though not all) men who suffer from andropause experience symptoms such as anxiety , depression, loss of sex drive, and erectile dysfunction . Symptoms like these can really affect overall well-being and sense of self, so it’s important for men to know about menopause symptoms and try to resolve them.

Other causes of hot flashes in men

Hot flashes in men can occur as a result of the following possible causes:

1. Androgen deprivation therapy

The majority of hot flashes in men occur due to the treatment of androgen deprivation, especially in men receiving treatment for prostate cancer . This is because androgen affects testosterone levels, which causes hot flashes in men. However , there is no rule that all men who receive androgen deprivation therapy due to prostate cancer treatment will experience hot flashes. Medical evaluation is required to learn more about the subject.

2- Late-onset hypogonadism

Another cause of hot flashes in men is late-onset hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a condition in which the testicles produce abnormally low amounts of hormones. If hot flashes are a new symptom, it may be due to advancing age, obesity or type 2 diabetes . If this is the case, the affected person should seek medical diagnosis and treatment.

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3- Stress, depression and anxiety

If any man is experiencing hot flashes and his hormone levels are also normal, the cause may not be medical. Some mental processes such as stress, depression and anxiety disorder are also among the possible causes of hot flashes in men. If you’re not sure what causes hot flashes, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor.

How do men get hot flashes?

Men can take measures to prevent hot flashes, such as:

  • Reduce your alcohol intake : Higher-than-average alcohol intake is a common trigger for hot flashes.
  • Quit smoking: Quitting smoking can reduce hot flashes in men, in addition to providing a number of health benefits.
  • Avoid coffee and spicy foods: Coffee and spicy foods can make a person hot and sweat more than usual.
  • Try to dress loosely instead of tight-fitting clothes because tight clothing is a common cause of hot flashes and sweating.

How do men get hot flashes and fatigue?

If any man has hot flashes and fatigue, he can do the following to ease the bothersome symptoms:

  • Keeping your room cool and well ventilated will help. Using a fan or sitting closer to a window and away from radiators can help you relax.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics and opt for cotton instead. These not only keep you cooler, but also allow sweat to evaporate quickly.
  • Avoid taking a hot shower. Daily showers with lukewarm rather than very hot water will keep your overall temperature lower.
  • Try to stay calm. Hot flashes in men often trigger anxiety, which leads to feeling more hot in the body.
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