What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift? How is it done?

What is a non-surgical face lift? How is it done? What’s the price? What options are there? Is it healthy? Are there any harm? You can find the answers to all these questions and much more below.

What is a non-surgical face lift?

A non- surgical facelift is the use of minimally invasive non-surgical procedures to counteract the effects of aging, rejuvenate and refresh your appearance. It is not a single procedure or treatment, but a combination of several procedures and treatments.

Beauticians use non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers to create a rejuvenated appearance . This is one of the most common procedures and is popular with people whose faces start to lose ‘volume’ over the years.

Doctors replace this loss of volume, which can often be seen on the cheeks, temples, lips, around the mouth and under the eyes, with ‘fillers’ to help create a youthful and energetic appearance. Alternatively, certain types of fillers can stretch the skin without adding extra volume.

Advantages of non-surgical facelift

The salient feature of non-surgical facelift procedures is that, unlike surgical facelifts, they do not require large incisions, general anesthesia or hospitalization. People who come out of the procedure can return home with peace of mind immediately after the treatment.

By comparison, rhytidectomy , a facelift surgery , is a surgical procedure. Surgical results are more impressive, but because it is invasive, it has certain risks and higher complication rates.

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Non-surgical face lift types

There are several types of non -surgical facelift techniques, so it is necessary to tailor treatments to meet each person’s unique needs. Problems like fine lines, deep wrinkles, thinning lips, loss of facial volume, and other types are usually easy to deal with.

Here are the non-surgical facelift procedures:

1- Dermal dolgu

As explained above, the most important example of non -surgical facelift procedures is dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are an injectable substance and changes become visible immediately after application.

What dermal fillers do is create youthful-looking vitality by ‘plumping up’ sunken areas and eliminating dark areas. When placed along the nasolabial folds (commonly known as ‘smile lines’) or the common wrinkles around the mouth and chin that appear with age, they can create a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.

Dermal fillers contain, among other ingredients, moisture-rich hyaluronic acid . Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin by retaining water and acts as a cushion and lubricant to reduce skin damage. The plumping and softening properties of fillers are usually between six months and one year.

2- Thread tensioning

Another non- surgical face lift procedure is thread lift. In this procedure, the doctor places very thin, absorbable threads on problem areas of the face to provide natural-looking lift. In a thread lift, unlike a surgical procedure, the doctor does not remove any of the loose skin.

As a result, the skin appears as if it has been pulled back slightly, making the face look younger with a ‘lifting’ and tightening effect.

In addition to lifting the skin, the threads trigger the body’s natural healing process, causing collagen to bounce off the treated areas. This is important because collagen plays a vital role; supports positive factors that significantly affect the condition of your skin.

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3- Botox

Botox, which is an important part of non -surgical face lift procedures, offers unique wrinkle reduction properties. Botox, which is generally used to correct wrinkles in the forehead and eyebrow area, can also be used for all kinds of wrinkles.

Botox, which temporarily relaxes the targeted muscle, smoothes the wrinkle lines. Although Botox does not provide instant wrinkle removal, the results will be visible within one to two weeks. The benefits of Botox can last up to three months.

4- Laser therapy

Laser treatments are another technique for non-surgical facelift . Laser treatment for wrinkles takes less than an hour and improves the quality and radiance of the skin by tightening the pores.

5- Micro needling

Micro needling is a popular treatment option that works on skin texture and improves open pores. Up to four sessions are needed, two to four weeks apart. It is sometimes supplemented with vitamin and antioxidant cocktails to maximize benefits.

6- Karboksiterapi

Carboxytherapy reduces the oxygen supply to the affected area of ​​the skin. This stimulates the brain to send more blood and nutrients to the treated area. This leads to more collagen formation and skin rejuvenation. Depending on the skin, this treatment may require one or more sessions per week for several weeks.

7- Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is a freezing technique applied to melt excess fat under the chin. It is done to give the face a defined jaw line and improve the lifting effect before other procedures for a facelift. The procedure requires one to two sessions, is painless.

8- Chemical peeling

A simple method for a non -surgical facelift is to use advanced chemical peels. This is a safe, non-surgical technique. Advanced chemical peels shrink large pores and improve overall skin quality.

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9- HIFU technology

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is the most advanced FDA-approved technology. It stimulates collagen production using ultrasound energy to achieve firmer skin. In addition to face lifting, it is also used a lot in jowl treatment. It is repeated annually and only one session is required.

Non-surgical face lift care

It is recommended to repeat non-surgical facelift procedures every few months for best results . However, in botox sessions, for example, the skin and muscles relax, and the expression lines do not deepen. This means that using less product can provide similar results in the future.

Similarly, as the hyaluronic acid in dermal fillers increases the production of collagen in the body, a strong scaffold layer will form under the skin. As a result, wrinkles will not be as deep as before, less filler syringes will be required.

Non-surgical face lift price

It is not legal to indicate prices on websites for centers determined and approved by the Ministry of Health. For this reason, you should contact the relevant polyclinics for the price of a non-surgical facelift .

As a result

Your face is your identity, so it is very important to make sure you choose the right hospital or medical center for your facelift procedure. First of all, which of these is the best and healthy for you should be researched by a doctor and decided accordingly.

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