What is Vagina Aesthetics? How is it done?

What is vaginal aesthetics? How is it done? Is it a difficult process? Who can do it? How is the vagina narrowed? Can lips be removed? You can find the answers to all these questions and much more below.

What is vaginal aesthetics?

Vagina aesthetic means; It means removing the folds of the irregular, drooping or wrinkled vaginal lip parts and then performing the aesthetic suture application that does not leave any traces. Vaginal aesthetics gives a beautiful appearance by eliminating these problems if there are stains and darkening on the skin surface in this area.

For which genital areas is vaginal aesthetics performed?

The genital areas where vaginal aesthetics are performed are listed as follows:

  • Vaginal area in general
  • Mons pubis, which is the upper part of the vaginal lips-top region
  • Labium minus, the small lips of the vagina
  • Labium majus, the large lips of the vagina

Vaginal aesthetics are the operations performed to remove the bad images in these genital areas.

What are the types of vaginal aesthetics?

Information about the types of vaginal aesthetics is as follows:

Labiaplasty (labium aesthetics)

The lips, known as the labium, are the thicker and fuller parts of the external genitalia. In time, sagging and elongation may occur in this area depending on aging or personal characteristics. The operation that removes the bad appearance caused by this situation is labiaplasty , also known as Labium aesthetics.

Especially when wearing bikinis and swimsuits, the problem of the genital area being raised is also eliminated with this operation. With the operation, the appearance of the drooping vaginal lip is definitely eliminated. After the labiaplasty operation, sexual intercourse should not be performed for a while within the period determined by the doctor.

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postpartum tear repair

In this aesthetic operation, vaginal tears that occur after the baby’s head does not come out easily during birth are removed. These tears, which make women very unhappy, are simply removed by applying local anesthesia to the scar tissues, while healthy tissues are brought together and joined with an aesthetic suture at the same level.

After the operation, a healthy and aesthetic appearance is obtained. After this operation, intercourse should not be done for 6 weeks to prevent possible complications.

What is vaginoplasty in vaginal aesthetics?

Vaginoplasty, which is one of the aesthetic operations in the vagina, is a vaginal tightening operation performed with classical surgical methods or laser. Vaginoplasty is the most well-known type of vagina aesthetics among the public. In cases where intravaginal enlargement occurs structurally or due to births over time, this aesthetic can be performed.

Such a problem creates problems in both sexual intercourse and living standards. In order to prevent these problems, the loosened tissues and excesses in the uterus are removed by surgical intervention and the narrowing process is applied. A healthy structure is obtained in the uterus by rejuvenating the surrounding tissues.

Recently,  vaginal aesthetics is performed without anesthesia via laser method  . The shortest and most comfortable method, laser and radiofrequency waves, is successfully used to narrow the vagina.

Who is Vaginal Aesthetics for?

People who have vaginal aesthetics are listed as follows:

  • People with larger, puffy and drooping vaginas
  • Those who complain of inner lip sagging
  • Those with congenital sagging of the inner lip of the vagina and those who have long-term comfort problems
  • Those with obvious vaginal swelling over pants and swimsuits
  • Those with darkening of the vaginal lips due to long-term sagging
  • Individuals with substandard relaxation after birth in the womb

All of these individuals can get rid of their problems with types of vaginal aesthetics and become healthy and have an aesthetic appearance in the vagina.

How long does the vaginal inner lip aesthetic operation take?

The duration of vaginal inner lip aesthetics takes an average of 30 minutes. The process of reducing the inner lips is completed in approximately 30 minutes under local anesthesia. In patients who prefer, the procedure can also be performed under general anesthesia.

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After the small lips are anesthetized, an equal size is taken between the inner lip and outer lips so that it does not sag too much, and the reduction process is performed. After the operation, the aesthetic sutures dissolve on their own over time. In this way, a healthy and aesthetic appearance is gained.

When is it possible to return to normal life after vaginal aesthetics?

The date of return to normal after the aesthetic operation in the vagina is the same day as the aesthetic operation. Patients with inner lip and outer lip aesthetics under local anesthesia are observed while resting for an average of 2 hours after the operation. After this period, the patients are discharged. All information about how to keep the area clean, antibiotics to be used at home, and the use of painkillers is conveyed to the patients.

On the other hand, a return to business life is made the day after the operation. The person can go to work and spend time outside by paying attention to hygiene conditions. Showering is performed 24 hours after the aesthetic operation. Using pads while using underwear for a day or two also provides comfort to the patient.

When do the stitches fall off after vaginal aesthetics?

The time to drop stitches after vaginal aesthetics is 2 to 3 weeks after the operation. With the entry of the 2nd week after the aesthetic operation in the vagina, improvement is observed in the suture area, and the stitches begin to dissolve spontaneously at the end of a maximum of 3 weeks. After that, it is possible to return to normal life in the healthiest way and with the old routine.

Is filling material used in vaginal aesthetics?

It is possible to use filling material in vaginal aesthetics. This procedure is preferred when there are wrinkles and drooping appearance that can be removed by filling in the large lip part of the vagina. If there will be no puffiness in the bikini appearance with the filling application, the filling application is made instead of removing the outer lips.

Filling application in vaginal aesthetics is mostly applied to people who are weak and have sagging in the outer lip section due to genetic reasons. A successful result is obtained with filling applications, which are preferred especially after 3 years of age. The operation period is very short and it is possible to return to normal life on the same day.

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On the other hand, people who are very weak and cannot achieve the appearance of fullness they prefer in the vagina can also have fillings. In this way, they can achieve a beautiful appearance as they want.

In which cases should narrowing with vaginal aesthetics be done?

The situations in which narrowing with vaginal aesthetics are performed are listed as follows:

  • Structurally, if the vagina is wide from birth
  • In case of vaginal enlargement due to multiple births
  • In case of vaginal enlargement after twin and triplet births
  • In case the birth stitches are infected and do not open
  • In case of large baby births
  • In case of loss of elasticity that occurs with aging

What are the negative situations that can occur after vaginal aesthetics?

Negative effects after vaginal blowing are problems that occur if the prohibition of intercourse is not followed. By paying attention to hygiene conditions and not having sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks, the person with genital area aesthetics will not have any problems.

However, if the person does not comply with this rule, problems such as opening of the stitches and infection occur. In addition, even if there is no complication, a stretching occurs again with the pressure applied to the tissue. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with the conditions communicated by the doctor after the operation.

On the other hand, it is recommended to do light abdominal exercises after the recovery period in order to preserve the elasticity obtained by the tightening processes. Permanence is supported by making use of movements, which are generally called Kegel exercises .

Since the stitches will fall off on their own after vaginal aesthetics  , it is sufficient for the person to take only the drugs recommended by the doctor and to keep the area clean. It is necessary to participate in the control invited by the aesthetic surgeon after the operation and to follow the health status closely.

Healthy and beautiful days!

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