Which Department Goes to for Paralysis Treatment?

For the treatment of stroke, you need to be examined by a physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR) doctor. Paralysis, which causes symptoms such as weakness in the face, arm or leg muscles, numbness in the affected part, loss of sensation, difficulty in walking, speech disorder, develops due to damage to the brain, spinal cord or nerve fibers.

Cerebral palsy may develop due to reasons such as bleeding, clotting, tumor, lack of oxygen, trauma. In cases where urgent intervention is required, 112 should be called immediately and the person should be brought to the health institution. Here, after the first evaluation, neurology and/or neurosurgeon specialists perform the necessary examinations and arrange the patient’s treatment. People who are life-threatening may need to be taken to intensive care for a while. The cause of the stroke is determined and necessary measures are taken to prevent it from recurring. Recovery from cerebral palsy can take several months or years, depending on the extent and location of the damage. Sometimes, lifelong disability can occur. Intense physical therapy is required to achieve maximum recovery.

Spinal cord paralysis may develop due to trauma, tumor, infection. In traumatic spinal cord paralysis, the spine is first stabilized by surgery. Then the physical therapy process begins.

Nerve injury and paralysis may develop due to traumatic causes such as cuts and crushes in the arm or leg. Brachial plexus palsy due to trauma during birth presents as a lack of movement of one arm in infants. Physical therapy is essential in the recovery of brachial plexus palsy, and in some cases, muscle or nerve repair or transfer surgery may be required.

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The patient is discharged from the neurology or neurosurgery services, where he is hospitalized, after the days when the life-threatening situation, called the acute period, is over in paralysis and drug treatments are arranged. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are required for subsequent recovery.

Stroke Treatment is Teamwork

Physical therapy methods applied in the treatment of stroke are generally called neurorehabilitation. It’s a team job. The team consists of a physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist, rehabilitation nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, physical therapy technician, orthotic-prosthetic technician, dietitian, psychologist, social worker.

For the treatment of stroke, patients should be examined by the FTR doctor. In our country, neurorehabilitation is applied in physical therapy and rehabilitation hospitals and centers and in FTR clinics of large hospitals. The treatment can be done on an outpatient or inpatient basis, taking into account factors such as the patient’s condition and ease of transportation. For some patients, home physical therapy services may be a viable option.

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