Women bear the main social burden in the Corona crisis

The corona virus is currently on everyone’s lips worldwide – statistics now also show that the virus usually affects men more than women. But what is still very little reported: Women are particularly challenged by the virus – we bear a large part of the social burden. You can read why this is so here.

Women often work in systemically relevant professions

In the Corona crisis, some professions are indispensable: These include employees in hospitals, pharmacies, geriatric care and in food retail. People in these professions are currently working under the greatest stress. Vendors can’t fill the shelves fast enough, and hospital staff are tending to current cases, as well as preparing to care for many new patients.

These systemically relevant professions are being maintained by society – and they are often practiced by women. Shop assistants, nurses, pharmacists and geriatric nurses are currently particularly challenged. A 2018 statistic from the Federal Employment Agency also confirms that 77 percent of employees in the health and social care sector are female. This professional group is currently bearing the brunt of the Corona crisis.

Especially challenged – but poorly paid

Most people are now aware of how important nurses, shop assistants and pharmacists are. In many campaigns and posts on social media, people say thank you to the people in the nursing and food supply.

The first companies have also jumped on the bandwagon: bakeries give people in systemically relevant professions a coffee, for example, and some supermarkets are introducing separate opening hours for people in these professions.

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That’s all well and good – but a simple thank you or a small free coffee is not enough in the long run. Because: Although these professions are very important, this is not reflected in the salaries or working conditions. Nurses and shop assistants are overworked and underpaid. An absolute constant burden and stressful situation that needs to change!

Mamas im Corona-Stress

The Corona crisis is not only evident among women with systemically relevant professions, but also among mothers and housewives. Because many women still do a large part of the household alone – in times of Corona and quarantine, this means more stress, especially for mums. They now have to reconcile the household, possibly their job and their own children. Mom is then entertainer, teacher, cook, cleaning lady and much more at the same time.

Conclusion: more recognition for systemically important women

Despite all the negative effects of the Corona crisis, there is also an opportunity here: we as a society can now learn how important systemically relevant and female-dominated professions are. Perhaps these women will then be valued more and paid better in the future.

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